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    My CH Precision/Magico System

    Ian I have the Atlas Lambada on a SAT tonearm ( 1st generation ) sounds wonderful , also through Magico S7 speakers Love your system , thanks for sharing
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    Natural Sound

    Peter can I just say I love the new sound and I own Magico speakers . For me Micro Seiki SX 8000 from the SME was the biggest change , love it .
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    Natural Sound

    Peter thanks for those videos , and the detailed journey you have made . Do you miss any part of your old system , Ive always loved the magic Q3 ?
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    First major system upgrade in many years

    Love the B&W speakers
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    LFD Cables (phono and I.C.) from the UK, cables as components

    LFD speaker cables are also exceptional .
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    Yet another footer thread. Magico S7: IsoAcoustics GAIA Theis or SPods?

    I have S7s Owen , why not try them first with they're original footers ? I have never found a reason to upgrade . Whatever great speakers
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    LFD Cables (phono and I.C.) from the UK, cables as components

    Yes Jeffy they do I have the diamond viper running from my reed tonearm to phono stage , great cable . Im in the Uk sourced all my LFD cables from Peter Downs at Alternative Audio
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    Speaker upgrade

    Tang you speak so much sense
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    Trial Lambda SL vs SL and Lambda SL vs Atlas

    But there early days ? Wow Guns of Brixton live at the Brixton Academy , that was special . Joe on fire .
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    Graham Elite arrived

    It is a very very good arm .
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    Trial Lambda SL vs SL and Lambda SL vs Atlas

    Gian I have no123 , love it . I did find it took 50 hrs to really come into its own . Never had original Atlas
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    Best tonearm for Coralstone

    Gian Graham Elite in my experience
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    WANTED: Audiophile with Air Tight or My Sonic Lab AND Koetsu Listening Experience

    Koetsu [ coralstone and blue lace ] Sounds great on my AMG tonearm , Graham Arm I think it just gets a bit personal what you like . My new Lyra a lot more expensive than Koetsu
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    Zero Distortion: Tango Time

    Really Really sad Gian Beautiful country , beautiful people .
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    Living Presence

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    Zero Distortion: Tango Time

    Thanks Tang Love all the videos
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    Zero Distortion: Tango Time

    Tango That recording sounds fabulous . Do you mind me asking what VTF you have on the Atlas ? I believe it is much lighter than recommended on the SAT tonearm Thanks
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    CS Port LFT1 turntable added to the system

    Love the turntable Congratulations
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    Zero Distortion: Tango Time

    Gardening keeps you young
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    SAT XD-1 Turntable Debut at The Audio Salon

    Steve Your opinion on the SAT turntable compared with your AF0 would be interesting to me . I have the AF0 non premium with the original SAt tonearm . Love it, in fact I don't think a direct drive can beat this combination . I would like Marc to prove me wrong .
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    TechDAS Air Force Zero (real final photo)

    Thats a great pity if Techdas has fallen out with Marc Gomez. Having met Mark , he is real gentleman. I think his arm works incredibly well with bothAF1 and AF2 ( have not heard AF3)
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    TechDAS Air Force Zero (real final photo)

    Jack do you know why the AF Zero did not have a SAT tonearm on it? Tech das have often used them before. Personally I think the Zero looks stunning
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    I said I would never buy another Turntable...Argh !!!

    Very diplomatic Steve Christian amazing room glad to see the airforce still hanging in there
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    Experience with overseas purchase

    John is a very good guy. And good luck with your purchase
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    Vinyl never dies

    Just played Tea for the Tillerman Owned by my mother ( sadly departed 14 yrs ago) It never sounded better, this is a record I used to listen to when I was meant to be in bed ( I am now 57) Also used to be played on a very poor record player. No damage just pure music. Never sell your vinyl ...
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    Zero Distortion: Tango Time

    Stop being modest You are the "master"
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    Zero Distortion: Tango Time

    Great report Ked Interesting how things changed And now Tango is the master of set up!!!
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    Sublime Sound

    Ron Do look at the SAt tonearm I have the original model And I am a complete novice with tone arms One reason I went with the graham But the SAT is so easy to use for VTA or VTF or Azimuth The headshell is also detachable for ease It is expensive but the graham elite is not cheap either now
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    Sublime Sound

    Thanks for the advice
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    Sublime Sound

    Only ever had the 9 inch Also thought the jig very good So good why have all the wands? Have you heard the titanium version?

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