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    Will T.H.E. Show (The Home Entertainment Show) be adding a Denver Show to Replace RMAF?

    There were some rumors regarding this late last year? Has a decision been made on this?
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    What SPECIFICALLY is better or different about the Wadax Design? How do these design choices manifest in better sound?

    Does anyone understand What SPECIFICALLY is better or different about the Wadax Design? How do these design choices manifest in better sound? Thank you in advacne (Let's please stay on topic as the Wadax marketing by the disgusting audio journalists is already covered in other threads.)
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    Anyone Listen to the Taiko Extreme Server and Go With Something Else? Anyone Make a Change from Taiko?

    I know many people love this server. God Bless! I hope you guys enjoy it until the end of time. But is there anyone who owned this server and moved to another brand of server? Anyone demo the Taiko server and go with another brand of server?
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    What are the Top Horn Speakers in the World Today? Vox Olympian vs Avantgarde Trio vs ???

    What are the top contenders for the very best, currently produced horns in the world today? Vox Olympian usually makes the list... So does Avantgarde Trio.. What else? And what are the differences / trade-offs between them both sonically and in terms of design/ technology choices that...
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    Mixing Silver and Copper in Cable Designs: A Fool's Errand or Can Accomplished Designers Get it Right?

    Is it possible to mix copper and silver in a cable design? (To musical effects, of course) And why do that? Thanks in advance
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    Why does Boulder sound Sterile with Wilson but Natural and Organic with Magnepan?

    Anyone understand why this is the case? Boulder is a "science-first" company, so someone must have a rational explanation
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    Is there an Inherent Analytical Quality to Box Speaker Designs? Analyze Accurate Reproduction of Recording vs. Enjoy Emotion of Music?

    Are box speakers better suited for accurate reproduction of recordings than conveying emotion music?
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    Andrew Jones now Designing Speakers for Mofi?

    The word on the street at Axpona was that Andrew Jones will now be designing speakers for Mofi. Seems like an interesting trend in the industry. Companies like PS audio have also hired "famous" designers to design their (awful) DSD DAC and amps. Mofi recently released their turntable...
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    How Does the Output Voltage of DAC Affect the System's Sound Quality? Does it Matter if One is Using a Quality Preamp?

    How does the output voltage of a DAC affect system sound quality? What is the ideal voltage if one is / is not using a preamp? Does it even matter if one is using a great preamp? Or is it a concern only for guys who want to drive the amp directly from a DAC? How does, say, a voltage of 1.3...
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    Anyone Understand Design Approach of Stenheim? What are they doing differently from Magico, YG, Wilson, etc., to have High Sensitivity?

    Stenheim seems to be a new, breakout brand and is uniquely positioned to appeal to those who want modern audiophile sound in a handsome box AND to those audiophiles who want the "emotion of tubes", especially SETs, due to their high sensitivity. Anyone understand what Stenheim is doing...
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    What Brands of Headphones and Headphone Amplifiers do Fans of High Efficiency Speakers and SET Amps Enjoy?

    Looking for the polar opposite taste of Sennheiser 600/ 800, which I find severely sterile. Thanks in advance
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    New Version of MBL 101 X-Tremes Coming Out? What are the differences from the current version?

    Ran into an acquaintance the other day and he mentioned that MBL is about to release a new version of the Xtremes. He didn't have much information about the new product. But when I googled it, I was not able to find anything. Is anyone aware of this and what will be changing?
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    "High End Dealers and You" - The "Hidden Rules" (At least for some)

    Interesting article on the "hidden rules" of Audio Dealing - I wonder why these are not better known, as the author seems to repeat, except to the "experienced" audiophiles... seems like a...
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    What is it about most audiophile cable designs that make cables sound like Tone Controls?

    Does anyone understand what it is about most cable designs that audiophile cables are used as tone controls? Can an audiophile cable not be a tone control? As quick examples, let me pick on a couple of the "bigger guys": Nordost seems to have high resolution but lacks bass while Transparent...
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    What Car Models and Brands Made Today Do Not Feel Like Playing a Video Game?

    What Car Models and Brands Made Today Do Not Feel Like Playing a Video Game? Anything out there still? Or has the computerization of driving won? Thanks in advance
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    What Tube Preamps Synergize Well with CH Precision?

