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  1. brad225

    How do you configure your UPS

    I asked this basic question on another site and got no response. Sorry if you are seeing it a second time. I just purchased a TrippLite 1500 Smart Online UPS to replace a APC that doesn't produce a pure sign wave. In the past I chose to plug in equipment that is related to the digital...
  2. brad225

    My happy place

    This is the result of years of trying different options not unlike everyone here. I truly believe I can live out my life without changing equipment short of something self destructing. I chose a monochromatic room to not have distractions and the greens as I find them relaxing.
  3. brad225

    If I leave my 610t's then what

    I am now thinking of a change from my 610t's while they have substantial tube life left. I would love to switch to a pair of 750SE but the thought of $5600 per amp for re-tubing is a bit more than I might be willing to live with. What I am curious is what if I move to 250SE or 160M? Will the...
  4. brad225

    Repairs to amps

    I need to have work done on the bias circuits on by ARC 610t amps. I will send them back to Minnesota but if there is a Qualified Tech closer to Florida I would appreciate the suggestion. Thanks Brad
  5. brad225

    Playback Designs Stream-X

    Has anyone used the available Stream-X option for the new Dream or Sonora line products. It will take an ethernet signal from Tidal or Qobuz directly and is Roon ready? In March or shortly after Playback Designs is offering the StreamIF for use with their products. It is the next line of...
  6. brad225

    Crossover Upgrade for CLX

    I am curious to hear from any of you that have listened to Depth i or Descent i subs with CLX's with and without the upgrade to change the crossover slope. I have 4 Depth i subs and don't seem to have an issue I or anyone that has listen has mentioned. I don't know if it will make much...
  7. brad225

    Nos ge 6550a

    I am having trouble finding any GE6550A tubes from a safe known dealer for my ARC REF 40. Do any of have any suggestions? Thanks
  8. brad225

    Replacing my Ref 3

    I currently have a Ref 3 I would like to move up from.. I'm looking for opinions and I know there are plenty of them here. I like ARC equipment and will stay with them. I am looking at used a Ref 5E or Ref 40 Anniversary. The Ref 40 is about $3,000-4000 more. My system currently is PlayBack...
  9. brad225

    Mac or Windows

    I am soon to receive a Playback Designs MPS-5. I have 2 options for computers for the system. I have an older Dell that I can upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 that can stay permanently in the system. I also have a new Mac Book Pro that I can use but will need to remove it from the system for...
  10. brad225

    Lower volume with 610T's

    I have what I think is an abnormal issue and need some others thoughts. I purchased a pair of 610T's to replace my VTM200's. They came from a dealer and were unopened from ARC after having some circuitry upgrades and a couple of resisters replaced after a tube arc took them out. The service...
  11. brad225

    Room frequency plot

    Is there some where that shows the what ideal frequency plots and what would be acceptable look like? I'm a new user of XTZ Pro and wondering just how much more insane I need to drive myself looking for acceptable plots

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