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  1. MadFloyd

    Suspended floor and bass node...

    Hi all, My system is on the main floor of my house - a suspended floor. I have an annoying node around 30hz that creates bass overhang that interferes with the 'groove' of music that has content in that frequency range. I don't know if this is at all related to the flex in the floor or not...
  2. MadFloyd

    Preamps... nothing is perfect.

    I am in the market for a preamp. I am currently using a friend's DIY Pass Labs buffer (passive preamp). I recently sold my CAT preamp as it wasn't transparent enough (beautiful midrange, great body, but rolled off in the highs and somewhat colored). There are 4 preamps I am considering...
  3. MadFloyd

    Etna SL vs Atlas SL vs Opus 1

    Has anyone heard all 3 of these carts? Wondering which of these would be considered neutral (e.g. no colored midrange) and excel at orchestral music.
  4. MadFloyd

    FS: Zyx Universe PREMIUM

    I am selling my Zyx Uni Premium. This is Zyx top of the line cartridge that retails for $15,000.00. I am asking $7,000.00 This particular cartridge has very low hours. I purchased it last September and have barely used it since (most of the time I haven't even had a phono stage). So...
  5. MadFloyd

    Anyone tried this?

    I've heard a few members swear by Shun Mook tweaks but even with that in mind I did a double take at this:
  6. MadFloyd

    What's Best? Soulution, CH Precision, Vitus, or Ayre?

    What are your thoughts on these brands? Do you like one brand over the other? If so, why? Is it purely subjective at this level or do you feel some of these brands have significant shortcomings, colorations or compromises?
  7. MadFloyd

    FS: Merging+ NADAC

    Merging+ NADAC for sale. This is the 2ch version. Excellent condition. Asking $6,000 or best offer. PM if interested.
  8. MadFloyd

    FS: Pass & Soulution

    Selling: Pass XS Preamp: $21,000 Pass XS-150 amps: $28,000 Soulution 720 (preamp/phono): $15,500 Please send a PM if interested. Thanks.
  9. MadFloyd

    dCS vs Esoteric

    I'm going to be in the market for a new DAC soon. The brands I am considering is dCS and Esoteric. I've heard the Vivaldi a few times and always was super impressed at how natural and 3D it sounded. The Vivaldi stack is way beyond my means so I'm thinking of the Rossini. I run a music...
  10. MadFloyd

    Interesting anti-snoring device

    I found the science behind this interesting. If it actually works without drawbacks (and I have no idea if it does), it might be something that I invest in...
  11. MadFloyd

    Soundstage Puzzle!

    I am wondering if anyone can guess what is causing my center image to shift to the left. This has been plaguing me for quite some time and I've ignored it (mostly out of laziness) because when I play LPs the image is well centered (which is only because my azimuth is a little off - conveniently...
  12. MadFloyd

    What do you think about this product?
  13. MadFloyd

    Madfloyd's system

    I thought I'd start a new thread with the latest info on my system. I've now had the Magico M-Projects for a year and realized since I acquired them I have changed every other component (with the exception of a power cord or two). I changed my preamp from the Pass XP-30 to the Pass XS Pre. I...
  14. MadFloyd

    RIP Glen Frey

    Another sad loss, Glen Frey just passed.
  15. MadFloyd

    [SOLD] Berkeley Alpha Reference DAC

    DAC is in very good condition with 2 very hard to see scratches on the rear of the right side. Asking $12,000 o.b.o. Will be going to Audiogon soon. S O L D !
  16. MadFloyd

    My experience with Lampizator

    I've resolved my issues with the LampizatOr distributor amicably. Thanks for the support, this matter is closed.
  17. MadFloyd

    Move over TechDAS, Kronos, there's a new king in town.

    OK, maybe not. Interesting nonetheless...
  18. MadFloyd

    Ground question

    I purchased a receptacle tester from Amazon recently and discovered that it reports an open ground on all the outlets feeding my equipment rack. However, these outlets are fed balanced power by Equi=tech transformers, so I'm wondering if the receptacle outlet just doesn't know how to read...
  19. MadFloyd

    Another electrical question

    My system has a dedicated 20 amp line for each monoblock. I also have a dedicated 20 amp line for my rack (sources, preamp). I tried using single ended (RCA) cables from my preamp to my amp and noticed that I get a loud hum (ground issue) but this seems to be caused from the circuit that...
  20. MadFloyd

    Madfloyd's System

    While I've been participating on this forum for years and have posted photos and details before, it's time for my official gallery thread. It feels like it's been a long journey to get where I am now. I've been though many pairs of speakers (Mirage, Von Schweikert, Dynaudio, Genesis, Aerial...
  21. MadFloyd

    Is there something obviously wrong with my electrical?

    I've been trying to sort out a problem with lack of bass and general 'thin' sound and someone suggested it could be electrical so I thought I would post a few things about my setup and see if anyone spots something obvious. I've got a 200 amp service that comes in to a main panel (left in the...
  22. MadFloyd

    USB audio interface to use w/laptop for measuring room response?

    Can anyone recommend one? I have a good mic and a laptop. I'm guessing I would use REW for software. Thanks in advance.
  23. MadFloyd

    What cables synergize with Magico?

    I'm starting to think about cables for my M-Projects. Which cable brands have you heard synergize well with the Q or S series?
  24. MadFloyd

    On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

    I think today actually IS the 12th day of Christmas and lo and behold look what showed up.
  25. MadFloyd

    What do you DO while listening?

    When you're listening to music, do you typically accompany that with another activity such as reading, writing, work, surfing the web? I find if I'm not critically listening and if the music isn't the type that demands my full attention I'm often catching up on news, email, forums etc...
  26. MadFloyd

    Magico Fan-boy!

    I admit it. I am a fan of Magico. I have a deep amount of respect for this company. I briefly owned a pair of V2's years ago. I thought they were very musical but the V2 wasn't full range and I didn't like treble (cymbals sounded 'wooden' rather than metalic compaired to my Wilson Sophia...
  27. MadFloyd

    FS: Shunyata Triton, Typhon(s), Alpha power cords

    I am selling one Triton with an Alpha HC power cord and two Typhons (each with the Alpha HC umbilical). Asking: ​$4000 for Typhon (with umbilical) $4500 for Triton (with Alpha HC PC) PM if interested.
  28. MadFloyd

    FS: Wilson Alexias in Titanium Brown

    Just over a year old. Excellent condition. Have all original packaging and accessories. Upgraded color - Titanium Brown. Best color, imo. Happy to answer any questions. Make me an offer. :-)
  29. MadFloyd

    Magico S5's in the house...

    On Saturday I acquired a pair of S5's. I've been curious about these speakers since last November and wondered how they would sound in my room, and how they would compare to my Wilson Alexias. Now I'm finally finding out. They are so different and already it's been very educational...
  30. MadFloyd

    Is the Vanguard label good?

    There are new DSD downloads available from AcousticSounds - classical titles form the Vanguard label which AcousticSounds suggests is in the same league with other classic labels: "Most audiophiles, when they think of classical records, treasure the true classic labels: RCA, Mercury, Everest...

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