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    Lamm LL2.1 recommended replacement tubes

    I haven't changed the tubes yet in the Lamm LL2.1 preamp I recently acquired and since the previous owner wasn't sure about how old the tubes were I would like to replace them now. When I purchased the preamp I had the owner send it directly to the Lamm factory shop to have it tested and...
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    Low ceiling (8') treatment

    My room is 17.5"W x 22.5"L x 7.8'H I have expanded from 2 separate rooms to one large room. The walls/ceiling are still open. From what I understand, my low 8' ceiling is the biggest problem. From what I understand, the frequency issues I will have are from 160Hz and below. I was hoping to fill...
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    Technics SP10 MK3 Restoration

    Just got my SP10 MK3 base (motor unit & controller) back from JP at JP is one of the most knowledgeable on the SP10 MK3 and is the one who designed and manufactures the MN6042 Speed Control chip that keeps these and other Technics turntable models still operating. My SP10 MK3...
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    Suggestions in search for used LL2.1

    I'm in the US and I have been searching for some time for a nice used LL2.1 preamp without luck, until about 2 weeks ago when a whatsbest member answered my LL2.1 add on this site. Thought my search was over, this person told me he wanted to move up to the LL1.1 Signature, he had already done...
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    Tube preamp suggestions under $11K, new/used

    I have just upgraded my Zesto Andros 1.2 phonostage to the Andros Deluxe 2 and it will be burning in this weekend. Also, I want to upgrade my Zesto Leto 1.5 preamp. If I stayed with the Zesto line, the upgrade would be to the Leto Ultra II which retails for $11K. Ken Micallef wrote a very...
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    Vacuum type RCMs, what do you use for a wetting agent in your final rinse?

    Would like to know what would be the least disruptive wetting agent to use and a good mixture ratio with distilled water? I am just about done putting my vintage Keith Monks Gemini (dual platter) RCM back together after completely modding/upgrading it. I've had it for a few decades and fought...
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    Glue from RTI paper/poly inner sleeve contaminating records

    I have a number of Cisco, Classic Records, Analog Production etc. records that were pressed at RTI previous to 2009 when RTI used an inner sleeve made up of an outer paper jacket with a poly lining. This was held together with a glue line about an inch from the edge of the sleeve on each side...
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    Need SP10 MK3 platter removal tools, buy or borrow

    I just purchased an SL1000 MK3 online and I need the platter center disc remover and the pair of threaded platter support handles so that the seller can properly take apart the turntable for shipping. Also, suggestions for best way to pack this table would be greatly appreciated. I have had...
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    SoundSmith Paua or Sussurro?

    Curious what the differences between the SoundSmith Paua and Sussurro cartridges are? Are they the same basic cartridge, with the Paua having an aluminum cantilever with nude contact line stylus and the Sussurro having the ruby cantilever with 'optimized contour' nude contact line stylus? I...
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    Cartridge suggestions for FR64 tonearm

    Been out of the loop for quite a few years due to some 'life' events, with system in storage. I have been able to pull my system from storage, and last year worked enough overtime to upgrade or purchase new equipment, but I have not upgraded my turntable/tonearm/cartridge yet, but plan to...

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