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  1. musicfirst1

    Dialing in your Subwoofer Crossover with your Main Speakers

    Gentle People While I am really happy with location of my Rel Gibraltar G1s, I have played with the crossover from 30hz to 80hz. The differences are not huge to my ear. Am I using the wrong recordings? What recording(s) should I use? What do I listen for?
  2. musicfirst1

    GREAT Overview of (Virtually) All Vibration Isolation Products

    I learned more about the state of the art in Isolation Products in 30 minutes than I have in the last...forever? This is so well done, I didn't want to bury it in the Tweaks forum.
  3. musicfirst1

    Can anyone recommend a good 2wx3h rack for audio show use?

    I have now reached the point where my old 4 high rack won't cut it for our next show. I need a new 3 high x 2 wide rack: It needs to have a 250lb/shelf capacity Adjustable shelves preferred. Extra large component footprints. Easy to assemble and disassemble
  4. musicfirst1

    Kharma's 'New' Enigma Veyron Series. How do they compare to the Exquisites at twice the price?

    Kharma Fanboy here... Loved the Kharma line since its inception. The Grand Ceramique was awesome as was everything in the Exquisite line I've heard. The message was all about the music. Goosebump inducing every time. Has anyone heard the Enigma Veyrons? How do they compare with the...
  5. musicfirst1

    A Canuck needs help with local pickup and shipping from the Netherlands/Holland near Amsterdam

    "I've always depended on the kindness of Strangers" - A Streetcar Named Desire Hello All I have found a pair of rare speakers that I have been looking for for years located near Amsterdam. Unfortunately the owner will not take on the task of crating, palletizing and shipping them to me. The...
  6. musicfirst1

    State of the Art Bookshelf/Standmount Speakers

    Hello all. I recently stated looking at bookshelf speakers for my bedroom. I am very impressed with the new KEF LS50 Metas, also thinking about some of the classics from Sonus Faber and Magico, however, my budget could extend up quite away further North than these speakers. Any opinions on...
  7. musicfirst1

    Unhappy with Furutech Banana Plugs: Alternative recommendations?

    I have found it hard to find high quality DIY Banana Plugs. I find Furutechs less than ideal. Any others I should look at would be appreciated.
  8. musicfirst1

    Clever CD Storage Techniques

    Gentle People As my CD collection grows, I'm running out of conventional storage and the overflow goes into small moving boxes. Has anyone found a clever storage method for CD a'la Milk cartons for LPs?
  9. musicfirst1

    Aries Cerat | Ianus Geminae Monoblocks - Has anyone heard these devices?

    I have to admit, the best amplifiers, I've ever heard personally are the Audionet Heisenbergs. They would be my destination amplifiers if I was able to pull the trigger today. However, after hearing the exceptional efforts from Stavros Danos of Aries Creat, I would have to hear the Ianus...
  10. musicfirst1

    Jonathan Valin says the Soulution 760 DAC is the best he's ever heard. Your Thoughts?

    I've heard the Soulution 760 DAC on two or three different occasions. (twice in dedicated systems and once I think at a show.) I've travelled extensively from Chicago and down the Eastern Seaboard and have heard many of the contenders for best (the DCS Vivaldi, the Trinity, the MSB Select; the...
  11. musicfirst1

    Best/Favorite Analog Front End You've Ever Heard?

    Cartridge/Tonearm/Turntable and phono stage if you'd like. The best I've ever heard was the Continuum Audio Labs Setup with the Cobra Arm; although I can't recall the cartridge or phono stage. It was at the CES back in the '00s. Magic. It made me unhappy with my system for months..
  12. musicfirst1

    SPL Audio Voltaire / With 120 Volt Rails - Anyone Heard Them?

    I have a new client that has bought into the 120 volt feature of SPL audio amplifiers. Has anyone heard these amps? Thoughts? Here's their website.
  13. musicfirst1

    Favorite European Push Pull Tube amps of all Time

    Another thread got me thinking on this Mine would be a tie between the Jadis EL34 based amplifiers and the Klimo Linnets.
  14. musicfirst1

    Your Favorite Audio Engineers

    Stan Ricker, Steve Wilson, Steve Hoffman, Kevin Gray, Bob Ludwig come to mind. What are yours?
  15. musicfirst1

    High Level (Main Speaker Output) to Low Level Subwoofer Input Adapter/Step Down Device?

