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    Anyone have a clue what’s on this record surface?

    Have you looked at it under magnification? It should be pretty easy to tell if it's discolored vinyl or something contaminating the surface.
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    Jantzen wax coils

    Has anyone compared Jantzen wax coils to Jantzen Cross coils? I'm getting ready to build some crossovers and wondering if the additional cost of the wax coils is worth it.
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    What tonearm(s) are people using with their Koetsu cartridges?

    Koetsus should work great on an Eminent Technology ET2. If anyone wants to loan me their cart, I'd be happy to test it :p
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    What's Your Favorite Beer

    Pretty much any IPA from Hill Farmstead. That brewery is incredible.
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    Garrard 301 component build

    Thanks. I've had a 301 for years and can't decide what kind of plinth to build for it!
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    Garrard 301 component build

    Looks great so far. How did you settle on an all ply plinth? Did you consider other materials?

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