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  1. Duke LeJeune

    The AudioKinesis Bohemian 215 design notes (more teaser content)

    The development of our new "statement" speaker system is now far enough along that we are releasing 3D renderings. For scale, those are 15" woofers and a 22" diameter horn: The Bohemian 215 will come in two different versions: A 100 dB/1 watt efficient, specialty-tube-amp-friendly version...
  2. Duke LeJeune

    Bruce Edgar

    Bruce Edgar has passed away. Rest in Peace Bruce. And thank you for your brilliant contributions and your boundless, contagious enthusiasm.
  3. Duke LeJeune

    Seeking input/feedback on a somewhat unorthodox approach to marketing loudspeakers

    In KeithR's “Dream Speaker” search thread my forthcoming horn speaker was among those suggested for Keith to audition, which brings up a pivotal challenge: How does a small company provide demos of large and expensive loudspeakers, to Keith or to anyone else who might be reasonably interested...
  4. Duke LeJeune

    Ambience enhancement subwoofer configuration

    The idea in this post is unorthodox, and is an adaptation of something I read in a paper written by David Griesinger, inventor of the Lexicon processor, many years ago. My understanding is that the brain interprets low frequency phase differences at the left and right ear as hall ambience. To...
  5. Duke LeJeune

    Something wicked this way comes... (2020 speaker teaser content)

    AudioKinesis has never really done a “statement” speaker system before, but with a little luck 2020 will be the year, and What's Best Forum will be the front-row seat. We won't be shooting for "absolute best speaker for a big room", nothing against big rooms, but where we have the most to...
  6. Duke LeJeune

    Griesinger's teachings show up in Klippel, Linkwitz, Toole, and Geddes

    David Griesinger is an acoustician and psychoacoustican who is not particularly well known in home audio circles. In this post we will examine how some of the concepts he articulates are present within the works of other researchers. To lay a foundation, here are three quotes from Griesinger...
  7. Duke LeJeune

    The Reverberant Field: Why it matters, where the goal posts are

    All of the differences between the sound in a good room and the sound in a bad room are in the reverberant field. All of the money spent on acoustic construction and treatment at home, in professional studios, and in concert halls is spent on the reverberant field. Most of the sound that...
  8. Duke LeJeune

    It is an honor to have an official presence on What's Best Forum.

    Over the years I have visited WBF off and on, posted here and there, and have always found it to have a distinctly different feel from all of the other audio forums. The first thing I noticed was, people here are intelligent. I LEARN things from you guys. Including from those of you that I'm...
  9. Duke LeJeune

    Hands-on speaker demo, RMAF room 2014

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest director Marjorie Baumert has invited my little company, AudioKinesis, and James Romeyn, to do one of the four featured "Innovations Rooms" on the Second Floor of the Tower at RMAF 2017. The mandate for these Innovations rooms is, that they be educational and...
  10. Duke LeJeune

    Sean McCaughan of ESP's killer new design

    The best speakers I heard at RMAF 2015 were ESP's new "Double-Bass" speakers in Room 510. Sean McCaughan is the designer and this just might be the most intelligent speaker design I've ever seen, a statement that I will try to explain shortly. Here's what one looks like: It's not as big...
  11. Duke LeJeune

    Greetings, two blocks from Pedro's house

    That's a Napoleon Dynamite reference, in case you're wondering. I'm writing to you from beautiful downtown Preston Idaho, two blocks from the high school and two blocks from Pedro's house. <--- That's me soldering crossovers. I'm holding a soldering iron, not a bong. Plus I'm a lot bigger...

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