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    "Exclusive" find

    I have found something rather "Exclusive" that I am quite excited about. I have found a complete drive system for an Exclusive P10 (same motor and controller as the legendary P3) in perfect condition for a quite nice price. I already have a nice 12 inch arm that I can mate with it and the...
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    Violin videos: solo or with small ensemble

    Some Itzahk Perlman
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    Trumpet videos

    Just thought it would be nice to get some trumpet videos out there as I love jazz (and classical) trumpet. Here is one: Would like to hear from others!
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    Highly relevant article (and sidebars) on the problems with different electronic circuits on sound quality Really cool article that talks about the issues with distortions and sound quality caused by a lot of the most commonly used circuit types in audio. Like for example, the fact that a symmetrical amplifier...
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    Iphone is easily overloaded

    I was making some Iphone recordings today that sounded great in the room but the peaks on the recording were quite harsh. The levels were not quiet but also not ear bleeding loud. The recordings were fairly dynamic though (well recorded Jazz trumpet) and the blats from the horns, which sounded...
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    Aries Cerat on demo at the Swiss High End show on October 26th and 27th

    All those in Europe interested in hearing the Aries Cerat sound can join us on the 26th and 27th of October at the Swiss High End show. This is held at the Movenpick Hotel in Regensdorf, Switzerland. By chance, I live very close to the show and will have an Apero Saturday all...
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    Swiss High End 2019: 26th and 27th of October

    Dear European WBF members (and anyone else who fancies a trip to Switzerland). We will again be presenting at this year's Swiss High End show in the Movenpick hotel in lovely Regensdorf (about 300 meters from my home). On demo this year will be the following: Aries Cerat Genus integrated...
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    Interesting slide deck about horn history and design

    Very interesting presentation given by Mr. L'cleach (of JMLC horn fame) I am currently using a constant directivity elliptical horn but a JMLC or Minphase horn look interesting.
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    Great plains Audio 604 coax drivers...the best coax ever?

    I heard a pair of these some years ago and was deeply impressed with what they can do. Also, there is a youtube video from Kenrick sound (they make properly high quality iphone or samsung) of a pair that is frankly pretty awesome sounding. Given their pretty reasonable price...
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    Magico Ultimate III

    Who of you has heard this beheamoth? I heard it a couple of times in Munich and it was of course quite impressive in some ways; however, they were using Pass amps (not idea for horns, IMO) and I felt tonality was not that that time. Has anyone heard them in a private setting (there...
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    VPI Anniversary HW-40 direct drive TT

    Just wanted to post a bit of feedback on this TT as we had it in-house for about a week for demos. It came to us with the new gimbal arm and the new Van den hul Black Crimson cartridge. The result was really superb with depth, punch and drive. There was no dryness that can sometimes be heard...
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    Diesis Audio Roma uses a BMS coaxial driver

    I was reading about the Diesis Roma and they highlight that they are using a coaxial compression driver from 600-20Khz. They claimed, somewhat incorrectly, IMO, that other 2 inch drivers cannot get to 20Khz (ok it is mostly true but a Beyma CP750Ti can get really close) but their's being...
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    First trials of active horn speaker

    Fired up one channel yesterday... Crossed at 650hz with 2nd order Butterworth. Horn gain is reduced by 14db compared to 96db Fostex driver!
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    For you horn guys: What kind of compression driver are you using for high frequencies? Why that choice (if you know...)

    I am curious what kinds of high frequency horn drivers are being used in either commercial or DIY horn systems. I am also curious, if you know, why that particular driver/horn combination was chosen. For my Odeons it is a Beyma CP350Ti and I think either a spherical or round Tractrix horn...
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    Minidsp nanodigi8

    So, I have ordered a Minidsp nanodigi8 to play with. This is a digital in /digital out DSP device that can act as a digital crossover with digital outputs. This is cool because i can then use my own DACs for the final processing, which is a far better solution than something like the Behringer...
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    Example of a SET with a poor measurements (caused by poor OPT choice?) Sadly, I think this amp gives SET a bad name in some ways. It has a rather pronounced bass hump with 211s (+3db) and somewhat less with 845s (+1db). It starts rolling off before 20khz and has...
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    Swiss High End Show

    Dear Audiophile friends, On the 27th and 28th of October is the Swiss High End show. My company, SoundCastles, will be demoing in two rooms. Our lineup will include the following: Room 1: Aries Cerat Diana Forte, Impera II, Talos II, VPI + Kiseki cart and Dynamikks Monitor 10SL speakers. Cables...
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    Anyone see Nelson Pass's new 2nd harmonic generator on Positive Feedback? Anyone tried it?

