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    Thoughts on Paradigm Persona speakers

    I have not heard these speakers, but my experience with previous iterations of Paradigm is that they're on the lean and slightly bright side of things.
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    Visit to Marc C.'s (SpiritOfMusic's) House in England

    Marc: I've participated over 20+ years on a number of fora and reviewed gear during that time. I am interested, or was interested in the audio journey to satisfaction or satiation. I have a closet full of tweaks that made a difference but which I no longer deploy. My list of bought and sold...
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    Visit to Marc C.'s (SpiritOfMusic's) House in England

    Mark (Spirit of Music): I've followed most of this thread without commenting previously. It seemed at some point you were happy, maybe even content with your system. Satisfy yourself, you'll never have a system everyone else likes, and maybe even anyone else. Only you listen with your ears. To...
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    Is Nelson Pass saying very limited future improvement in Amps/Pre Amps?

    I don't think he's pointing to no developments. Perhaps the issue of amplifier development is like traveling by plane across the US. Getting there in one piece is a settled thing. Amplfication is handled with audio much as staying airborne in a plane is handled. But that doesn't mean the trip...
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    What ever happened to the Greek Audiophile Society? Anyone remember the movie?

    Caesar: Thanks for posting this. Very fun . . . amusing to see myself so clearly in others.
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    How does one get "trained" ears?

    Bobvin: There is no school to develop "trained ears." There is, however, a test for it. If you have to ask about the test . . . then you're . . . not ready for it. :-) Just kidding. Seek external validation of your own hearing or capacity for discernment and you'll always come up short to...
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    Schiit, interesting name...more interesting products!

    Good attitude about some good Schiit Jason Stoddard and Mike Moffat have been in the industry a very long time. They've produced acclaimed (Theta Gen V, etc.) and noteworthy products (Sumo Electronics). While I would probably not choose that name for a product I like their irreverent style...
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    Best Picture 2016: And the Winner is: WHERE to INVADE NEXT

    Haven't seen the movie. Not a fan of Michael Moore, not necessarily politically, but because he's uneven as a director, someone whose work occasionally requires squinting to avoid the . . . shortcomings. But, he's still an important voice, along with other differing voices. To me, "American...
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    Captive Cables

    Agreed. Inconvenient? Yes. But, good contact would not be an issue. If you're interested in this topic, check out the late Allen Wright's "Cable Cookbook." I found it quite interesting. Have built a few of my own interconnects which are much better having tried some of Allen's ideas. Not as good...
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    Ray Samuels Phono Stage?

    AC Glad you like your choice. Seems like there is a family resemblance between the XR-10B with more musical nuance at the higher price.
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    Ray Samuels Phono Stage?

    ACHiPo Not sure if this reply is stale for you. Borrowed the F117 for a weekend. I have used an EAR 834p in my 864 preamp for about fourteen years, Audible Illusions 2D for five years before that and numerous phono stages while owning the 864 preamp. The F-117 performs beyond it's price point...
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    Audiophile Fuses

    For starters, I have not tried the audiophile fuses. Do they make a difference or don't? I don't know. However, I tried some anti-vibration magic paint ( on my stock fuses - I purchased it to try on the circuit board of a power supply for a DIY DAC - and was stunned to...
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    Multi-bit DSD versus PCM

    Amusing comment, Phelonious Ponk: "I trust the ears of those with a strong desire to hear something much less."
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    Streamer to kill the big boys for under $250

    Mike: I just discovered this thread and feel a bit lost by some of the carping on this thread. This sounds do-able, but I’d like to check in first: I have a LampizatOr Euforia (DSD only) DAC. I will be streaming from a Mac Mini 1.4GHz - not fast enough for DSD 128, fine for DSD64. Sound is...

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