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    Pass Labs Xa 100.8 vs Agostino Progression Monoblocks

    I have the opportunity to trade in my Pass Labs Xa 100.8 to a Preowned Agostino Progression monoblocks (First edition) I have Wilson Sasha speakers. Opinion needed .
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    Unbelievably good

    I was treated to a full MBL system today. I can only remember the name of the speakers MBL 101 e Mk Ii. The rest was also MBL. SOUNDED FABULOUS. Like going to a live venue. . Unlikely I could ever afford this system . Posting this for others to try get to listen to a full MBL system...
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    Resistance and stability

    I’ve been wondering about Pass Labs amplifiers and stability at low resistance. I have the Xa 100.8. I often see that some amplifiers double power output as the as the impedance halves. I also hear about amplifiers being stable at lower impedance e.g 2 ohm and even 1ohm. My speakers dip to...
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    Full range speakers or not and how loud

    I have full range speakers originally chosen for playing Rock music loud. With time I began appreciating other genres and turned the volume down. Recently I am looking at stand mount speakers with limited bass extension thinking that I might enjoy these more especially for genres that have...
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    Recently my OPPO MEDIA app cannot control CD from my iPad/ iPhone on the MSB UMT V. It controls TIDAL somewhat but crashes on selecting CD. All advice is welcome
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    Bass worse after 3 hours

    I could be wrong. Appears that bass gets more prominent after 3 hours with Pass Xa 100.8. First hour bass is a light. Then up to 3 hours sounds in good proportion to rest of frequencies. Thereafter bass becomes over prominent up to 100 hz. Does anybody have similar experience.
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    Best Vintage Krell preamplifier

    Was happy running MSB Analog DAC direct to Pass Labs until ...... Krell KSP B7 offered to me for fun demo. Transformed the sound. I am in the no preamp camp because I’m averse to preamp coloration , but this preamp has unnoticeable coloration and saturates my amplifiers very well. I prefer Pass...
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    Decided to dip into vinyl for fun. not aiming to better for better sound than my Digital kit. simple Thorens TD 209 and Graham Slee phonostage. Has anybody used MSB Analog DAC analog RCA input for phonostage. I do not like a preamp with my MSB kit so I'm running phono int Analog DAC as preamp
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    Pure power : help

    I Spotted a Pure power 2000 ac regenerator for sale. Considering the unit cos I believe my wall power supply is probably unstable ; some evenings my system sounds terrible and sublime on other evenings. My system comprises Pass Labs Xa 100.8 mono blocks , MSB DAC and MSB TRANSPORT , and...
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    ‘Listening chair‘

    I have a well padded full leather high back chair in the sweet spot . Not sure whether I’m imagining that sound is better with a low back chair with back rest at shoulder level and upholstered with fabric . I’m curious what kind of chair members prefer
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    Audio Research Ref 6 vs Pass Labs XP 22/ XP 30

    I have MSB Analog DAC running direct to Pass Labs XA100.8. Faced with The Dilemma of Choice. REF 6 demo or XP 22? XP 30 is closer in price to Ref 6 but is brand new. Also. read that XP 22 is closer to XS preamp than XP 30. Kindly share YOUR EXPERIENCE.
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    I’ve taken the plunge with Aurender X100 L. All I can say for now is that it needs burn in. Sounds decent at 90 hours but I’m waiting for 300 hours before expecting it to compare to my MSB UMT V TRANSPORT. I can confirm that burn in is a real phenomenon. I experienced this with every...
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    Sasha and Room

    I almost gave up on my Sasha speakers after moving them out of a “terrible small , irregular “room to a “ fairly optimum “ acoustically treated room. They sounded sick .Modifying acoustic room treatment helped some aspects but the upper bass gave me sleepless nights. Trying pillows ,books...
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    Im considering ATC 100 active speakers to replace my Wilson Sasha speakers but have not heard them yet I’d like to hear opinions please
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    Happy birthday mr nelson pass

    Happy birthday mr nelson pass
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    the devil is in the detail

    After many months and nights of tweaking Sasha ,hoping to get stereo image in perspective i discovered that my floor has a very slight slant resulting in a very slight difference in speaker heights. I adjusted speaker height evenly to both speakers and the stereo image clicked in. It was a...
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    Tradition series

    Sumiko says the Sonus Faber new Tradition range is better than the older range being faster and more more accurate . i could not find review of the Serafino or Amati in the Tradition range. Has anybody heard the new range?
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    Elipsa SE. Room size

    Having heard Stradivari I'm considering the SF brand. My room is small so I need smaller speaker. What size room is recommended for Elipsa SE ? And does the Elipsa SE sound similar to Stradivari?
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    Damping factor

    Pass labs have low damping factor compared to amplifiers like Burmeester. Does anybody know why and how Pass Labs control woofers?
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    Subwoofer addition to Sasha

    i am considering the JL Audio F112 subwoofer. i would like to feel and hear a little more bass when i play my Sasha at low to mid volume. i am trying the JL now and it is agonising getting it to blend. i do not want to lose any of the sound i have in exchange for better base and more...
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    cd/transport lens cleaner

    Can anyone recommend a lens cleaner. I know of a product that looks like cd with a little soft brush that spins 10 seconds which looks like it could cause damage.
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    room size for Sasha

    I have a simple question What room dimension is best for Sasha.
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    High Z or Low Z impedance RCA or XLR for MSB Analog DAC

    I have high Z, XLR Transparent audio XLR interconnect from MSB Analog DAC to Pass Labs amplifier. The Analog DAC is not a true Balanced DAC but still has XLR output .MSB states that RCA interconnect is better for this DAC Pass Labs amp is true balanced. I have tried the RCA version of...
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    MSB Sub isolator

    Does anybody have personal experience with the MSB Sub isolator?
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    Whats the best audio forum?

    Answer: What's best forum. A special thank you to this forum i joined recently and found info from great people guiding me safely on my journey.
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    Msb break in period

    My Analog DAC, Analog Power Base, Dual Transport power base and Universal Media Transport V is here. Took me 3 hours to install. playing continuously for about 3 hours. first 20 minutes bass absent, slowly fleshing out , but not quite there yet. sounds forward , resolution is...
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    MSB comapred to Wadia

    I have the Wadia 571 CD Transport and Wadia 521 DAC connected with Wadia Glass Optical cable. I am considering MSB Analog DAC for high rez even though CD is my main format. My choice is MSB Analog DAC with MSB Universal Media Transport Plus with MSB media cable. I have lived with Wadia...
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    Has anybody compared the HV 3000 series from T+A with Pass Labs or any other brand?
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    First time Wilson owner

    Yearning and growing my Wilson kitty for 5 years . I have just purchased the Sasha. Two weeks and I have them spiked and placed them in optimum position. I was worried that my Pass Labs Xa 30.5 would be insufficient and that my room size and shape inappropriate; The little Pass Labs amp...

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