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    CH Source decision - P1 or D1.5

    As part of my CH-based system build, I came to a crossroad to decide what's next. My budget allows one CH (series 1) box. Digital: I currently own a C1.1 with a roon-ready ethernet card. I stream using Qobuz and my own digital library (ripped CDs and high-res downloads). I have a large library...
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    Garrard 301/401 one-stop-shop

    Looking into purchasing an all-in-one fully refurbished and upgraded garrard 301/401 with a matching plinth (and power supply Budget is around $8-10K. Not looking for projects/journeys but a one-stop-shop that can provide a complete package in high quality. For TD124, there’s Schopper and...
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    Protection and clean power

    I’m revisiting an old thought of adding a regenerator/conditioner to my system. Power is somewhat unstable here and power glitches occur from time to time, especially during rough weather conditions. My main concern is that such devices may “kill” my system’s sound. Dry sound, compressed...
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    Turntable history by OMA’s Jonathan Weiss

    Interesting overview by Jonathan. Touches a few sensitive points. I’ll let you watch and comment :).
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    Multi-decks (TTs) - rationality and recommendations

    I admit the idea of multi-decks (turntables) has come to my mind a few times in the past. I believe I understand the thought behind having multiple arms and cartridges. As long as you have a turntable that can reflect these changes in the best possible manner. My question is about multiple...
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    To SUT or not to SUT?

    It seems some like them and some don’t, or just prefer the sound of a more complete phonostage. I’ve recently purchased a My Sonic Labs Gold cartridge, following Shakti’s interesting journeys through analog. Anyway, I’ve connected it to my XP-25, set the impedance to 500 (in the recommend...
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    Power amp - where to go from here...

    While my next speakers journey is complete (a new thread with the news will be published soon ;)). And my search for a better digital source is still ongoing (still haven’t found a worthy contender to my Metronome). Now it’s time to study the power amps realm. I currently own the Magico S3, and...
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    Zyx top of the line models - which is which?

    Hi, I’m pretty confused with Zyx’s top of the line offerings. I’ve owned the Zyx Ultimate Omega, which is a great cartridge and is near the top of the line model on their international website. However, there’s also the Universe 3, Universe Premium and Universe Optimum. Which do not appear on...
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    Looking for a Transport (SACD) + DAC up to $30K

    Hey fellas, I own a large library of CDs and SACDs, as well as many files (some ripped from CDs I own and some downloaded from various online stores/providers). I am also subscribed to Qobuz, and stream high-res from its service. I currently own a Metronome AQWO CD/SACD/DAC integrated player...
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    Looking for a “fun” sounding cartridge

    I have 3 arms on my Techdas AF3: - Thales Simplicity which I use to track the DS Audio W2 - this is my “all out assault” combo, used, mostly, for classical music. - Ortofon 9” with an SPU Synergy and SPU Mono - used mostly for oldies (50-60 Jazz and vocals) as well as mono-pressed records. - SME...
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    Speakers up to $30K

    Yet another “recommendation/suggestion” thread... Playing with the thought of replacing my speakers (Magico S3 mk1). Currently driving them with a Luxman m900u connected to a VAC Reference preamp. I listen mostly to classical music, some classic rock/prog-rock and jazz. Current considered...
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    FS: Top Wing Seiryu Blue Dragon

    The new Top Wing Seiryu (Blue Dragon) unique cartridge. Bought from the local distributor and used for less than 10 hours, so basically a new cartridge. I have too many top end cartridges and needed to let go of some. A very dynamic and ultra fast cartridge with non-sterile sound, extremely...
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    Thomas Schick tonearm

    Just wondering if there’s any experience with the Thomas Schick's tonearm. How does it compare to the more popular arms here? Such as: SME 3012/09 FR-64/66s SAEC Ortofon Will be using it mostly for SPU type cartridges. Thanks!
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    Miyajima Madake and Koetsu platinum-based

    Playing with the thought of owning one of the above. Planning to use a Thales Simplicity II tonearm and a Pass XP-25 phono. Looking for the best “musical” (not necessarily neutral or “as-recorded”) reproduction of classical instruments (piano in particular). I already have a DS Audio W2 on a...
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    Unable to achieve setup perfection with the Ikeda 407

    Recently upgraded my TW Acustic Raven GT (to the Techdas AF3) and sold it as a set with the Raven 10.5. Leaving me, at the moment, with the Ikeda 407. I listen mostly to classical music (specifically piano music) which is very demanding for an analog setup. With the Raven 10.5 and the ZYX...
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    Every ending marks a new beginning... or which tonearm to choose :)

    Saying farewell to my TW Raven GT turntable, I highly enjoyed my time with it, but it's time for an UPGRADE :D With the GT I'll also sell my, beloved, Raven 10.5 tonearm - to have it sold as a set. I have an additional arm, which was not my primary, an Ikeda IT-407. At this moment, I can...
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    Using a 'true' mono cartridge on mono reissues

    Mono again... If I use a 'true' mono catridge (e.g. EMT TMD, Miyajima Zero etc) on reissued mono records (not the originals from the 50s-60s) will it damage them? (Due to the fact that some of them where cut using a stereo lathe) Thanks!
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    TW Raven 10.5 vs Kuzma 4point

    Currently have the Raven 10.5 on my TW Raven GT. The 4point looks impressive and gets a lot of good votes, the question is, will it be an upgrade or a side move from the Raven 10.5? Would love to hear your experiences. If you have different recommendations for an arm in the up to $7000...
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    Best integrated for under $20K

    That will be able to drive tough loads (low impedances and sensitivity). The likes of Gryphon, Pass come to mind. Any other suggestions/recommendations?
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    Matching amp for a Luxman 900 preamp

    My first post/thread here :) I currently drive my Magico S3 with a Luxman M800a controlled by a Luxman C900u preamp. I'm looking for more power, and maybe a bit more weight. I'm aware of the bridge option with a second M800a. But I may be looking for a different sound. Budget is around...

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