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  1. cat6man

    MSB Direct

    Has anyone heard this yet? I meant MSB Discrete, sorry. (anyone know how to edit subject line which should also say discrete, not direct? i had totaldac discrete...
  2. cat6man

    Outdoor cabinet for electronics - suggestions?

    Hi, I want to create an outdoor cabinet for some audio equipment that can stay outside the entire year (rain, snow, etc). My current setup has 'speakerstones' on the patio wired to a waterproof electrical box containing speaker connections, wires running under the patio in conduit...
  3. cat6man

    Lessloss firewall

    Has anyone experimented with the Lessloss Firewall module current conditioning unit? This looks like a potentially cost effective tweak. What say you all?
  4. cat6man

    stabilizing Nola Metro Grand - footers or something else?

    My Nola Metro Grand speakers are wonderful sounding but I'm wondering how much I might improve things mechanically. The living room oak floor in my 85 year old house has a lot of give and certainly bounces a bit when walking around the room. I'm using the supplied Nola spikes on the hardwood...
  5. cat6man

    ethernet isolation

    anyone have experience using an ethernet isolation device to clean up noise on the ethernet input to a streamer? someone mentioned, on an audio website somewhere, that the devices are common on medical equipment to keep out noise.
  6. cat6man

    Amp recommendations for Nola Metro Grand speakers

    Hi, I've just emptied the piggybank, upgrading to Nola Metro Grand II speakers and a TotalDAC D1-Dual. My current amps are VTL 300 deluxe monoblocks which have two problems as I see it. Number 1 is that they do not support balanced inputs, and that is obligatory for the TotalDAC (well, I...
  7. cat6man

    breakthrough? (correcting phase error in DAC)

    the latest absolute sound mentions a new Soulution DAC with 'phase correction' that is the new BREAKTHROUGH paradigm for digital playback. supposedly, on/off tests for the soulution DAC with and without 'phase correction' is "insert your favorite term for &*! unbelievable here". any ideas...
  8. cat6man

    SoTM mini-server sMS-100

    Now that I've settled on the TotalDAC D1-Dual, the next step is to optimize the usb feed. I found the USB from JRiver on my w7 laptop was a big improvement over the spdif/coax output of my logitech Touch. However, I don't want to give up my logitech media server or the apps i use over wifi to...
  9. cat6man

    DAC volume control conundrum

    Hi folks, I'm upgrading my system and have been on a DAC search for a few months now. I'll regale you with the saga sometime in the future, but right now I need some help/advice. I'm down to two DACs, the TotalDAC D1-dual and an MSB platinum (options TBD). Until I heard the D1-dual, the...

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