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  1. Leif S

    Used Inventory

    We have more used inventory due to customers upgrading. Call me if you are interested. 951-233-9852
  2. Leif S

    Streaming For 12 Hours A day

    Going on week 5 of lock down. So it comes as no surprise that I would be listening to an incredible amount of music. I'm so happy to be able to stream with Qobuz. With all this time my music exploration has been a blast. Normally I don't have this amount of time to do this. I do hope...
  3. Leif S

    Florida Audio Expo-Enjoy The Music's by Maurice Jeffries The Audio Company Suite: Primus Inter Pares My overall Best of Show choice went to the Audio Company room. For sheer musical thrills, spine-tingling dynamic expressiveness and scaling, and world-class "suspension of...
  4. Leif S

    Florida Audio Expo 2020 Part-Time audiophile (Marc Phillips) The Audio Company, Von Schweikert, VAC, Esoteric, MasterBuilt, Kronos | FLAX 2020 If you’ve listened to our Florida Audio Expo wrap-up on The Occasional Podcast, you’ll know...
  5. Leif S

    Florida Audio Expo 2020-The Absolute Sound's Andrew Quint The Audio Company (Marietta, GA) At show after show, Leif Swanson and Damon von Schweikert expend considerable effort to provide a listening experience that's representative of the best high-performance audio can offer...
  6. Leif S

    Florida Audio Expo 2020 Enjoy The Music's Steve Rochlin Welcome to the BIG ROOM! You've read about it, perhaps you've been fortunate enough to have heard the astounding VAC / Von...
  7. Leif S

    Florida Audio Expo 2020 by AudioHead The Audio Company, VAC, Von Schweikert, Esoteric, Kronos, Airtight, Critical Mass Systems – FLAX 2020...
  8. Leif S

    Florida Audio Expo 2020 Show Report by Positive-Feedback An absolute semi-truckload of VAC, Esoteric, and Kronos equipment was on display in this monstrous room! The room was filled with people, who where absolutely digging the sound coming from the big Von Schweikert Ultra...
  9. Leif S

    Me having some fun at home after work

    These are the original E-5 speakers that retailed for 40k with 10K in electromics.
  10. Leif S

    VR-55 to ULTRA 55 Upgrade

    Hello all, Damon and I have decided to make the VR-55 up-gradable to ULTRA 55. If your interested give me a call..We also have several trade in models including our previous flagships like the VR-9's and VR-11's from customers upgrading to the ULTRA's.
  11. Leif S

    MasterBuilt Cables on Wilson Alexx Speakers

    While I was in the Philippines for the November HiFi Show I had the privilege of visiting a Wilson owner that has replaced his cables with MasterBuilt Ultra speaker cables and Reference interconnects and power cords. It reminded me of Steve's system. I don't know how to say this, but if you own...
  12. Leif S

    Philippines Audio Show

    I had a great time with Jack and Keith at the audio show. Full CH Precision electronics with the Aurender W20 Media server. Techdas Airforce 3 Premium, Critical Mass Systems, and I used the Center Stage 1.5 footers under the M1 monoblocks, and we had 3 StromTanks lol. If there was a power...
  13. Leif S

    Von Schweikert Audio Ultra 9 Loudspeaker Review The Absolute Sound Von Schweikert Audio Ultra 9 Loudspeaker Revelation by Greg Weaver | Nov 14th, 2019 To understand the genesis of the new-generation VSA Ultra loudspeakers, we must go back to 2012, when a loyal...
  14. Leif S

    Capital Audio Fest 2019 Show Report by Stereophile VAC Statement 452iQ power amplifiers and Statement Line and Phono Preamps; Von Schweikert Ultra 11 Loudspeakers, Kronos Pro Turntable and Black Beauty Tonearm, Airtight...
  15. Leif S

    Capitol Audio Fest (Friday and Saturday Night After Hours Party Listening)

