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  1. ketcham

    Allnic - Clarity Made Simple

    Shining light across and revealing all the features and colors of favorite aural landscapes: above all, Allnic equals clarity and illumination. Providing support for digital audio the last few months has made me appreciate the Allnic vacuum tube product line more than ever. The Allnics...
  2. ketcham

    Announcing the D-10,000 OTL/OCL DAC - an industry first!

    THE NEW D-10000 OTL/OCL DAC PROUDLY ANNOUNCING ALLNIC’S NEW FLAGSHIP DAC! Continuing to think about the theme of the last few blog entries here, it’s appropriate to pause from time to time and recognize again the incredible choices we are so lucky to have to enable the reproduction of music in...
  3. ketcham

    New Allnic T-2000 30th Anniversary integrated amplifier

    I do not see Allnic Audio listed on their website as either a vendor or manufacturer. Maybe one of the Allnic distributors or dealer over the pond can chime in. Allnic is well represented in Germany however: Preference Audio +49 089 470 77 691 Otto-Hahn-Str...
  4. ketcham

    New Allnic T-2000 30th Anniversary integrated amplifier

    Feedback has been positive all around. In addition to the reviews linked above, here is another customer’s personal review: Audiocircle I look forward to reading more impressions from owners residing in different regions.
  5. ketcham

    Introducing Allnic's new and reasonably priced line-stage preamplifier.

    This review is recently released in May, 2022 issue of HiFi+. A wonderful publication out of the UK. In the conclusion, they recognize that the qualities noted in more expensive models are equally represented here in the L-6500. Read it here or in their print publication!
  6. ketcham

    Allnic H8000 and 242 tubes

    Here is the latest version of the RS242. Kang Su Park's foresight and need to support his products has led him to take initiative to manufacture tubes in-house! This is EXCELLENT NEWS for H-8000, H-5000 and A-5000 DHT owners! Here is the simplest and most cost-effective to nurture your music...
  7. ketcham

    A little help with choosing headphones

    I own a pair of the 64 Audio in-ear monitors - studio versions (for absolute neutrality). These were custom-molded locally and I dropped off the molds at the factory. The process is very simple, arrived in 14 days, and they do have sales. There is a very broad product range to suit your...
  8. ketcham

    Allnic ZL cables

    The Allnic website has a list of all dealers and distributors worldwide. Someone in your region should give you cables to audition. They are worth a trial - I recommend in descending order: ZL5000 PC to the power distribution center, and amplifiers ZL5000 SC (solid-state amplifier) ZL8000s...
  9. ketcham

    Montreal Audio Fest - THIS WEEKEND!

    REMINDER - LIVE THIS WEEKEND!! And seen already with great attendance! The audio shows are back! Our own Corby’s Audio (contact below) is showing Allnic products, along with Coherent Audio speakers. The show is at the Hotel Bonaventure, March 25-27th...
  10. ketcham

    New Allnic T-2000 30th Anniversary integrated amplifier

    With ten or so units in N. America and many, many more sold in Europe, the feedback has been universally positive and supports the reviews published below. Incredible dynamics, imaging, and holography. Even though the power transformer is the largest I have witnessed, the break-in process was...
  11. ketcham

    Review: 64Audio A18T Custom In Ear Monitor

    Who makes a quality amp that can perform well with an 8 ohm impedance in-ear-monitor? Woo I hear is good. Anything else to consider?
  12. ketcham

    Introducing Allnic's new and reasonably priced line-stage preamplifier.

    Dang! My apologies. Absolutely YES! My very strong endorsement to Perfect Sense!!!!!
  13. ketcham

    Introducing Allnic's new and reasonably priced line-stage preamplifier.

    NOW IN PRODUCTION! Allnic’s long-awaited “baby” line-stage preamplifier Allnic’s KS Park does it again. Replacing the highly successful L-1500 preamplifier that anchored Allnic’s line-up for over 14 years, the robust all-aluminum chassis (black or silver), transformer-coupled L-6500 line-stage...
  14. ketcham

    Allnic and All Things Analog - A November Celebration for Eastern Canada!

