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  1. Dierkx1

    Munich HighEnd 2024

    Check out the Winter sales @ Hermes in Paris. Hermes used to offer coffee to those in line.
  2. Dierkx1

    Munich HighEnd 2024

    I would suggest breaking in speakers ( and other products) prior to the show. Munich is about commerce (not only) and you'd expect manufacturers and distributors to put best foot forward. IMO
  3. Dierkx1

    Wadax World Premiere at Munich Highend

    Will need to hear, but might be a perfect match with my Dartzeel CTH-8550.
  4. Dierkx1

    Brinkmann Balance vs. J. Sikora Reference- Battle of the $50K Belt Drives
  5. Dierkx1

    Rhapsody.Audio Listening Rooms

    To each their own
  6. Dierkx1

    AXPONA 2024 Ron Reporting

    Born in Brooklyn
  7. Dierkx1

    AXPONA 2024 Ron Reporting

    Lou Reed is great choice for a Brooklyn based company. Whimsy
  8. Dierkx1

    ARC announces price increase effective Mid-March '24

    My journey began in 1975 with a D76 and SP-3a-1 driving KLH 9's while in high school. I remember 10 or so friends gathering in my cramped bedroom listening to the Grateful Dead. 43 years later, I was listening to the Grateful Dead on Xstatic EC-3 electrostatics driven by REF5SE and REF150SE. I...
  9. Dierkx1

    How good is the Vendetta SCP 2a phono amp compared to the newer stuff

    bringing in for check up not T upgrade
  10. Dierkx1

    How good is the Vendetta SCP 2a phono amp compared to the newer stuff

    I don't, I am bringing my Vendetta to JC this week and will confirm what is involved.
  11. Dierkx1

    "Long-Term Equipment Loans: A Win-Win for Everyone" by Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

    Thanks. It's a well established retail store with top brands and multiple employees, but they may hire labor as you point out. I posted so I could level set my expectations. My gold standard is the now defunct DB Audio in Berkeley (employees in the 80s included Garth Leerer - Musical...
  12. Dierkx1

    "Long-Term Equipment Loans: A Win-Win for Everyone" by Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound

    I called a dealer last week who told me that there would be a $250 charge to set up an appointment to listen to speakers I was interested in auditioning. The fee would be applied towards the purchase. I haven't interacted with this dealer in the past. Is this a common practice?
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  14. Dierkx1

    ARC announces price increase effective Mid-March '24

    Fair enough. I chafe at the notion (I'm not saying that this was your intent) that we are defined by our hardware. how we perceive sound, our listening rooms, the power supplying our systems, how well we've optimized the equipment within the environment , etc... significantly impact the end...
  15. Dierkx1

    ARC announces price increase effective Mid-March '24

    What if his system is modest? There are many incredibly good "modest" products and components that, if well curated, can create sonic magic.
  16. Dierkx1

    Can a Technics SL-1200G challenge the state of the art?

    Let me know if want to sell the Breuer ;)
  17. Dierkx1


    Soulnote also has an optical equalizer incl in the Soulnote E-2 Phono Equalizer
  18. Dierkx1

    Dartzeel contact info

    John Stone in US John will be able to help
  19. Dierkx1

    New darTZeel CTH 8550 MKII owner experience

    recent addition
  20. Dierkx1

    How good is the Vendetta SCP 2a phono amp compared to the newer stuff

    thinking of selling. Any thoughts? Below is the info from the seller when I purchased in 2019. I do have access to JC through the SFAF One Vintage John Curl Vendetta SCP-2C Phono Stage (C version Upgrade) I am selling this for my friend "This is a phono stage that we used in the Infinity...
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    No. DS Audio cartridges require with their own equalizer. I believe only DS Audio and Meitner/EMM make EQs for the cartridge.
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    Need some advice. I just purchased a used DarTZeel CTH-8550 without phono. Herve and team have the unit in house for power conversion from EU to US. I have the opportunity to purchase the Dart phono module and currently use a DS Audio system and a Vendetta Research 2C. I won't have an...
  23. Dierkx1

    Lubricating Goldmund Studio Turnatble

    @metaphacts Bill - any thoughts?
  24. Dierkx1

    Why are there no female Audiophiles?

    My 2 daughters grew up going to record stores and dealers with dad (me). Kudos to John Hunter and Garth Leerer of DB Audio in Berkeley for keeping my daughters occupied while I listened To the latest and greatest. They are now adults with systems comprised of Amphion speakers, T+A electronics...

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