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    Being inside the horn, listening room as giant bass horn.

    The reason I like this idea is that there would be no perturbations from the room, or distortions from a truncated horn, and almost all the energy would be absorbed at the back wall, so no reflections. At least that's how I'm envisioning it.
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    Being inside the horn, listening room as giant bass horn.

    So I've been dreaming of building a true 20hz bass horn, and had the thought, why not have the horn itself be the listening room, be inside the horn? Any drawbacks to this? The idea is to have the walls and ceiling expand from the sound source(an approximation of a concical horn) at whatever...
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    Wood chips as absorber for low frequencies?

    Would wood chips make a good absorber for bass frequencies? Seems like bass would be able to enter and then get lost in the labyrinth of interstices and the wood chips would rub against each other when perturbed causing friction between them. Perhaps also making a good diffuser with the random...

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