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    What’s the world’s best 2 watt amplifier?

    You're right, but in the picture you posted it's just the prototype.I had ordered from Nori the real thing.This is the best amplifier I've heard in my various audio systems in over 15 years (WE VT52 , WE 274b,Telefunken ECC801S)
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    SW1X DACs: A Different Take on Digital

    "There are people who have acquired vast amount of knowledge but very limited understanding and paradoxically the less they understand the more they think they do" This is a quote from an interview that Slawa gave only 3 years ago with respect to its competitors or others...
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    SW1X DACs: A Different Take on Digital

    I have been following his website for 3 years since I was considering purchasing. I gave up the purchase because of my subjective impression of how it was running the business. There is no excuse for this price increase other than the simple desire to earn more. The price range within the same...

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