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    Best digital cable bnc to connect Mutec Ref10 to Esoteric N01XD

    It’s your personal choice of course and pleased you like the results. I did notice an overall improvement changing to the next generation of each component but would expect that anyway and did not try to ascertain the cable improvement percentile.
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    Which SACD PLAYER ?

    I upgraded to a K-01xd with a large improvement over the K-01x ( 3 revisions later) with Esoterics own dac rather than bought in as previous. Vast improvement, even more with the clock, but it then becomes a 2 Box player. I’ve heard good things about the latest luxman players, and have always...
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    Vangelis - passing of a legend

    Some of his other somewhat underrated albums are the city, oceanic, see you later and soil festivities with some amazing imaging, Melodie’s and emotions conveyed. A true legend, coupled with the recent passing of Klaus Schulze representing the original synth pioneers.
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    Stax SR-X9000 Headphones: Yes, They ARE Better Than the SR-009S!

    I recently purchased the 9000’s to partner my 8000 energizer and as the aforementioned comments, noticed an immediate uplift in sound quality including dynamics and imaging. Sadly, I’ve had to box my entire system up pending a house move that is taking forever to complete.
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    Vangelis RIP

    Someone you could actually call “legendary”. Klaus Schulze a few weeks ago and now Vangelis. A huge gulf….
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    Wilson Alexia 1, DAW or Yvette

    Personally, Sasha DAW, but all would work in your room (based on size) and should you come to sell them, the newer model is likely to hold more value. I believe there’s an Alexia 3 on the way.
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    Buying the Discontinued ARC VSi 75 Integrated Bad Idea?

    I’m not sure you would even notice the extra power, a couple of db at best and having used ARC for a long time, they tend to improve as each range is marketed (generally, not always) so this may be a backward step for you, even if you are being offered what seems to be great value. Best of luck...
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    Your All Time Favorite Preamplifiers?

    My late fathers Beverage RM1/2, my own ARC SP14 and REF2 mk II are among some of my former preamp experiences.
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    I bought Focal Stella Utopia Evo, but...

    Very poor from a manufacture of such repute
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    Stylus help

    Would it not be more economical to buy a new cartridge? It looks similar to a range ortofon make, and may be a suitable replacement?
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    Phono cables - the most sensitive and critical cable in your system

    Unfortunately my triplanar se is hard wired terminating in xlr cables but does mean a continuous run from cartridge lead to phone stage. Good luck with your selection
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    I own a wajima, but going back to your earlier mention of Sugan-San, my late father had both the original rosewood and onyx long bodied versions (£500 and £800 respectively) which were the only 2 models available. Used on an oracle premier and sumiko “the arm” replaced with a triplanar 3. They...
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    Stax SR009S & T8000

    I use the same energizer with my 9000. Used a few hours and sounded superb. Unfortunately I’m now in the process of boxing my whole system up as we are moving house in the next couple of months.
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    Esoteric K-01XD versus K1X?

    Thanks very much, it’s surprising how good the new player/clock combination is compared to the previous ones. I also use the E-02 phono stage which is also pretty good! if they made a power supply for mine, I’d probably purchase it as they can make a large improvement as well.
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    Esoteric K-01XD versus K1X?

    i have recently purchased a K-01xd and G-01x clock and found them a significant upgrade from the earlier models of the same class. was looking into the grandioso and power supply/ clock combo but too large and expensive for my tastes, but they wouldn’t be so much more money just for the cases...
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    75 Ohm 10MHz Clock Cables: Manufacturers and Recommendations?

    I use the esoteric Mark iv cable between my clock and CD player. Seemed the right one to purchase…
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    Brinkmann 10.5 - How would you describe its sound?

    It’s fashioned (I believe) after the Breuer arm which was state of the art for its time. Tom Fletcher updated this and produced the MDC800 “The Arm” which was (in his words) the best available until the SME V was released. Being Swiss, the bearings will be outstanding, as will the sound...
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    Sasha 2 vs. Alexia

    Ideally you want to be about 3 feet away. You could experience a booming bass so close to the wall regardless of the control your amplifiers may have. You could also try panels behind the speakers but they may be too thick as well. Good luck
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    Breaking news from DCS….

    I believe it was a Rossini, but as my earlier posts, they are not my taste digitally (I use K-01xd and G-01x from Esoteric) and had gone to the dealers to purchase something else entirely, and this just happened to be in use (same speaker brand as mine only a few models higher up) whilst we were...
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    Breaking news from DCS….

    Hope my comments weren’t deliberately cryptic sounding. I was played several tracks I am familiar with on both the current/existing and upgraded models but on an unfamiliar system, but it cost north of £250k. It wasn’t a hyper critical listening test, I was there for something else entirely...
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    Best vintage Luxman class A power amp

    My late father owned the laboratory reference series but cannot recall if the amp was class A or not, but from distant memory, in conjunction with the preamp was excellent at the time
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    Thanks for the update Ralphio. Enjoy
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    Breaking news from DCS….

    Not a DCS fan as such but heard a side by side comparison today with one of the first new units in the UK. A personal choice if you believe the hyperbole
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    3g seems very heavy, is that a typo or a specific reason for that tracking weight?
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    A Brief Stroll Through the Headphone Garden: CanJam 2021

    I’m off to collect my 9000’s tomorrow after a 3 month wait. Together with my 8000 amp, that’s enough headphones for me. Whilst it’s all down to personal taste, buy what you like and enjoy
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    Sabrina X

    I am one of those typical ARC/Wilson users, but have heard them sounding good with esoteric, accuphase and FM Acoustics amps. Pure class A amps are not really to my taste, but if you like what you hear, buy it and don’t become too concerned with other peoples opinions, it’s your system not theirs
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    Triplanar also works really well with Koetsu even if the arm if more of a medium mass. I and my late father previously used FR64s, then Sumiko MD800 and then onto a triplanar with significant improvements with each change.
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    Two generations audiophile?

    I followed my late father into Hi-F. Even in the 80’s it was a regular upgrading of components. Garrard 401 to Oracle Premiere and early triplanar with original koetsu onyx, quad 33/303 with esl 57’s (then stacked) to lux laboratory reference components and beveridge system 3 with RM1-RM2 pre...

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