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    Kondo Overture

    I am considering a version1 of this integrated amplifier. Does anybody have any experiences with this amp? Problems of any kind? Should be a very high quality device, any feedback is welcome. I have the Tobian Acoustics 12 FH horn speakers so power is not an issue of course. JP
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    New series from Kaiser Acoustics

    These are the first pics of the largest model in Kaiser Acoustics new, more affordable speaker line. Its name is from what I know Furioso. This is the 30K Euro model. It will make its world premiere in Toulouse, France 17-19/11. More information will come later, this is a sneak preview :).
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    Reviewers equipment

    I have briefly touched on this topic earlier in another thread, but I am curious to know what others members are thinking. I read many printed and online magazines and have done so for years. Many times I see reviewers that writes about equipment that are a lot more sophisticated and more...
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    Kawero speakers from Kaiser Acoustics

    Hi. I am starting a new thread for owners and maybe potential owners of these very special speakers from Germany. I just received my Kawero Classic and I have used with great pleasure their smaller Chiara previously. My system is described in my signatur and I am lucky to have a dedicated...
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    For those with interest in CH; Friday I received my D1 and X1 and connected them to my C1. I am using the CH link between the D1 and C1. Cold and right out the box these units sounded extremely good and it has improved during the weekend. It will be awesome. Well, it is already.... Even...
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    CH Precision control app

    Hi. I would like to receive some information on this app from CH Precision owners. I need to buy an Andriod Tablet only for this, but before I do that I would like to hear some user experiences. I have the C1, D1 and X1. Thanks. JP
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    JP`s system

    Some info: Dedicated listening room app 4,5 m wide and 5,5 m long with 2,3 ceiling hight. Acoustic treatments by Kaiser Acoustics; 2 x large Spline diffusors and 2 x Leading Edge Panels. Wooden floor, panel on the wall. The ceiling is treated with acoustic panels as well. Electronics...
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    High Fidelity Cables

    Hi. Can anyone share their experiences with these cables? They come in three different series. I would like to hear about their IC, speaker cables etc. Also build quality, what systems they are used in etc. And, comparisons with other cable brands if possible. I have read a lot of positive...

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