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  1. gfroman

    BiWire Heaven!!

    Ok, this is kind of fun! I'm currently selling a couple sets of Transparent Reference MM2 and XL speaker cables I acquired recently. While I await for a lucky buyer to come along, I decided to swap out my Audioquest Thunderbird cables for these 2 sets. My MBL 101E speakers require 2 sets of...
  2. gfroman

    New Power Conditioner in the System

    Got this High Fidelity PRO Helix Signature Power Conditioner burning in currently. This is one serious conditioner!!
  3. gfroman

    New System Updates

    Couple of shots of the new System with new Jeff Rowland 925 amps and EMM Labs DV2 DA/Preamp additions. Now for some music and movies!!
  4. gfroman

    New Guitar!!

    Incoming Rickenbacker 381v69
  5. gfroman

    My Porsche Weekend Project

    Sunday project. Got my Porsche factory tinted GT3RS tail lights installed today. I had to remove the entire spoiler assembly just to access the 2 torx mounting screws for each light. Took about an hour, but no big deal. I am not sure if I will keep the clear lights or sell them. It would be like...
  6. gfroman

    Sony PHA-3 DAC/Headphone/IPod amplifier

    Sony PHA-3 portable DAC/Headphone/IPod amplifier. Retail = $1000, SALE = $500 The DA/Amp is in excellent condition (Like new) and barely been used. It comes with all the cables, paperwork and in its original box. Sony PHA-3 (Black) Digital Cable for Walkman Digital Cable for Xperia...
  7. gfroman

    High Fidelity Cables - Ultimate Reference Helix power cable

    Ultimate Reference Helix power cable from High Fidelity Cables. Retail $13000, SALE = $4400 Ultimate Reference Helix is our flagship consumer series product. These products are for audiophiles looking for the utmost in clarity. Helix delivers our highest level of Magnetic Conduction...
  8. gfroman

    Boulder 1021 CD/DA/Streamer Player

    Boulder 1021 CD/DA/Streamer Player. LIKE NEW - Condition! $9000 OBO, Retail $25,000!!! Manual, remote, boxes, etc. Pet and smoke free environment. It is in pristine condition. I doubt that you could tell it from a new unit. Has been used primarily as a network player so that the...
  9. gfroman

    2014 Turbo S

    I traded my 08 Z06 for this 2014 Turbo S. Stock pics, but mine is identical. Thank God to depreciation!!
  10. gfroman

    FS - ESOTERIC D-02 DA/Preamp

    I am reluctantly selling my ESOTERIC D-02 DA/Preamp Extremely rare to find on the used market. Retail Price:$23,500, Sale = $9000 This is Esoteric's flagship DA/Preamp at over 60% of the new cost!! Can be run directly to your amp and used as a preamp, comes with a very nice remote...
  11. gfroman

    FS - High Fidelity CT-1 Speaker Cables and CT-1E Enhanced Interconnects 65% Off!!

    High Fidelity CT-1 Speaker Cables - 5ft. Pair (with spades or bananas) Incredible performance that will equal any cable at any price. Cost $3000, SALE = $SOLD : 60% Off!! Also - High Fidelity CT-1E Enhanced, 2meter, Interconnect Cables - ($4000) SALE $SOLD
  12. gfroman

    ***AUDIOQUEST - EVEREST - Dual 72v (144v) DPS Extremely RARE and 75% Off!!!

    ***AUDIOQUEST - EVEREST - Dual 72v (144v) DPS One of the finest cables in the World!! Dual 72v (144v) DPS packs on each cable - Extremely RARE!!! 5ft pair, Silver spades. Retail $12000 , SALE = $SOLD - That's 75% Off!!
  13. gfroman

    ***WireWorld GOLD ECLIPSE - Speaker Cables - 80% OFF!!!

    Wireworld Gold Eclipse, Cost $4000, SALE = $SOLD!!! Uniquely sized 22 inch pair of Wireworld Gold Eclipse speaker cables with WBT Silver bananas. These are perfect for mono block amps and sonically are among the best speaker cables we have heard. A terrific deal at 80% off!!! Can email pics!
  14. gfroman

    BOULDER 1012 DA/Preamp 50% Off!! + DEMO's

    Incredible 50 % off on BOULDER state of the art Preamp/DA! 1012 DA/Preamp ($22000) SALE $10500 l!! 1060 Amp ($24000) SALE $SOLD l!! The 1012 was purchased directly from Boulder Amp about a year ago - mint condition. The 1060 was purchased a fews year ago - also excellent condition. ***new...
  15. gfroman

    ***DYNAUDIO Confidence C1 Mk II Speakers - NEW!

    DYNAUDIO Confidence C1 Mk II - SOLD New in the box. Latest drivers and crossovers. The best monitor in the world!! New Price $8000, SALE = $SOLD. Stands available at extra cost.
  16. gfroman

    ***BOULDER AMP + Preamp + DEMO SALE!!!!

    Incredible 50 % off on BOULDER state of the art Preamp/DA! 1012 DA/Preamp ($22000) SALE $10500 l!! 1060 Amp ($24000) SALE $SOLD l!! The 1012 was purchased directly from Boulder Amp about a year ago - mint condition. The 1060 was purchased a fews year ago - also excellent condition. ***new...
  17. gfroman


    NEW Condition PURIST AUDIO DESIGN - CANORUS power cords 1.5 Meter, Latest Praesto Revision, still in factory package bag! The Purist Canorus Cables is the pinnacle of cable technology. Designed to be the new "Gold Standard" for audio cables, the ground-breaking Purist will surpass even the...
  18. gfroman

    EVOLUTION Acoustics/BOULDER System

    ***UPDATED Photos Main - Living Room System : Evolution Acoustics MM3 speakers Pioneer Elite PRO151FHD 60" plasma with Premier Mount AM3 Articulating Arm Oppo 95 with the Reference Tube Modification upgrade by ModWright Instrumants BluRay/Universal Player with Marigo Labs MYSTERY FEET...

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