    I know many will be sold on the "CH is a System" thing. God Bless those people. But for those who want to inject tube magic into their system, which tube preamps work great?
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    Triangle Speakers from France. Emotional Experience (vs. Cerebral Accuracy). Any fans?

    Any one a fan of Triangle speakers from France. In the spirit of Jadis and TotalDAC, their goal is to engage the emotional vs. analytical. So can't find much information on them on audiophile sites and audiophile magazines. What models have you heard? And with what amps? Thanks in advance
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    Single-Ended Triode (SET) Amplifier Revolution of the 1990s. Did it really happen? Was it Successful?

    Was there really a SET amplifier and horn speaker revolution in the 90s? Was anyone around in this hobby in the 1990s to witness it? Was it successful? What was the outcome and impact? My impression of the recent history is that we have had some expensive hard to drive box speakers , like...
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    What Speakers are you using with ART27? Fully "Alive" Sound?

    What speakers have you heard the ART27 amp with? Did it sound fully alive or slow/ syrupy? Thanks in advance!
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    Wilson WAMM vs. Magico M9: What are the Design Differences/ Tradeoffs? What do you Prefer? No Marketing Hype and NO B.S. PLEASE!!!

    Marketing hype aside, does anyone actually understand the actual design differences between these "full out assault" speakers? NO B.S. Please!
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    What Types of Digital Components and Gadgets have made the Biggest Positive Impact in Your System?

    In my experience here's the order of most important: 1. Transport 2. Dac 3. Power Conditioner (minimum $7,500 to get reference-level sound) 4. Power Cords on DAC and Transport 5. Cable from Transport to DAC 6. Digital Switch 7. Second Switch 8. Ethernet Cable How would you re-arrange this list...
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    What are some of the Top 45 Tube SET Amplifiers Have you Heard? "Ultimate Purity" Achieved?

    Ahhh.. the purity of the 45 tube. What are some of the amps that you heard with the 45 tube? And which speakers were used? Ultimate purity achieved? Thanks in advance
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    Can Horn Speakers Disappear like Planars, Stats, and Omnis? Is the Disappearance Act Subjective? Or based on Placement and Partnering Equipment?

    I like horns for their dynamics, tonality, and most importantly their ability to communicate emotion. But I have never heard disappear like a 20 year old Martin Logan Aerious that used to sell for $2K or so... or the cheapest Magnepan. Is the disappearance of horns a purely subjective...
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    What Brands of Cables to Fans of High-Efficiency Speakers Use? (Not Hi-fi Sounding!)

    What are the least hifi-sounding cables? (I know a number of guys with big, inefficient box speakers and big SS amps use Cardas. But those are too syrypy for my tastes. Defeats the purpose of a high efficiency system.)
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    What are the Pros and Cons of Using Output Transformers in a Tube Preamplifier Design?

    What are the upsides and downsides of using Output Transformers in a tube preamp design? What are the tradeoffs with other design approaches? Thanks in advance for the replies
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    Lou Ottens Dead, Invented the Cassette tape, Pioneered the CD, and Genuinely Practiced Creative Destruction

    This man was a true giant. His contributions to innovations in musical technology improved lives of millions. Just ask anyone who listened to a tape of Dead show. Or anyone who has enjoyed Stones' "Satisfaction". And with his support for the CD standard over cassette, anyone who admires...
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    What Vinyl Setup (Phono stage, turntable, arm, cartridge, etc.) Plays to MBL's Strengths? Best Synergy?

    What would synergize great? What have you guys heard? Thanks in advance
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    What Speakers SOUND GREAT with Moderate-Powered Tube Amps (27 -85 WPC)? SET or Push -Pull is fine! What are those Speaker Designers doing differently?

    Mid-powered tube amps - 27-85 WPC - seem to be the red-headed bastard children in this hobby. The popular fare (such as Wilson, Magico, Sonus Faber, YG, etc.,) really come fully alive with the big Boulders, Soulutions, CH Precisions, etc. (I am NOT talking about soft, syrupy, anemic...
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    What features of Roon are worth the price? Compensate for Roon’s poorer sound quality?

    What features of Roon are you guys using ? do they compensate for Roońs poorer sound quality?

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