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    New Roon endpoint

    My just installed Extreme is not playing nice with my Meridian 218 in my second zone. Can anyone recommend a Roon endpoint for my second zone that will work with a Meridian G68? Looking for something that will be pretty much WiFi.
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    EdgeRouter X SFP

    More problems with this router. Has anyone who has set it up successfully been asked for a Unify Security Network? How do I find this? Is it necessary? I'm trying to add a UAP Lite access point. for my iPad.
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    Boulder 2060 vs Gryphon Mephisto

    Thinking of bringing a Mephisto in for demo to compare with my boulder 2060. Looking for a little more warmth but NO loss of control. I'm pretty happy with the Boulder now but want to try a little different sound. Any thoughts?
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    Berkeley Reference 3 DAC

    Monday I'll be picking up a Berkeley Ref 3 to home demo for a bit. I'll be doing some A/B comparisons to my Berkeley Alpha DAC 2/MQA and will report back by the end of next week.
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    Pass Labs XP 22

    In the digital audio forum I've been discussing my setup which has no preamp but runs a Berkeley Alpha DAC 2 directly into my Boulder 2060. There seems to be a consensus that a preamp adds something beyond functionality. Ack feels the Berkeley is not suited to drive an amp directly because of...
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    Soulution 530

    Anyone have any experience with the Soulution 530 Integrated driving Magicos?

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