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    Totaldac Twelve

    Hello, I wanted to start a thread about the Totaldac Twelve because I believe it is currently one of the top two or top three DACs. I have been looking for a new DAC for several years, and twice at the Munich High End (2015 and 2017) the two DACs that I liked the best were the Totaldac...
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    CH C1 with streaming board + Tidal + Roon

    Hello, Using only the streaming board (no USB board), what would be best way to use the CH C1 with: a) Tidal? b) Roon? Thanks, VPN
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    Krell CAST cables - What is the best version?

    Hello, I have been a Krell guy for a long time. I currently have a Krell Phantom and two pairs of FPB 750mcx monoblocs. I tried the Nordost CAST interconnect and it was really disappointing, showing low resolution, lack of control in the bass, lack of extension in the extreme lows and highs...
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    Adjustable Torque Screwdriver for cartridge screws

    Hello, I have read that the precise amount of torque that is applied to the screws that fix the cartridge is very important, and that minute changes, as small as 0.01Nm, can make a diffence in the sound. One Linn dealer described his use of a Sturtevant Richmont CAL 36/4 adjustable torque...
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    Turntable Level

    Hello, What is in your opinion the best turntable level? Why? - Ortofon - High-Precision Spirit Bubble Level - Clearaudio Precision Bubble Level - The Cartridge Man Digital Leveling Gauge (expensive) - VPI Cross Check Turntable Level - Avid - Level 45 - Other? Thank you, VPN
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    Munich High End 2015 - Who is going?

    Hello, Who is going to the Munich High End 2015? I am certainly going. Cheers, VPN
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    What is currently the best analog to digital (A/D) converter?

    There are, of course, many uses for A/D converters, such as: (i) Ripping your precious Vinyl, (ii) Ripping your precious analog tapes, (iii) Professional recording, and (iv) DSP measurement test gear. In most cases one would probably like to use the absolute best A/D converter, supposing the...
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    Schroder LT x Kuzma 4 point x Graham Elite x SME V-12

    I am considering buying one of these four tonearms: Schroder Linear Tracking x Kuzma 4 point x Graham Phantom Elite x SME V-12 Regarding the ones that you actually heard in your own system or have been able to hear and fairly compare in another system, how would rank them (1- being the best...
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    Air Tight PC-1 Supreme x Lyra Atlas x ZYZ Universe II x Clearaudio Goldfinder v2

    Has anyone compared some of these cartridges? Impressions and preferences? Thanks

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