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    Long Runs of Unbalanced Interconnects

    Are long runs (> 17ft) of unbalanced interconnects detrimental to sound quality and noise suppression?
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    Cartridge for Breuer 8C MkII

    I'm seeking suggestions for a cartridge to complement my newly acquired Breuer. Budget is up to $6K, but I have a little flexibility. I already have a XV1-t on a Schroeder CB, so am seeking a different sound. I listen to a lot of jazz, pop, rock, electronica and singer-songwriter. Thanks!
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    LessLoss Cables

    I’m seeking first hand user experience with LessLoss cables that can share their opinion, both good and bad, of this company’s cables and filters. Thanks.
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    Headshell for Dynavector 507 Mk2

    I am seeking recommendations for a replacement headshell for use with a Dynavector XV1-t and 507 Mk2 that has excellent SQ and long headshell slots to provide greater flexibility for mounting the cartridge to the headshell. Thanks.
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    Interest Check: TW Acustics Raven AC-1 and Raven 10.5 Tonearm

    I am contemplating selling my TW table, arm and accessories. I am the original owner of this setup, which is in excellent condition with original boxes and crates. It comes with the upgraded bearing, platter and motor controller, as well as the TW platter mat. I also have current arm boards for...
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    Dynavector 507 Pivot Point

    One of the great tonearm mysteries (to me at least) is exactly where the pivot point of the 507 is for purposes of determining pivot to spindle distance. Please see attached picture and let me know if this is where the pivot point is or if it's elsewhere. Thanks.
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    Plinth for Garrard 301

    I am seeking advice and recommendations for a new plinth for my Audio Grail restored grease bearing 301. It's currently fitted to a Vinylista plinth with an Ortofon 309d and the combo sounds very good, but I'm interested in trying the 301 in a solid plinth that can accommodate a 9" and 12"...
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    FS: Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD Player w/ New Transport & Laser

    Original owner selling 9/10 condition Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD player in silver/black. Still considered one of the most musically satisfying redbook CD players. The unit comes with an Audience AU24 din to RCA interconnect, burndy to connect head unit to power supply and original wood shipping...
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    Audiophile Friendly Electrician in NJ

    I need to install dedicated lines and possibly other electrical enhancements to my listening room and am seeking an electrician in the NJ area who "gets it." Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks.
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    Absorption from 100 hz - 2000 khz

    Hi All, my first post here. I recently had my horns installed in my dedicated listening room and the system is now oriented 180 degrees from my previous setup. The horn builder took some measurements and strongly recommended installing absorption covering 100 hz - 2000 khz. The puppy barking...

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