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    Experience with Burmester 911 as monoblocks

    Hello, My living room is 19 x 24 feet x 15 feet high. I'm very much enjoying my present system, and am considering adding a 2nd 911 into the system. My gear is all inside a cabinet, so there are space limitations. If I added a 2nd 911, there would only be 1-2 inches of space above each amp. Does...
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    Alexx concerns

    I upgraded from Alexia v1 to the Alexx a few months ago. Despite break in and professional alignment of drivers and positioning, I'm not really satisfied with the sound. In particular: A- The bass is very subdued compared to the Alexias. Its there, but its very much in the background. Even...
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    FS: Ayre K5 xe-mp pre-amp

    Purchased new in 2009. Silver. Mint condition Comes with warranty and manuals Asking price=$2000
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    FS: Ayre MXR monoblocks

    Ayre's flagship amplifiers as monoblocks. Purchased new in 2011. Mint condition with original pouches,warranty and manuals. Size=11W x18.75D x 3.75H each Retail=19K Sale price=$10,500 Shipping costs negotiable. PM me if interested.
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    Basic questions regarding benefits of ripping SACD's

    As a digital neophyte with regards to understanding anything close to what Brice does about digital audio, I've followed the recent threads on this forum with interest. I'm hoping that I'm not the only one with some fundamental questions which include: 1) What are the benefits of ripping an...
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    SACD or 24;96 downloads?

    I've invested in a nice 2 channel audio system, and listen to mostly popular music via computer-based server and primarily ripped CD's + a few downloads. I've purchased a number of MFSL audiophile hybrid-SACD discs over the years, but I have no SACD player, so listen to their redbook layer...
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    When is Hi-Res not really Hi-Res?

    As an avid music fan and fan of this forum, I've read many of the threads and posts regarding the "uncertain purity" if you will, of hi-resolution files. Most of the graphs, DVD, DSD, SACD stuff is really way over my head. What I really want to know is whether 24 bit music that I'm paying a...
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    Hi from San Ramon, CA

    Hi all, Awesome forum you've got going here. Glad to be a part of it. Barry

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