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  1. ariescerat-espana

    Zingali Client Evo 1.2 'make over'

    Hi all. I did a make-over on my Zingalis horn speakers. I have had them for about 8 years, and was never hot on the all black gloss finish. Too depressing. So... not for the faint hearted, I got my tools out and went to work. This is ongoing, over the last month, but getting close now. So, I...
  2. ariescerat-espana

    Aries Cerat at Munch 2022 > Aurora, Ageto, Aperio + many others

    I attended Munich and spent some time with the Aries Cerat team. The room sounded superb, which though expected from the electronics and speaker, can be a challenge in a Munich room re acoustics.. The new Aurora speaker was very interesting. Semi active and a radical design, it was superbly...
  3. ariescerat-espana

    Vangelis - passing of a legend

    29 March 1943 Agria, Greece 17 May 2022 (aged 79) Paris, France I realised today Vangelis passed 17th May 2022. I spent a lot of time listening his albums, and everyone pretty much heard his film themes. For example Bladerunner, Chariots of Fire, Mutiny on the Bounty, Alexander, Conquest of...
  4. ariescerat-espana

    New to the forum: high end music server with Roon Core and 3 x dedicated linear power supplies

    I haven't seen much mention of this server on here yet, so I thought I could start a thread about my own findings. I was looking around for a top performing music server early 2019. After much research I tried the usual suspects: 1. Innuos Zenith Mk2 2. Innuos Statement 3. Pink Faun 2.16x 4...
  5. ariescerat-espana

    High-end Speakers V Headphone - you kidding me....

    Can the advances in headphone design we have seen in the last few years, can they really give us a sound that can compete with the best speaker systems? I make no bones about it, I have been a headphone fan for many years, and use both every day. I enjoyed both equally. And I would be hard...
  6. ariescerat-espana

    Genus ex-demo for sale

    Hi guys We have an as new Genus ex-demo for sale. It is perfect condition, and of course sounds AMAZING. It is 11 months old and comes with the original tubes. PLUS 2 extra pairs of RCA 813 NOS and 1 pair Mullard 813 NOS, and 2 extra pairs of Siemens E280Fs. Any questions let me know. The...
  7. ariescerat-espana

    Aries Cerat Legend System - the video

  8. ariescerat-espana

    Decca Ribbon tweeters

    I was given this link by a fellow audiophile today. It is a very interesting article.
  9. ariescerat-espana

    A great article on the start of the end of CD and the physical format
  10. ariescerat-espana

    Munich High End reports

    Hi Guys. I wanted to encourage people to post their impressions of Munich here. Any photos, videos, reviews please. I did not shoot any video, so here are some I found on youtube that give a good visual report on the show.
  11. ariescerat-espana

    Munich Report: Aries Cerat

    I thought I would start a Munich High End report on the Aries Cerat system now, ahead of the show, to assemble the photos and feedback. I am going for 4 days, and looking forward to it! Pensé que comenzaría un informe del programa ahora antes del programa, para reunir las fotos y los informes...
  12. ariescerat-espana

    Diesis dipole

    Has anyone heard the Diesis speakers? They seem aimed at SETs as they have a top model designed for Kondo amplification. My question is, how did they get the desired bass extension and efficiency? Normally an open backed design is not so efficient as ported or sealed box. Also there will be...
  13. ariescerat-espana

    Aries Cerat Genus: King of the hill headphone amplifier

    Hi Guys As promised, here is my mini review of the Genus amplifier using the Abyss Phi (borrowed) and my LCD4 200 ohm headphones. I got the Aries Cerat Genus Integrated SET speaker amplifier 2 weeks ago and have been enjoying it on my horn speakers. Really enjoying it. But that is not why I...
  14. ariescerat-espana

    Thoughts and musings on DIY silver solid core speaker cable

    I have just ordered some 12 AWG 2mm solid core 999.99% silver bare wire from a wire suppliers in the UK. I am using DIY solid core copper 12 AWG at the moment, and they sound pretty good. I was wanting to try silver but made up speaker cables with pure silver, often multi strand, and very...
  15. ariescerat-espana

    Full Audio Note system at 500K+ or.......

