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    Optimal USB isolation

    I've seen many USB DACs stating they incorporate "galvanic isolation" & although correct to some extent, it's a case of the "closing the barn door after the horse has bolted" The reason being that this "galvanic isolation" is performed after the USB receiver which has some effect but is not...
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    Leakage Currents in audio

    I see John Swenson has posted his technique for eliminating leakage currents & guess what - it's effectively the same method recommended by AP that I stated in this closed thread & as practised here by RogerD & others - grounding of chassis between devices. This approach was not plucked out of...
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    Interview with Ciunas Audio

    Interview with John Kenny of Ciúnas Audio here
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    Hear Ciunas Audio at RMAF

    Anybody going to RMAF in October 6th - 8th should drop into the AudioKinesis room 2014 in the Innovation Area where an ISO-DAC will be serving up audio from Roon to a new AudioKinesis speaker. Playback System: Roon & Tidal, Sonic Transport i5, Sonore UltraRendu (powered by Ciúnas ISO-PS)...
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    Dispelling ground myths

    The title refers to this 2007 presentation by Henry Ott called "Audio interconnections & grounding - dispelling the myths" There is also another useful presentation, this time from 2012 by Bill Whitlock "An overview of Audio system grounding & interfacing" I thought it worthwhile to start...
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    Oh no, not Again, Amir

    Just wanted to post this to put an end to Amir's mistakes in taking measurements - I sent this to Alex (uptone) as he has been sucked into that Uptone ISO-Regen thread on ASR "If I was still allowed to post I would put up this note from the AP knowledge base. "Recommended Test System...
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    Auditory Scene Analysis (ASA) explained

    I have mentioned this a number of times before & maybe even done a thread on it before but it bears repeating as it's importance cannot be overestimated when it comes to understanding our connection to the sound of our playback systems. I started a thread on ASA in 2016 on ASR (which Amir...
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    Analogue playback Wander

    I was asked this on another thread but didn't get a chance to fully offer my thoughts This is a question that is often posed & deserves some attempt at a cogent answer So to restate the question - analogue playback is so prone to wander & drift & yet is not particularly noticeable, how then...
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    Close in phase noise

    There's a spin-off thread started on ASR after Mivera's posts about it on another thread which was closed down & I wished to give my views on it here (as I'm banned from ASR) & possibly advance the topic beyond the blinkered mindset on display on ASR. First off this is not covered in any AES...
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    Tour of my optimised USB isolation devices

    I wanted to start a tour of some of my new isolated USB products - ISO-HUB; ISO-PS & two world firsts ISO-SPDIF & ISO-DAC (USB isolated SPDIF converter & DAC, respectively). I tried a tour on here before (in 2012 of my early products) with limited success - not many signed up - will see if...
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    Hi-fi & auditory phenomena

    I know a lot is talked about loss of HF perception as we age but personally I haven't noted this being detrimental to my enjoyment of music. I note the same in others so I take this drop off in HF perception as not of much real importance overall. What I have noticed however is another...
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    What does a "great room" mean?

    In the "what's most important for 'believability'" thread, there's a kind of gentle & mannerly impasse where a number of members that state the room is the just as important an element in believability (depending on the speaker) as the source & electronics. I've not had much experience with...
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    What determines "believability of the reproduction illusion"

    I posted this on a thread about horn speakers after reading Frank's post about tweaking electronics being the most important area for the "believability of the reproduction illusion"
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    Is Auditory perception a learned process or innate?

