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    When 12 Gauge Wire is not 12 Gauge!

    Great article. I'd point out a typo though. 0.0015 ohms is not .15mOhms, rather 1.5mOhms
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    We need clarity on what can be discussed.

    Forum: Off Topic Forum-Anything Goes Here is the forum to discuss anything and everything else, ranging from politics to the environment to whatever. The only thing we ask is that the discussions remain polite. WBF should revisit the above. Obviously, anything does NOT go, and it...
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    Kudos to Amir

    Cool. You hooked me. You could've just not made a distinction and left it as generic 'distortion', as I think its kinda a distinction without a difference. :D
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    Kudos to Amir

    Again, it's not just a digital thing... ;)
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    Kudos to Amir

    Certainly, LP and tape isn’t free of timing errors. Also, a highly modulated groove can have influence on or bleed over to adjacent groves and the density of the modulation can change the drag and friction and have influence on the velocity and timing. This is not totally unlike when Amir notes...
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    Do Higher Tax Rates Mean More Government Revenue?

    And of course, there are those that believe that Government shouldn't maximize revenue. Indeed, revenue should be minimized, and government starved to the point that it can easily be "dragged into the bathtub and drowned."
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    I Believe in Power Cords

    You shouldn't need to cut your old IEC line cord to tell if it was shielded or not. If it was shielded, it should have the word "SHIELDED" indelibly printed or molded on it. If it doesn't say it is, it's probably not.
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    New Xiph.Org video: "Digital Show & Tell"

    Thank you xiphmont. I enjoyed it. It's obvious someone invested much time and effort in producing it. Well done.
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    Audio Magic Nano-Liquid Fuses---mikey likey :)

    I find this in the quoted link: "For visual equipment (plasma, LCD televisions, projectors, BD and DVD players etc…), the AMR Gold Fuse has been found to raise the level of performance with: -Sharper picture definition -Richer colours and blacker blacks -Much reduced picture...
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    Photos from the World's First Underwater Nuclear Explosion

    No humans. "Fifty-seven guinea pigs, 109 mice, 146 pigs, 176 goats, and 3,030 white rats had been placed on 22 target ships in stations normally occupied by people. Ten percent of the animals were killed by the air blast, 15% were killed by fireball radiation, and 10% were killed during later...
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    NY Times and Tesla S All those years and installs trying to keep alternator noise out, someone makes lemonade out of that lemon.
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    Battery driven gear - where does it end?

    I'm an e-biker as well. Have been for a few years now. I don't use LiPo, NiMh, or LiOn though, as I find them way too expensive and finicky. I lug around 36V/7AH SLAs. They are cheap, durable, and very recyclable at EOL.
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    NY Times and Tesla S

    I've been doing my daily commute, for the most part, on an e-bike since the gulf spill. 12 miles at ~$0.03/day of hydro or wind generated electrons coupled with some of my own caloric energy. I've put more miles on my bike than I have my car the last few years. I do generate some CO2 from my...
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    Audio Magic Nano-Liquid Fuses---mikey likey :)

    Would one expect esoteric fuses to improve video as well as audio? If I change out the stock fuses in my projector, TV or BD player, would I expect to see improved video? More contrast? Deeper saturation? Less artifacts, etc? These guys purport 'high performance' fuses for video uses...
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    Audio Magic Nano-Liquid Fuses---mikey likey :)

    The audibility of a fuse should be relatively easy to A/B listen or measure, in-situ once the electrical connections are exposed. The ideal electrical model for a fuse operating at less than its hold rating is a short-circuit. If you think you can hear the effects of a fuse, short it out...
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    A parents worst nightmare, a horrific day indeed

    I'm a lurker, and this is only my 2nd post. My $0.02 is that WBF needs to make a clearer line in this regards. It claims the off-topic forum is 'anything goes' and discussions ranging from 'politics to the environment to whatever' are allowed. There is no way this topic can be discussed...
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    Vote today... Mitt Romney or Barack Obama

    "Here is the forum to discuss anything and everything else, ranging from politics to the environment to whatever." ???

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