    Classic Rock Friday Night Please join The Audio Company, the Valve Amplification Company, and Von Schweikert Audio Friday night, November 1st, in the Potomac Room at 10:00 PM sharp, as Greg Weaver hosts the playing of David Bowie’s Glam Rock masterpiece, “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust...
  16. Leif S

    London Grammer

    I don't know what it is about this music, but I find when I'm home on the weekends it is my go to music as I do things around the house. I just love it.
  17. Leif S

    Endeavor Special Edition on the cover of Image HiFi (Part 2)

    Perhaps this difference is noticeable after all, at least in the interaction of all factors. Because with the Endeavor SE I find myself listening to music in a different way to normal. Jacques Brel’s Ne Me Quitte Pas (Philips 6680 259, Succes 2 disques, France 1979, 2-LP) is on the platter of...
  18. Leif S

    Endeavor Special Edition on the cover of Image HiFi (Part 1)

    We are extremely pleased with the review of our newest member to the Von Schweikert family.... Speakers Von Schweikert Audio Endeavor SE Author: Christian Bayer Photography: Rolf Winter …would be one that doesn’t sound like a loudspeaker at all. Von Schweikert Audio strives to do exactly...
  19. Leif S

    Audio Show in Bangkok

    Looking forward to meeting some of you this weekend at the show!
  20. Leif S

    UniField 2mkIII reviewed with Audionet, KRONOS,Mola Mola, and Kubala

    I'm a huge fan of the Audionet Watt Integrated. It packs one hell of a punch lol. And owning a KRONOS it's safe to say I'm a huge fan there as well. I have never had the Mola Mola electronics in my possession to play with, but when I heard them on the YG speakers I got the feeling they were...
  21. Leif S

    Marc's Wrap Up/ T.H.E. Show 2019 Posted on July 14, 2019 by Marc Phillips in THE Show 2019 After T.H.E. Show 2019, I did something that I should have done at High-End 2019 in Munich–I stayed a couple of extra days after the show ended. A good friend of...
  22. Leif S

    The Show 2019 Audio Stream T.H.E. Show 2019: Esoteric and Von Schweikert Rafe Arnott | Jun 18, 2019 Sometimes you walk into a room and you just know you’re going to be impressed by the sound of the high-fidelity equipment curated for listening...
  23. Leif S

    The Show 2019 Part Time Audiophile Von Schweikert Audio, Esoteric, MasterBuilt | T.H.E. Show 2019 Posted on June 21, 2019 by Marc Phillips in THE Show 2019 You should have heard the rumors flying around T.H.E. Show 2019 about...
  24. Leif S

    T.H.E. Show 2019

    T.H.E. Show 2019 – Esoteric/Von Schweikert Since RMAF 2017 I have been impressed by systems with Von Schweikert speakers. We have given them multiple Bongo awards, and we aren’t the only reviewers recognizing them. Most of...
  25. Leif S

    Happy Fathers Day to all you audio nuts!

    Have a wonderful day!
  26. Leif S

    Positive Feedback Visits The Tampa Show Part 3 06-15-2019 | By Maurice Jeffries | Issue 103 Homeward Bound: The Florida Audio Expo Let me state upfront that I initially had no intention of attending the Florida Audio Expo held at the...
  27. Leif S

    Positive Feedback Visit to Greg Weavers Part 2

    In all fairness, I have not heard the 11s in a properly configured and acoustically treated listening space, one of the key privileges I enjoyed during my trip to visit Greg in Goshen. So, it may very well be the case that in the right space, with the right room treatments, and more familiar...
  28. Leif S

    Positive Feedback Visit to Greg Weavers Part 1

    The New Apartment Lounge: Two Memorable Winter Road Trips 06-15-2019 | By Maurice Jeffries | Issue 103 Back to the Midwest-SR In late January 2019, over the MLK holiday weekend no less, I...
  29. Leif S

    Endeavor Special Edition Gets The Cover Of IMAGE HIFI

    I'm very excited to see our newest Endeavor SE on the cover of Image Hifi. I will post the review as soon as we have it translated.

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