    It is interesting that Nelson has come up with something like this; however, I doubts that this goes to the heart of addressing the difference between SET designs and Push/pull designs. It makes two assumptions: 1) That the injection of 2nd order harmonic all by itself is the answer to systems...
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    Anyone using the HDPlex 200 watt DC power supply for their NUC, NAS or streamer?

    I am considering this as an upgrade to the PC laptop style power supply I have for my Bluesound Vault streamer/NAS. The HDPlex has multiple output voltages and looks to be taking high end amplifier principles for a power supply concept. Obviously, for my 12 volt NAS this is overkill (or is...
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    Acapella La Campanella MK2 speakers: opinions?

    Who has heard these speakers and what did you think of the smallest "horn" from Acapella. It seems like a very nice speaker and it is interesting that they take the horn down to 700Hz, so it covers the upper midrange and not just the highs above 1.5-2Khz. In a moderate sized room based on...
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    My favorite rooms at Munich (High end and Hifi Deluxe)

    The first thing that struck me this year was that most of the horn systems at the show were in pretty bad form. It is disappointing as I love a good horn and own horns but I had to admit that most were delivering in one way or another colored and/or overall poor sound. Cessaro: Big purple...
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    Reed turntables at Munich

    I thought that the rooms with Reed TTs (Zellaton and Odeon/NAT) sounded quite good. Not sure how much was due to the vinyl spinner but at least no harm.
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    Just read the Fremer review of the Ypsilon Hyperion...interesting

    First, I am really surprised that no one is talking about this rather interesting amp on this it just because no one has heard it? I heard it in Munich and thought it quite good. What I find most interesting is that in many ways it measures like a good SET, with a linear (Log/log...
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    To Ron: The answer to your amp question

    Don't know if you have made an actual financial commitment yet to amplifiers but consider this development from Aries Cerat: 250W Class A OTL! 120KG per monoblock...Lots of 6C19PI tubes (great sounding little power tube...from that Russian low output...
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    Horning Eufrodite: Near state of the art or just so so?

    I am looking for opinions on the Horning Eufrodite, in particular the latest Ellipse model but all opinions on the speakers are welcome. How do they compare to horns of similiar sensitivity? Where do they fall short of SOTA:?
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    Mark Levinson No31 or No 37 cd transports

    Hi All, I am looking for a top notch cd transport to feed the Aries Cerat Kassandra DAC. What experience do you have with either of the two mentioned ML cd transports? How do they compare to the better ones from C.E.C or Metronome (for example)?
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    Mastersound Due Undici: nice sounding little firecracker

    I picked up one of these to drive my Decware HDTs for late night listening, which will be up in my Attic room. At first I thought that i had made a mistake because in hooking it up to my big Odeons it was quite lightweight in the bass, a bit glary/glassy and ocassionally peaky on top. Also...
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    Amps for Ron to consider

    Hi Ron, In your ongoing queries please have a look at these: 200 watt OTLs from KR Audio using the 842VHD triode. Or these...
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    Come see us at the show! Swiss high end, November 4,5

    Dear All, I am posting to let you know that there will be a show at the beginning of November in Regensdorf, Switzerland (Swiss High End) and my company, Soundcastles klg, will be demoing a full Aries Cerat system, minus speakers (speakers will be provided by the German company Dynamikks!). We...
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    Swiss High End Show: November 4,5 at Mövenpick Hotel in Regensdorf Switzerland

    Dear All, I am posting to let you know that there will be a show at the beginning of November in Regensdorf, Switzerland (Swiss High End) and my company, Soundcastles klg, will be demoing a full Aries Cerat system, minus speakers (speakers will be provided by the German company Dynamikks!). We...

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