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  1. triode

    Esoteric K-03x vs. MBL N31 vs. T&A 3000/3100 HV series - has anyone auditioned any of these head-to-head?

    Thanks for your thoughts, gents. The more I read about the Esoteric "house sound", the more it seems not up my alley (I'm a SET/horn guy who values harmonic juice and generous lower mids/upper bass). I'm leaning toward the T&A PDP 3000 HV, but it's a steep cost increment over the MBL (I have...
  2. triode

    Esoteric K-03x vs. MBL N31 vs. T&A 3000/3100 HV series - has anyone auditioned any of these head-to-head?

    I've read the reviews, but am seeking head-to-head auditioning impressions. Anyone?
  3. triode

    Horns, Horns, Horns

    My Avantgarde Duo Omegas, 107dB sensitivity and full range...when driven by the mighty Lamms, this is heaven for me.
  4. triode

    Best single box cd player - any recommendations

    See my post earlier in this thread - at $10K, the AMR CD-77.1 is a must-listen!
  5. triode

    Parasound or Cary?

    The Cary is a stone cold killer. With the proper NOS 6SN7s in 4 of the 8 positions, and the proper NOS 5AR4 rectifier, to my ears it has all of the virtues of tubes (palpability, fully fleshed out harmonics, vividness, plays tunes, long tails) with all of the virtues of SS (bass slam and drive...
  6. triode

    Digital Signal from Ipod/Ipad/Iphone

    I'm looking for an iPhone dock with USB digital out. Completely stymied so far. I cannot use SPDIF. Any ideas?
  7. triode

    Best single box cd player - any recommendations

    Best single box player I've heard (and am now very happy to own) is the AMR CD-77.1. It has a very "analog" sound as most reviews have noted, along with great flexibility (6 filtering choices and isosynchronous USB input). Built like the proverbial tank, too.
  8. triode

    Is there a reason to make low efficiency box speakers in this day and age?

    Yep, I'm still "stuck" with those measly 18 watt ML2s but like to dream about the monster day. To the OP's point, though, I don't get it either. To my ears, low sensitivity speakers sound like they have a wet blanket over them. Of course, I also prefer light, nimble sports...
  9. triode

    Top 10 Most Expensive Speakers

    I'd take the Magico Ultimates in a heartbeat, and be glad to pay the price (in that hypothetical world where I had the scratch). Effortless dynamics are a drug...
  10. triode

    Reference Speakers to Audition

    My Duo Omegas actually use cones (two powered 10" subs per channel) for bass below 140 Hz, and can definitely play deep bass content without any problem (the speakers are rated flat to 22 Hz and likely go lower in-room). True horn bass requires enormous cabinets and a very large room, so many...
  11. triode

    Reference Speakers to Audition

    If the OP has not yet chosen his new speakers, I'd suggest hearing Avantgarde Trio Omegas with a pair (or two) of Basshorns - will be right up the high-sensitivity alley of the Zus (though far beyond at 108dB). If I had a large enough room (and the coin), those would be the only choice to...

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