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  1. JackD201

    Reader View

    Did you guys notice........ That if you click on a particular post's post number on the upper right hand corner of that post, the post will appear by itself after an instant refresh. Best of all when that is done, you can now use READER! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Many thanks from the guys like me who...
  2. JackD201

    Franchise Killers

    Following Bob's thread... On screen Kills Kills by all James Bonds on screen 370 John Wick in 2 219 John Rambo in 4 220 Lee Christmas (Statham in 3 Expendables films) 348 James "Logan" Howlett all X-Men/Wolverine movies 123 Add to the list please!
  3. JackD201

    JackD201 - Version 2.0

    Why did I do it? What did I do? This is my story. In my original Member thread, I touched on my beginnings in the hobby up until the dream of having a purpose built listening room built and later getting the chance to populate it with lots of good stuff. I think it time to go into a little more...
  4. JackD201

    Time To Say Goodbye

    For months now I have been babysitting these beauties. They belong to a good friend who started out as one of my big brother's elementary school buddies and later became my colleague from 2001 to 2004 and again in 2016. COC is a fun guy and we share manny interests. We're both big foodies, like...
  5. JackD201

    Acid Jazz - Then and NOW

  6. JackD201

    A Pilgrimage to Ground ZERO

    <reserved> ;)
  7. JackD201

    Bye Bye D7i

    I was very saddened by the news that TechDAS has stopped production of their one and only digital product. I always meant to keep one for myself but they kept on selling out. Not everybody can just go grab a CH Precision C1 the flagship DAC of TechDAS' parent company Stella/Zephyr and the D71...
  8. JackD201

    The Future

    As a kid I loved watching Sci-Fi, heck I still do. Well, Space 1999 came and went and while there are still no moon bases, I did party the way the late great Prince commanded. With 2017 closing in and no underwater bases ala Sea Lab 2020, it got me wise, where do I want to be...
  9. JackD201

    Another Win for TechDAS

    TechDAS is on a roll. Since the AF1's introduction in 2012, every year they've entered a new table they've won the Prestigious Stereo Grand Prix Award in Japan. They did it with the AF1 in 2012, the AF2 in 2014, the AF3 in 2015 and this year with the AF1 Premium. Congratulations to the...
  10. JackD201

    Custom colored VR-44s and matching KR DX amps

    Custom painted AMG Iridium Silver with Black for this mouthwatering speaker/amp duo.
  11. JackD201

    KR Audio 45

    KR Audio announces the 45 tube :) Can't wait to try these.
  12. JackD201

    One Hectic Day in NYC

    I've just settled in in SF and finally I get a chance to recount one hectic but awesome day in NYC. It took about 20 hours but finally I flew into NY late Thursday night, I attended a wedding Friday, and got buried under the missus' jam packed itinerary. Saturday started with us having brunch...
  13. JackD201

    Air Force One Set Up - tips n' tricks

    As requested by Gary and seeing as I personally would like to have Bob aka The Phantom churning out more Elites for selfish reasons (I ordered a second one :D ), allow me to kick this off. I hope this helps our new AF1 owners. The AF1 manual is very comprehensive so just following it to the...
  14. JackD201

    On the Move

    Remember the days when you moved where the work was? Before that, you moved where you studied? Ever hitch up a U-haul trailer? When you had to do this pretty frequently or just didn't know how long a stint would last? Some of the biggest factors keeping the young music lover from more...
  15. JackD201

    TechDAS Air Force III - First Sighting

    Meet the baby brother No details on price and features yet. Judging by the front panel it will have an air bearing and vacuum hold down but it looks mass loaded instead of suspended. Looks like the 1500 platform is back. Four arms mounts for the half octopi crowd. :D
  16. JackD201

    Affordable, Dependable, easily Sourced SPDIF Coax

    Hi guys. I need three 1m RCA terminated SPDIF cables. Maybe even another pair in the future. I don't need anything esoteric, just dependable with good termination. I will be using it for another aspect of my sound and music addiction, DJing. For the past years, I've been mixing on digital mainly...
  17. JackD201

    PureSound Philippines inks deal with CH Precision

    It's official. We will be exclusively representing CH Precision in our territory. We can not and will not sell outside of it. Just wanted to be clear on that :D I'm making this announcement here as it takes a while for the changes in signature to reflect the same. ETA of the CH gear is...
  18. JackD201

    Valentines Day 2015 : I'm marking this date!

    Using saved up allowance, my daughter bought her first LP! :D "How do I hold it Dad?" Priceless!!!!!!!
  19. JackD201


    What hardware and software are needed to take this route into a DAC that takes Ethernet inputs? Examples of what you've already set up and put together would be really helpful as well. TIA!
  20. JackD201

    Test Bench Fun - Some Differences b/w Tubes and SS with Larry

    I found this very enjoyable because it was obvious that fellow WBF-er Larry (Larry Ho of Light Harmonic and LH Labs) was having a blast with his AP.
  21. JackD201

    New Hasselblad Cameras

    Are the compacts and DSLR Hassies "real" Hasselblads or are they the new Vertu of the photography world? I've not seen any photos but my suspicion is that they are the latter. Are they Sony's (I'm guessing because the lenses are Sony mount) in slick duds like Vertu's are Nokias in slick duds...
  22. JackD201

    Please help me figure this out….

    All over the net Hi-Rez is being called useless because the focus has been on dynamic range. "You'll never use it" goes the mantra. So I have been trying to find out if discreet voltage values or rather what and how many voltage steps there are with 16bit and 24bit within say a max output of...
  23. JackD201

    Geek Out 1000

    Disclaimers! 1. I am a dealer of Light Harmonic 2. I am not a headphone guy. I use 'em very casually for watching movies or listening to movies only when I travel. I also only use them when trawling for music on youtube. 3. This is my very first portable headphone DAC/AMP combo. My only...
  24. JackD201

    Shout out to Larry Ho

    Great job Larry, the little Geeks were worth the wait :cool:
  25. JackD201

    Hong Kong

    So guys, What's Best when it comes to Tailors in HK? I'm hoping for some good recommendations. I'm headed there this weekend. Thanks!
  26. JackD201

    Keith's (Nephilim) Place

    Keith is my cousin and business partner. He's head trader at one of the big houses so he spends most of his day looking at a gazzilion computer screens. As such he doesn't go online much except when on the prowl for music and NOS tubes :D Unlike me, Keith listens solely to digital at home. Here...
  27. JackD201

    TechDAS TD COi Ti

    Beside some of its stablemates before they were mounted on their respective wands :)
  28. JackD201

    This is so darned cute! It's like a JBL Paragon from Lilliput! It won't quite fit in a stocking but I think I know what I'm getting my music obsessed daughter for Christmas. :)
  29. JackD201

    Pioneer Leaving Home Audio? Say it isn't so! No mention of TAD. TAD is one of my favorite loudspeaker makers and Andrew one of my favorite designers. I pray it isn't so.

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