    I notice it is the Genus that is switched on.
  16. ariescerat-espana

    Roon Server - any good?

    Hello I spotted Roon has 2 levels of music server finished product available. This is a different direction for them as prior they were 'only' software. My interest in this is the price, it is cheap. Also I could use both Room (my preferred music player / library) and control it from an iPad...
  17. ariescerat-espana

    Aries Cerat Genus SET 25 watts integrated amplifier - on order

    Hello guys Aries Cerat Genus SET Integrated I ordered the Aries Cerat Genus a while ago, and it is on the builders track as we speak. I will get some teasers from Aries Cerat as it progresses and will share them here for those interested. I used to own SETs a few years ago, some Audio Note...
  18. ariescerat-espana

    Audeze LCD4 2018 rev

    Aries Cerat Kassandra Ref II DAC with the Audeze LCD4 I thought I'd start a thread about this amazing headphone. It am in awe of the sound from this thing. I know high end headphones are a niche, and possibly dismissed by some audiophiles as not being on the same level as big speaker rigs. But...
  19. ariescerat-espana

    New Distributor for Spain

    A heads up for our new distributorship. We have a new demo room in Spain with sales & local support for all Aries Cerat products in Spain and Mallorca.
  20. ariescerat-espana

    Aries Cerat & the journey to (my) end game

    Hello all I have posted here for a while, and like many have been on the journey of audio discovery for many years. I have bought and sold quite a lot of gear, and tweaked around with tubes, tube amp kits, DAC kits. Also borrowed, bought and sold gear. Possibly I am getting older, or maybe I am...
  21. ariescerat-espana

    Aries Cerat Kassandra Ref II DAC Review

    Ok, here is my promised review, to follow on from my teaser on 19th March. Sorry for the delay. My first impressions in my first review might seem a bit over the top, but it was how I felt on the first few days of listening to the Kassandra. I have been in the hobby at a decent level for 20...
  22. ariescerat-espana

    Best music software?

    What is general opinion on Roon sound quality? I have used Audirvana+ for 5 years and updated each time a new version came out. I changed DACs 2 weeks ago, and my new DAC is more resolving of my server (Mac Mini with Uptone Audio MMK, LPS, SSD, 8 meg RAM feeding USB to my DAC. It sounds...
  23. ariescerat-espana

    FR not correct for very low level listening - my fix for this 'problem'

    I have a compact system using Zingali Client Evo 1.2 speakers. They have a 12inch horn and a 12 inch bass speaker. My listening position is very near field, in fact almost like an oversized headphone setup. It all works fine and I am very happy with them, though my previous Zingali Overtures...
  24. ariescerat-espana

    NEW Lamm Industries LL2.1 Deluxe Line Level Tube Pre-amplifier 4900 USD

    List price is 6590 USD, selling for 4900 USD. This is a brand new boxed and never used latest version Lamm LL2.1 Deluxe Line Level Tube Pre-amplifier. It is a purchase from Lamm that I now don't need in my system so quite a unique opportunity to buy this brand new pre-amplifier at a discounted...
  25. ariescerat-espana

    Discrete Ladder DAC price implosion

    Reading the busy and enthusiastic threads on WBF about TotalDAC, Aqua and Lampizator and other discrete DAC designs, I thought we could have a new thread looking at the general competition for that market in audio. I have been following with interest the 're-arrival' of R-2R Ladder DACs into...
  26. ariescerat-espana

    USB V AOIP - the long love and hate relationship of USB audio

    Hi Guys There are some quite active AOIP threads over on, and I wanted to share some of my findings in my personal journey with an as near perfect data transfer system from a music server to the DAC. Few observations and a summary 1. USB has for me never quite got rid of the...

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