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    ZYX Ultimate Dynamic with Accuphase C47 without Step-Up ?

    Hello, Someone knows if I can connect ZYX Ultimate Dynamic cartridge with Accuphase C47 without an additional Step-Up ? Thank you very much Ultimate DYNAMIC Technical Data Type Moving Coil (Dynamic) “REAL STEREO” Generator System Cryogenic Treatment Temperature: -196 ℃ (-320оF)...
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    Flux 50 NCF (G) for Gold - new product from Furutech

    Hi guy, I received yesterday my Flux 50 NCF (G). Flux 50 NCF (G) for Gold is a new product from Furutech. I replaced the Flux 50 NCF (R) by Flux 50 NCF (G). The sound seems to be warmer. I have mode details and the voices are warmer. Guitars and violins are natural. The power cable is a Hijiri...
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    Hijiri Takumi

    I have received the Hijiri Takumi at home this morning before 10 O'clock. Impatient I am, so I have connected immediately. And just I can say, it's...I am very dissapointed to have bought Hijiri Nagomi.... ( but don't be worry, it's just a joke ). First : The Hijiri Takumi has nothing to do...
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    Mark Levinson N360S

    Hi all, I have a very old DAC : Mark Levinson N360S. I search an upgrade, but it's a big question... I play it with an Esoteric K-03XS and an Grimm CC1 Clock. Esoteric is connected with a Furutech Flux 50 NCF. Grimm CC1 Clock is connected with a Furutech Flux 50 NCF. I can not connect Mark...
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    Hijiri Nagomi

    Hello, I have connected Hijiri Nagomi with my preamplifier Jeff Rowland Corus... It's a very good cable for its price. It is very musical. I have bought one to test if. It's a very good surprise.
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    Home theater with Magnepan

    Just have received my Magnepan CCR and LRS for rear...just very happy... I have 3.7i in front.
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    Furutech Nanoflux NCF C19

    Hi all, I have just received my Furutech Nanoflux NCF C19 with schuko. I listen it since only 5 days. I must expect at least 70 hours for cable burn in. I think I have just only 40 hours for the moment. First impression : this cable in the first hours is very strange. Now, I can say that it's a...
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    Furutech NCF Booster

    I just took 6 Signal Boosters and 3 NCF Boosters. I took risks, but hey, if we don't try. I started by putting 1 signal booster per speaker at the speaker cables (about 20/30 cm from the speakers): I had a little more details, a more detailed sound. It's light, but you can hear it. I added a...
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    Furutech Flux 50 NCF

    Hello, Anyone has tested the Furutech Flux 50 NCF ? I have bought one for my Jeff Rowland CORUS. Ohhh, I don't believe what I listen....This product is a big improvment in my system. It's a astonishing product....The sound is more spacious and big 3D !!! So I have bought a second and...
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    Moon Audio 860 or Jeff Rowland 625 ?

    I have actually Jeff Rowland 625 and search to improve my system. I have Infinity Kappa 100. Moon Audio 860 is it a good choice ? Thanks
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    Jeff rowland model 625 or accuphase a200

    Hello Everybody, I have a good opportunity to change my Model 625 by a paar of Accuphase A-200. I don't listen them because the store keeps them new in the packaging. So, have you compared them ? Thanks I have a premaplifier Corus and Infinity Kappa 100. Thanks
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    Hello, I'm from France

    Hello everybody. I'm live in France. I'm sorry for my english. New here. Good week-end Thanh-Binh

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