    I have looked, but have been unable to find such a beast. Do they exist? I searched the Jensen Transformer site, but wasn't able to find something to fit the bill.
  16. musicfirst1

    Does Excellent HDMI Video Performance Equate to Similar Audio Performance

    I'm looking to buy a quality HDMI Cable to use in my HT setup. I currently have a SONY UBP-X800 feeding 4K HQR signals to my beloved 65" SONY 4K HDR OLED TV. I've tried and liked the AQ Diamond, but would like to audition others in the $1500 or lower price range. Eventually I'll install my...
  17. musicfirst1

    Most Powerful Amplifier Ever Built?

    Is it the Relentless; the Boulder 3050 or ??
  18. musicfirst1

    A Charlie Brown Christmas; Cantate Domino; Sarah Mclaughlins Wintersong: Are there other Spectacular Christmas Albums?

    Merry Christmas Everyone!! I've listed my three favorite Christmas Albums but would like to add more. Any others that combine epic performances and sonics would be appreciated.
  19. musicfirst1

    Leading Edge/Percussive Bass: Subwoofer Setup: Reference Tracks etc.

    So over the last three years, I've spent hundreds of hours trying to tune the bass response of my System. I originally started out with a pair of Rockport Cygnus and slowly added two, then four, then finally six Rel Gibraltar G1s (connected with high level inputs but no variable phase...
  20. musicfirst1

    A Spectrum Analysis of Your System

    What should a spectrum analysis of white noise played through one's system taken from the main listening chair look like?
  21. musicfirst1

    Does DSP belong in State of the Art Systems?

    I've ordered a MiniDSP 2x4hd to play with. I'm going to play with only the crossover fuction as well as the timing/delay functions. It will sit between my DAC/PRE and one pair of RCAs going to my mains and the other pair going to my subs. I'm hoping/expecting better integration between my subs...
  22. musicfirst1

    Perfect CD Resurfacing. Is it possible?

    Over the years, I have amassed a large collection of CDs SACDs DVD-As etc. Some of them have seen better days and few are perfect surface wise. Is there a method to resurface some of the worst ones, some of which are irreplaceable?
  23. musicfirst1

    Jcat Femto vs Jcat XE Xtreme Edition USB cards: Twice the Performance at Twice the Price?

    Has anyone heard the new Jcat XE? How does it compare to the Jcat Femto?
  24. musicfirst1

    Stars and their Systems.

    Danny Carey; drummer for Tool.
  25. musicfirst1

    High Level Subwoofer Inputs: A Necessary Feature?

    The argument is that high level inputs to one's subwoofer(s) are necessary to keep the character of the mains amplifier(s) to the subs. The argument seems legitimate, but I have never tried low level or LFE inputs. Any thoughts on this?
  26. musicfirst1

    Room Measurement and Software: 2020 Update

    It looks as if this topic hasn't been touched on since 2010-2015. Is Room Eq Wizard still the software of choice? Can anyone recommend a measurement mic that's good from 15Hz to >20k?
  27. musicfirst1

    Briphonic Recordings?

    These seen to be best effort analog/digital recordings. Hi Fidelity Poland likes them, but they're very expensive, and the sound bytes seem very bass heavy. Anyone tried these out? I'd like feedback before greenbacks?
  28. musicfirst1

    Japanese Audio: How do the best compare?

    Kondo, Zanden, Accuphase, Esoteric are all big names and boutique brands are highly regarded. What are your favorite brands and or pieces?
  29. musicfirst1

    John Coltrane best digital and analog releases?

    Been on a Trane kick for the past few weeks. Thinking of buying the Hi Res reissues, but don't want to throw money away I have OP vinyl and early release CDs. What do people think the best releases of Coltrane are?
  30. musicfirst1

    State of the Art Solid State vs SOTA Tubes: Which is Moving Faster?

    I think SOTA Solid State gear has come a long way sonically in the past decade, but I'm not convinced the same is true of Tube designs. Lots of big tube designs have evolved with auto biasing and other tricks, but they sound essentially the same to me as they did twenty or more years ago. Any...

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