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    Los Angeles Audio Show ‘25 at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa Hotel on January 17-19, 2025

    How thoughtful of you to dismiss an entire coast. A few years ago I made a list of over 30 audio equipment manufacturers located in California alone. A good number of them are major players on the world stage. Oregon and Washington can add additional major players. I do agree producers could...
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    Memory Player 2023

    I strongly disagree with praise for Sam Laufer. I was one of the first Memory Player buyers beginning with their introduction in 2006. That was Before Sam Laufer was involved. I owned several over the years, using them exclusively until my recent experience. I now know of several ex-customers...
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    Would you Pay $250 to Hear Specific Equipment at a Dealer?

    Question. Is the retailer selling the equipment at MSRP? If the sale is close to the 6-figures mentioned the retailer might do well to find out how serious a buyer is before disenfranchising them. Even with a significant discount there is a lot of potential profit on the line. Looking from the...
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    Just learned the term "Shelf Queen"

    I do not use headphones but I want one of these:
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    All New Clarisys Audio Minuet Loudspeakers !

    I do not see Alsyvox listed on the exhibitor list for Axpona but Clarisys Audio and Analysis Audio are listed. Too bad they are on different floors. That makes it hard to run real fast from one room to the other to compare the same track. ;)
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    All New Clarisys Audio Minuet Loudspeakers !

    3' to 4' is pretty much the standard for getting the back wave and front wave timed correctly with "flat" speakers (e.g. Quad, Apogee) and open baffle speakers. With the speakers I have had in my system >3' but <4' worked best.
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    All New Clarisys Audio Minuet Loudspeakers !

    It is official. Suncoast Audio and Florian will be showing Clarisys Minuet Neo’s in rooms 352 and 675 at Axpona. Open to the public. A third room will be for press only. The electronics vendor will be showing some of their soon-to-be released items.
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    Audience aR6-TSS vs aR6T-SSOX

    Let me be the first to ask. What were the 4 major brands?
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    What's Everyone Reading

    "The Girl Who Took an Eye for an Eye" by David Lagercrantz. From my public library via my Amazon Kindle. Kindle is an awesome device that helped me through Covid when my library was closed. Now I don't go back there anymore. All the books were yellowed and aged and I had browsed the shelves too...
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    Memory Player 2023

    Here is a better picture without the .jpg label hiding a critical part. A glued in iFi DAC. The iFi has a separate external power switch without a light so it is not possible to tell if the DAC is on or off without playing music. The DAC has an external remote to change settings but since the...
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    Memory Player 2023

    I used different iterations of Laufer-Teknik Memory Players for many years. My last Memory Player was delivered in 2021 after a 23 month wait. It is a one-off failed science project. But the description of it is fabulous. I had nothing but problems with it and it did not come with the digital...
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    Shelf or individual component....?

    Some isolation racks use up a lot of space for the isolation suspension. I have found some isolation racks very difficult to place equipment on. That is one reason I ended up with solid wood racks that only give up shelf thickness. Another reason is I got unfinished racks and finished them to...
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    Shelf or individual component....?

    My approach is 1 7/8" thick solid walnut butcher block racks (components) and the same material spiked for platforms (amps and conditioning). Then I use individual treatments of various types. Heavy stuff on spiked platforms just gets Symposium Svelte Plus platforms. Lighter equipment gets...
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    Atma-Sphere Class D Mono blocks

    Jeffrey, What are your speakers?
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    Atma-Sphere Class D Mono blocks

    Was there enough power? I think Ralph told a fellow Sound Lab owner that more power was needed for SLs. Waiting impatiently here for a big brother.
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    Atma-Sphere Class D Mono blocks

    Not heartbreaking. Heartwarming without room warming. And not backbreaking either. No worry about where to source tubes. What's not to like? :)
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    New Audigon Service Fee

    US Audio Mart is superior to Audiogon for communication between the buyer and seller. US Audio Mart allows the use of an individual's personal email accounts. Users are not locked into the website's system.
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    Atma-Sphere Class D Mono blocks

    One clean presentation would be much appreciated.
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    Best place to sell gear these days?

    I found Music Room offering prices were so low I could blow things out on US Audio Mart quickly for more money. Remember the Music Room needs to make a profit when they resell and, in addition, there are 2X shipping charges to recover.
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    What is the best KT88 tube available?

    Where are the KR88s made? And where are they on the USA website? I do not see them.
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    Digital Audio Output Differences? Is USB Audio Really The Top-notch?

    Not all USB is created equal. Think of all the $20 dollar things with USB. In my recent music server search I found some manufacturers listing USB as an expensive upgrade. One very respected DAC manufacturer told me USB was not the preferred input for their DAC. USB must be considered on a...
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    Best Song Covers?

    The Wailin' Jennys Racing With The Sun (Cover of a Chinese Man song)
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Thank you for the clarification.
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    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Can you or Emile elaborate on why 1.5M is preferred? Thanks.
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    Old Audio Mags - What to do with them?

    I used to donate the more recent ones to the public library. Friends of the Library sold them in the lobby and used the proceeds to purchase new books. That ended with Covid. Check your library.
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    T.H.E. Show 2022 Long Beach

    bazelio, Thank you for the great report. Excellent photos and I enjoyed your comments.
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    USPS Informed delivery service

    I have used it for a long time. It works very well.
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    Best Song Covers?

    "Urge for Going" by Tom Rush 1966 (Written by Joni Mitchell but not released until a b-side in 1972). Who covered who? I don't care. I love both versions having grown up in a place I longed to leave.
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    Boulder 866 problem?

    I have used a Boulder 866 for 19 months with Magico A3s then A5s. Never a problem. "Rock" solid (pun intended).

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