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    RIP Lola

    My son's Bulldog Lola passed away on Friday. She would have been 12 this coming April. She's pictured below next to my Lab Willow (age 14), who passed two years ago. This sweet little girl will always live in our hearts.
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    Klipsch La Scala AL5 Review
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    Audience Introduces Its Hidden Treasure SATA Data Cable

    Audience Introduces Its Hidden Treasure SATA Data Cable, for Upgraded Performance in Music Servers and Computer Audio Devices San Marcos, CA, January 22, 2020 – Audience is now shipping its Hidden Treasure SATA Data Cable. The new SATA (Serial AT Attachment) cable is designed as an upgrade for...
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    NASOTEC Tweezers

    Ordered mine here:
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    Magna Riser Airborne Stands for the Magneplanar LRS Loudspeakers
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    In Memoriam: Jazz Artists We Lost in 2019
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    Vinyl shopping in Tokyo
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    Records to Die For 2020
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    RIP Sidney Corderman...

    Sidney Corderman, longtime McIntosh engineer and a cornerstone of the company, has died at age 94 It is with great sadness that we report that Sidney Corderman, longtime McIntosh engineer and a cornerstone of the company, has died at age 94. Sidney joined McIntosh in 1951 and stayed with the...
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    JBL Introduces L82 Classic Bookshelf Loudspeakers at CES 2020
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    Wanted: A Home for Three Million Records
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    RIAA Report: Streaming Is Now 80% Of US Market
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    Best Jazz Albums 2019: 25 Glorious Albums You Need To Hear!
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    InnerFidelity Product Of The Year 2019: Audeze LCD-1
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    Wilson Audio Specialties Sasha DAW loudspeaker Stereophile Review
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    Presenting The Audio Beatnik’s Best of 2019
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    Darko.Audio’s Product/s of the Decade: 2010-2019
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    Building Magico’s M2 monocoque

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    $500. or less Turntables

    I've got two of these coming: Any recomendations for a low cost turntables would be appreciated.
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    RIP: Roger Alan Modjeski

    Roger A. Modjeski (68) passed away peacefully in his home in San Pablo, CA after an 12 month battle with cancer. Roger started Music Reference in 1981 and later RAM Tubes, The Tube Audio Store, and The Berkeley HiFi School. For more than 38 years he tirelessly ran his business and designed some...
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    Audiophilia Products of the Year 2019
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    The Next Big Step in Audio
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    SL-1500C Technics Cuts the Price But Not the Sound Quality
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    The 16th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2019
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    Stereophile's Products of 2019
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    Magnepan Doubles Down

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