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    Seeking SPU tonearm advice

    That's actually my advert, so anyone interested can message me on this forum too.
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    Big Band Swing

    So much more than Swing ... sheer artistry and musicianship ... Duke Ellington, The Great Paris Concert.
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    The Man Who invented Jazz / The Ghost In the Horn

    Buddy Bolden was rightly celebrated by Duke Ellington on his wonderful 1956 LP 'A Drum is a Woman', which tells the story of Madame Zajj, and is pretty much a musical history of jazz up to that point.
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    Anyone got any experience of the Glanz MH-124S tonearm?

    I'm using the 10 inch version, and can report it's an excellent match for low and medium compliance mc cartridges. Stunning with a Sumile, and brings out the best in SPUs. I perservered with the supplied cable (a black 'generic' one) for quite a while, but it was clearly hobbling the...

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