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    Peter A.’s System: A Perspective on Natural Sound

    This is a continuation of my report on the experience of listening to Peter A.’s system. For his system, see: In this post, I will try to define, from my perspective, what is a central part of the essence of Peter’s Natural Sound...
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    A Visit to Hear Vlad's System

    After return to some post-pandemic normalcy, recently I listened again to the system of WBF member Vlad (VLS). While with some reservations I had liked the system on previous occasions, now a year later I listened to some of the best sound I had ever heard from a system. This is a remarkable...
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    SETs and Horns

    There has been a lot of enthusiasm expressed on WBF about SETs and horns. Some passionate advocacy in discussions might even cause an impression that there are only advantages to this type of systems, no drawbacks. So apart from questions of practicality, such as size of horns, WAF and money to...
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    Breathtaking 4K video shows Mars in ultra-high definition

    See: Another perhaps even more exciting video:
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    Lunar Rover Footage Upscaled With AI: Spectacular

    Lunar Rover Footage Upscaled With AI Is as Close as You'll Get to the Experience of Driving on the Moon I like this video from the series even better (even though it has a picture interruption): Apollo 16 in 60fps: Rover Traverse To Station 13 Just spectacular.
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    Top 30 Most Expensive Items Sold In Discogs Marketplace For February 2020
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    Audiophile power cords vs. the cables in your walls

    The manual of the Schiit Yggdrasil DAC, version 1, states in the list of DAC connections: 9 Power Cord. Plug the end of the supplied IEC cord in here. You can also use fancy audiophile types, but they won’t really do anything—what about the thousands of feet of crap copper cables in your walls...
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    The 15 most awe-inspiring space images of the decade
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    Interesting turntable

    ...or not:
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    This climate problem is bigger than cars and much harder to solve

    The EV thread inspired me to post a link to this article:
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    When Jupiter was young, a massive planet likely slammed into it Last paragraph: "That makes the case for the giant impact much stronger," Helled said. "It seems that such violent impacts were very common in the young solar system and interestingly, they played an important role...
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    Octave HP 700 preamplifier: Listening impressions

    My system with Octave HP 700 preamp Upper shelf: Octave HP 700 preamp / external power supply for preamp / Simaudio Moon Neo 260 DT CD Transport (transmitting signal to DAC via MIT SL-Matrix Plus AES/EBU digital cable) Lower shelf: Schiit Yggdrasil Analog 2 DAC / Tripp Lite 1000HG isolation...
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    MSB Reference DAC: Review Mono & Stereo

    Here: Finally a useful review, at least in my opinion. Of everything I have read about the new generation MSB DACs, this account gives me by far the clearest picture of what might be so special about their sonic...
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    Online reviews will never help you find the “best” product. That doesn’t mean they aren’t useful.

    Subtitle: You’re using product reviews all wrong.
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    The best doesn’t exist. A psychologist explains why we can’t stop searching.

    Psychologist Barry Schwartz on the allure of a doomed mission:
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    Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs

    Recently I bought these: Highly recommended. After trying them out at home in front of my system, I used them when watching the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" in our local cinema yesterday. These earplugs don't muffle the sound, they just make...
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    Review: Sound Anchors Signature speaker stands

    Recently I received my new speaker stands from Sound Anchors for my Reference 3A Reflector monitors (for speaker review, see here; for my system components, see here). It's the top Signature line, and custom-made to specifications. I chose the...
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    Footers under tube amp

    This is a continuation from the discussion on the thread: Review: Reference 3A Reflector monitors The discussion had been about perceived deleterious affects of Herbie's Tenderfirm rubber feet under my amp on imaging and timbre. Yesterday I tested the footers again. I started with Alfred...
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    Review: Reference 3A Reflector monitors

    Reference 3A Reflector monitors in my system The flagship monitor from Reference 3A The Reflector monitor is considered by Reference 3A as their pinnacle of technological achievement. A main reason for this, next to a new custom driver for this model, is the extremely rigid...
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    Telescope Upgrade Produces Stunningly Clear Views of Space

    Totally amazing:
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    8-Year-Old Fan Nails Drum Part of Led Zeppelin's 'Good Times Bad Times,' Earns Robert Plant's Praise
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    Peanuts Gang Singing "2112" by: Rush
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    Tone controls?

    Article on We Don’t Need No Education…We Don’t Need No Tone Controls…
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    My monitor/subwoofer system

    This thread is a continuation of: My minimonitor/subwoofer system Already my last speakers, the Reference 3A MM DeCapo BE, were a little big to be called "minimonitors", and the current ones certainly are, given the substantial depth of the cabinet (see image below). Therefore I adjusted the...
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    Reviewing audio gear

    A very good post by a reviewer about audio reviewing on Computer Audiophile: Interesting what he says about human nature and that all those biases are not conscious or deliberate.
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    Schiit Yggdrasil DAC and MQA

    This is a continuation of the MQA discussion from: Comparison: Schiit Yggdrasil DAC vs. Berkeley Alpha DAC 2 *** Davey, a couple of points here: 1. You report that MQA was so much better than the standard file in the event you attended. It may very well be that the standard files were...
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    Comparison: Schiit Yggdrasil DAC vs. Berkeley Alpha DAC 2

    This thread will be about a comparison of two DACs: 1. Schiit Yggdrasil DAC 2. Berkeley Alpha DAC 2 Both were heard by several WBF members in my system whose impressions will be posted below. The Schiit Yggdrasil DAC ('Yggy') with fixed output was run through a Pass B1 buffered passive...
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    Beauty, Audio, and Money

    A continuation on issues that were discussed here recently.
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    An AXPONA 2017 highlight: BorderPatrol/Triode Wire Labs/Volti Audio

    A belated report, since right after the AXPONA show I went on vacation to Europe, but now I'm back. Among other great sounds at AXPONA 2017 (for a good part experienced together with WBF member Madfloyd [Ian] and his wife Linda), for me personally the highlight was the room with BorderPatrol...
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    ZenWave Audio D4 Interconnect

    Recently I had the fortunate opportunity to hear the ZenWave Audio D4 Interconnect, manufactured by WBF member DaveC, in Madfloyd's highly resolving system. I was struck by how good orchestral massed violins sounded, as well as string quintet. My Monster Sigma 2000 cable -- a design licensed...

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