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    Vinyl Bars/Audiophile Bars/Japanese Jazz Cafe's

    Have any of you built and/or run a Vinyl Bar? I have read about Japanese Jazz Bar's/Cafe's in the past and been quite interested in knowing more about them. In my own country (England) there are few examples: 1. Brilliant Corners, London: DJ plays Vinyl and Valves through Klipschorns, new...
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    Definition of Analog/Analogue

    Just noticed one definition of "Analog" by Merriam-Webster as "being the same as", or "analogous". I think they are saying that listening to an analog/analogue playback is analogous to listening to a live event. I do not seem to be able to find that definition under digital however?
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    This hobby of ours

    I read a pretty good description of us in an Esquire article: and ask our members, do we hear something that others do not? The article also mentions an audiophile with a dedicated room in Norfolk...
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    Differentiating and allocating improvements to turntable vs tonearm

    I have upgraded my Garrard 301 greatly with solid brass chassis, new bearing, oversized brass platter, plinth of Panzerholz and new Reed 5A tangential tonearm. I plan to write up what changes I find when back. When I listen to it and write up my findings, how do I determine which...

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