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    I would be interested to hear if anyone has experience with Gigawatt power chords. They have received some favorable reviews and still seem to be reasonably priced.
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    432 Evo Aeon

    Does anyone have experience with this server (or other models of the brand)?
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    Cartridge for Triplanar arm?

    Dear All, I would be interested in suggestions for a new cartridge which would work well on a Triplanar arm. I currently have a Tranfi Proteus but would like to try something new. A Dynavector XV–1s come to my mind but there must be other options. Would perhaps an Etsuro Urushi work? Any...
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    Experiences with longer speaker cables

    Hello, I would be interested in hearing about practical experiences with, and recommendations for, longer speaker cables. Our living/audio room is currently being refurbished and I am thinking about moving the audio gear to a rack on the long side wall. Preferably (from an interior decoration...

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