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    Sound generator with other speakers

    From reading a little about the new Gina system it seems that it comprises: the Gina mains, multiple subs and a Sound Generator (SG). I’m familiar with the multiple subs approach and so it’s the SG that intrigues me. ( I assume it is the source of the second stream that you refer to in the...
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    Wing Acoustics

    I’m starting this thread after having made reference to this company in the Alsyvox thread. The 2 founders of the company have developed what AFAIK is a completely new type of audio transducer, the acoustic wing. It creates sound ( air vibrations) by the wing being hinged along one of its long...
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    Speakers to hear at Munich?

    Personally I’m looking forward to hearing the Alysvox and Bayz. Which ones will you make a point of hearing?
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    Beolab 50

    I'm looking forward to reading reports from people who have heard both these and the 90s. They feature most of the same technology as used in the 90s.
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    Where do I go from here?

    A couple of years ago I acquired a Modwright Truth Transporter Platinum Edition. My digital music library is on a dedicated server and consists of CDs that I've ripped and uploaded using iTunes running on an old Apple iBook. This system produces the best digital 16/44 I've ever heard (bear in...

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