    Given all the talk about Toole /Olive/Harmon measurements, reviewers, subjectivity, etc. I wanted to get a sampling of people's viewpoints about auditory perception. What I mean by auditory perception is not the physical mechanism of hearing but the neurological processing mechanisms of this...
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    April 2015 Toole video on sound reproduction

    A very interesting & recent (April 2015) video from Toole on "Sound Reproduction" here Does anybody know the identity of the $1,800 a pair loudspeakers he mentions at time 1:03:00 & which he says are "dangerously close to perfection"?
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    Another Foobar ABX positive result on High res

    I just came across this interesting 2013 Gearslutz thread - Foobar 2000 ABX Test - Redbook vs 192/24 showing positive ABX results & wanted to post it here as a sort of repository for ABX testing What I found interesting in it were the descriptions of the listener, Ultmusicsnob (who seems to...
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    Very Low Freqs do affect or hearing (& perception)

    I have long been of the opinion that noise is the great overlooked element in audio production - the focus tends to be on the signal itself & distortions, accuracy, etc. Less, maybe even very little consideration is given to sea of noise in which the signals are immersed & what affects this sea...
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    Objectivists - what might be wrong with this label/viewpoint!!

    I started to post this in the thread "Objectivists - what makes your blood boil" but as I wrote the post I saw that it really was somewhat off topic so I decided to start this alternative thread. Let's not go down the usual route on this thread - try to keep it technical. The whole area of...
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    Audio Theory Vs Implementation Reality

    I'm starting this thread as a branch from the "Conclusive "Proof"" thread to hopefully allow some interesting recent posts to be expanded. That thread reported positive ABX results between 24/96KHz files & the downsampled version of those files (the details of this will be found in the original...
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    psychoacoustics behind great audio reproduction

    This topic fascinates me & I believe that teasing out the psychoacoustic rules that determine great sound in our 2 channel reproduction chains is the next advance that audio reproduction has to address. I have not seen it directly addressed on this forum - it is touched on in many spots so...
  21. J

    DIscussion of ABX results of Winer's Loopback files

    I brought this over from Amir's high-res ABX results thread as I didn't want to confound matters on that thread I found this result interesting as the normal approach to ABX testing is a certain training/testing period where a search is done for a section in the two files that sound different...
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    DAC interpolation Filters

    The Chord Hugo DAC is causing quite a stir on the forums & Rob Watts, the designer, attributes it's apparently great sound to the use of 26K of taps in the interpolation filter, implemented in an FPGA. A presentation of the technical details of the DAC are to be found here One of his...
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    Realism in audio

    There is always a lot of talk on forums about subjective Vs objective; listening Vs measurement and there seems to be a recent spate of it here (although maybe that's just my perception as I haven't visited in a while?). As a hopefully more refreshing way for people to air their views in this...
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    Another playback software to argue over

    This open-source playback software MQN is really something that should be heard. It's in development at the moment so don't expect a GUI but it sounds stunning! Have a go & report your impressions Create a folder c:\musicplayer. Download these files into it -...
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    Tour of USB DAC & USB Converter

    My Ciúnas DAC is currently being reviewed by Andre Marc & he will be finished with it soon. I wondered if there was any interest in a tour of this DAC in the US among WBF members? I remember Amir, in the past, expressed a wish to hear it. It is a DAC with USB only input, no SPDIF & has an...
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    Measuring timing

    This is an adjunct to the "measurements & the stereo Illusion" thread that I had started but I decided to start afresh on this one so that, it doesn't get lost in the other thread & ignored by viewers. What I'm hoping to do is tease out (with your help) the use of Jim LeSurf's IQtest tool in...
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    Measurements & the stereo illusion

    As our perception of the location of a sound is based on time & level differences of the sound reaching each ear, the sound stage illusion is created for us primarily using these factors in the signal (room reflections, etc are also at play but let's ignore them) As sound stage is one of the...
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    left brain vs right brain listeners

    I know there are some threads already on this forum that skirt around this such as "It's all preference" but ultimately have no conclusions to offer. I don't imagine this thread will reach final conclusions either but would like it to be considered research in how people honestly listen rather...
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    FFT audio analysis flaws?

    I have to thank Vincent Kars for linking me to Jim LeSurf's site a while back. In it I found many interesting pieces of information among which was the IQ-test that Vincent linked me to In summary, the IQ-test is Jim's replacement for...
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    prompted by this post from Raffles, I thought it might be useful to start a thread on Psychoacoustics & hopefully we can all learn something from it. Note it isn't framed as a challenge to any group (like similar thread in the past) so there's no need for argumentation. Let's try to make this a...

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