    Frank Fazzalari of Coherent Audio 905 518 1240
  15. ketcham

    Allnic and All Things Analog - A November Celebration for Eastern Canada!

    For those who live in the Toronto region or a reasonable driving distance to Freelton, Ontario, Canada, this upcoming weekend is Corby’s Audio new showroom opening! Some may ask why I’m promoting a competitor. Don Corby is anything but a competitor; he is, in many ways, my mentor, very...
  16. ketcham

    Links to all professional reviews indexed by Allnic product. Professional review publications have been several per month recently and this list is being updated weekly. This link will remain current, organized, and comprehensive. The collaboration between Allnic dealers worldwide has been...
  17. ketcham

    SET amp owners thread

    I respectfully disagree. Low wattage SET, 99 dB Daedalus in a larger than 40 x 30 x 27 foot room. No issues and certainly no distortion.
  18. ketcham

    New Allnic T-2000 30th Anniversary integrated amplifier

    During the last three weeks, an Allnic T-2000 30th Anniversary integrated amplifier, featuring the newly popular Tung-Sol KT170 and Allnic’s 61-step Constant Impedance Attenuator, arrived here, the first in N. America. Using a complete Allnic ZL cable loom, I connected the T-2000 to the earlier...
  19. ketcham

    Tungsol KT 170 just landed

    In conversation with KS, my understanding to attain the best benefits the KT170 offers, some circuit and chassis redesign was needed. Larger power transformer, larger chassis with thicker metal and other implementation to reduce vibration. Their new integrated T-2000 30th Anniversary KT170...
  20. ketcham

    Need advice : Allnic L7000 or L8000 DHT

    Dear Mr. Koral: Here is a good thread that I help authored a year or so ago. There are also new reviews for the L-8000 DHT...
  21. ketcham

    New Allnic T-2000 30th Anniversary integrated amplifier

    Announcing the new circuit design by KS Park featuring the coveted 61-Step Constant Impedance Attenuator which preserves dynamics at any volume. New driving stage 6F4 and the KT170 tubes with a modified and excellent looking chassis. MSRP $13900 USD. Black or Silver chassis. Technical...
  22. ketcham

    " There are no speakers; there are no walls." - A brief summary of Allnic's current Line Stage (preamplifier) product line.

    For those interested in the Allnic Line Stage Preamplifier product line, there are three professional reviews published this month including Allnic's introductory OTL/OCL, the L-8500. L-8500 OTL/OCL Audiophilia Product Award by Anthony Kershaw who also reviewed the L-7000 and L-8000 DHT...
  23. ketcham

    " There are no speakers; there are no walls." - A brief summary of Allnic's current Line Stage (preamplifier) product line.

    After some time with the Allnic L-9000 and tube rolling any variant I could source, the NOS tubes supplied by KS Park hit all the marks well for the overall best presentation. This was a journey I do not regret. Alternatively, I found the 300B of the L-10,000 had much less influence than the...
  24. ketcham

    Reasonably priced 300b

    Kron are some of my favorite. Elrog and I just received an email today about WE reboot now available $700 ea. While a stretch, I would anticipate them lasting their warranty length. Kron sound great but sometimes fail prematurely. "Electron tubes carry a Limited Warranty of ninety (90) days...
  25. ketcham

    The first Totaldac D1-Twelve Mk2 DAC in Hong Kong

    I consider the D1 Direct one of the best value on the market today. For those more conservative with investments, this is one that will be held on for a very long time if not the final purchase. Even if it is an initial stretch to purchase, I know I would have saved money longterm not...
  26. ketcham

    T-2000 25th Anniversary

    Opposite. Use external preamp.
  27. ketcham

    SET amp owners thread

    I was saddened to hear about the discontinuation of the Allnic A-311 low wattage series, the amps with which I am most personally smitten. I found better resolution and a dead silent circuit by in part omitting the parallel circuit design. 60W to 7.5W in my personal system missed nothing...
  28. ketcham

    T-2000 25th Anniversary

    More information: The improved performance with the 61-Step constant impedance bridge-type attenuator (CIA) commanded standardization for all line stages currently imported into North America. The improved performance to cost difference, this was necessary to standardize. With fixed impedance...

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