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  1. Marcus

    KARAN Master Collection Power Amps

    Opening this thread about the new generation of Karan power amps I wrote about elsewhere. Here’s the first review from Hi-Fi+ and a photo from my friend’s system.
  2. Marcus

    Kuzma SAFIR 9

    Kuzma announced a new flagship tonearm called SAFIR 9. Unfortunately no details are available yet.
  3. Marcus

    Oliver Messiaen Turangalîla Symphony

    I'm looking for recommendations for Messiaen Turangalîla Symphony on vinyl. Great performance, and high audio quality of course. Did some search on Dicscogs and these two interesting LP’s came out. French Decca and Vega releases.
  4. Marcus

    Tung-Sol KT170

    “Due to the success of the KT120 and KT150 tubes and the popularity of these tubes with High-End Audio manufacturers, the Tung-Sol tube has been developed to provide a beam tetrode with even more power capability. The Tung-Sol KT170 has a power dissipation of 85 watts allowing amplifiers using a...
  5. Marcus

    Zanden 1200 Mk3 2020

    Zanden upgraded the 1200 Mk3 to 1200 Mk3 2020 version. On the outside there is almost nothing new to see. As a consequence of 15 equalization options, only selector has more options/positions and that’s it. In the inside there are a few important changes. The 2020 version has two additional...
  6. Marcus

    Zanden 1200 Signature

    Some information about this new Zanden phono stage has been shared here (, so I thought it would be better to open a new thread. A friend of mine has bought the Signature recently. Unfortunately I haven’t...
  7. Marcus

    Göbel Divin Marquis

    First “photo”...
  8. Marcus

    Listening bars and restaurants

    Listening restaurants and bars are becoming a trend. Post here your favorite. This one’s from Tokyo.
  9. Marcus

    AlsyVox Botticelli with external crossovers

    I first heard AlsyVox Botticelli speakers in Munich Hi-Fi Deluxe in 2017 and since I was on a hunt for new speakers, became extremely intrigued since they sounded surprisingly full-bodied, transparent and refined, and they produced bass I have never heard from any planar speakers. Demos on...
  10. Marcus

    New KARAN ACOUSTICS Master Collection Linea Flagship preamplifier

    First official photos of all new Karan Acoustics Master Collection LINEa (34.200 EUR) flagship line preamplifier. Center Stage CS2 feet’s, high quality Audyn-Cap capacitors, in house CNC machining...This should be very interseting...
  11. Marcus

    Robert Koda Takumi K160

    New power amp from Robert Koda with interesting technical solutions.匠心-takumi-k160-mono-amplifier 150W / 8 ohm @ less than 1% THD (any mode) 230W / 4 ohm @ less than 1% THD (high power mode)...
  12. Marcus

    Tripoint Troy Signature NG

    From Audio Exotics in Hong Kong. “Introducing the Troy Next Generation (NG) by Tripoint. It replaces the Troy Signature serving silence to the betterment of numerous audio systems in the world for almost a decade. The Troy NG is a full metal construction with polished curvature at joineries...
  13. Marcus


    After years of development, Kuzma has released a new flagship turntable - the XL AIR and yes, XL DC owners can upgrade.... “XL AIR turntable differs from Stabi XL DC turntable by using air bearing and extra bronze platter having total platter mass of 44 kg. Stabi XL DC can be converted into XL...
  14. Marcus

    Reference 3A Sema Zen

    There is so little information about these speakers available and practically no feedback on their sound. Is there a place in the US where one could hear them?
  15. Marcus

    Wanted: Avalon Isis

    Looking for a mint pair of Avalon Isis.
  16. Marcus

    Karan kam 2000

    Selling a mint pair of Karan flagship monoblocks in silver finish. They're 220-240V versions. Have original wood crates and documentation. * Power output: 2.000 W/3.600/5.400 into 8/4/2 Ohms; * Input sensitivity: 2V * Dimensions 500x240x600 mm (19.7″ x 9.45″ x 24,8″) WxHxD * Dimensions in...
  17. Marcus

    KT150 tubes in CJ amps

    Years ago I read a thread on some other audio furum how one guy substituted KT120 tubes for KT150 in his Premier 12 amp and his report was extremely positive. Then a friend of mine did the same with his Premier 12 and was equally satisfied and now reading microstrip’s answer in the ”Jadis JA200...
  18. Marcus

    Audiofreaks warehouse clearance sale

    This might be more interesting to European (and to the "rest of the world") audiophiles but they offer a wide selection of high quality products at "up to 60% off normal SRP".
  19. Marcus

    ZANDEN Choku, Chukoh and Jinpu

    ZANDEN Chouku, Choukoh and Jinpu Any ideas what's the price of these Zanden super amps?
  20. Marcus

    Townshend Isolation Podium

    Has anybody tried this?
  21. Marcus

    Avalon Saga & new Sentinel

    Found this on their Facebook page... "We know that you are wondering what's our next product announcement at Avalon? Indra Diamond and Ceramic are now shipping !!! Sentinel is being reborn; stay tuned! SAGA is coming this summer!" So, Saga will be a new model in Avalon portfolio but it...
  22. Marcus

    Telefunken Elektroakustik tubes

    When I bought Magnum Dynalab MD-108T Signature upgrade, I also got new Telefunken (Black Diamond) tubes - two ECC88 (6922) and two ECC83. New Telefunken tubes? Well, it seems that JJ from Slovakia is producing these tubes again. This is from their web site: "The TELEFUNKEN Black Diamond Series...
  23. Marcus

    Tripoint Orion & Spartan

    Is anybody here using Tripoint Orion or Spartan A/C conditioner? I'm impressed with the Troy Signature and I'm curious if these passive A/C cleaning devices work just as well and what exactly are the benefits.
  24. Marcus

    My (SMT) room

    Well, it’s time to introduce a part of my path to better sound. I hope you find it interesting. We used to live in a beautiful apartment in a late ninety century house that had more than 80 cm thick brick walls, 3.6m high ceilings, floating wooden floor and ceiling with ancient rock and dry...
  25. Marcus

    Ariel Ramirez - Misa Criolla LP

    This iconic digital recording with Jose Carreras is on LP again. Cut to lacquer by Maarten de Boer at Emil Berliner Studio and Pressed at Pallas in Germany. Has anybody compared it to the older version?
  26. Marcus

    Magnum Dynalab MD-108T tubes

    I use (and enjoy) MD 108T for quite some time but I think it's time to change tubes. MD stock "CryoValve" 6922/ECC88 should be the first choice but based on a review (by Robert H. Levi) in Positive Feedback (issue 22) that suggested GE or RCA 5751, I'm thinking about other possibilities too. Any...
  27. Marcus

    Magnum Dynalab MD 809T

    Does anybody know what is going on with the MD 809T Internet Radio Tuner? Should be out months ago...
  28. Marcus

    ARTsa & Avalon Time

    I'm thinking of purchasing ARTsa amp but I'm not convinced 140w/ch would be enough to drive my speakers (Avalon Time). Has anyone perhaps heard this combination? I know ART's 275W/ch would be enough to drive Time but $37k...

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