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    Best pure MM stage for SUT?

    yes good, you remember well, the power cables of the premier 8 are not detachable...
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    Best pure MM stage for SUT?

    Morsiani turntable, tonearm dynavector dv505, cartridge dynavector XV-1s and Lumiere dst, Acqvox phono, Gate aln1 line preamplifier and amplifier conrad jhonson premier 8 Thiel cs5i speakers
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    Best pure MM stage for SUT?

    could you kindly tell us the sonic differences between precious one and Misho Myronov's wooden phono, I'm very curious about both,? thank you very much
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    Phasemation EA-1200

    I'm considering whether to get a T-550 with a good mm phono or save money and get an EA-1200... to hear the XV1-S and the Lumiere DST to the fullest
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    Phasemation EA-1200

    good morning could you tell us how the Xv1-s sings with Phasemation..? from T-550 to ea-1200, I'm very interested, thank you very much

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