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  1. Dimfer

    Air Fryers

    Looking for recommendations and user feedback for air fryer. Looking for a model similar to a bread toaster (unless somebody say other style is better).
  2. Dimfer

    Best Non Selective Weed Killer

    what’s the best non selective weed killer available to consumers?
  3. Dimfer

    Hard Drive and computer question

    Questions for the WBF computer gurus; with my ever growing music collection, I want to redo my custom built music server (Roon core). I currently have about 30,000 titles, mostly FLAC, SACD rips, and hi res downloads. currently total storage is 18tb spread in 4 drives. My goal is long term...
  4. Dimfer

    From aquarium room to audio room

    My asian arowanas died in 2016. Room remained vacant for 3 yrs. My former aquarium room is now a small dedicated audio room. cannot rearrange pictures first picture is reverse angle from the speakers. second picture is the 1360 gal aquarium that used to be in the same spot third picture is...
  5. Dimfer

    Generator Inverter

    now that cold weather is upon us and wife seeing people without power in the cold for days in the news, she had been bugging me to get a new generator as a backup power source for home use. We currently have a 1300 watt gas unit. We barely lose power here in Edmonton, never had to use the unit...
  6. Dimfer

    Gryphon in Manila

    Me and my wife were in Manila for a short time last month. I managed to do something audio related one afternoon. TG is an audiogeek. Despite his relatively high social status, he is also very down to earth and hang out with a bunch of Filipino audiophiles from a much lower social bracket...
  7. Dimfer

    Easy Listening Music with Vocals

    pls recommend easy listening music albums with vocals male or female similar to Kandice Springs - Soul Eyes Kristin Chenoweth - Art of Elegance Diana Krall - Wallflower Jacintha - Here’s to Ben Madeleine Peyroux - all album Tony O’Malley- Audiophile Selection Russell Watson - That’s Life
  8. Dimfer

    Best phone camera

    what cell phone currently available has the best camera? Samsung S7, Iphone 6S, LG G5, Lumia 950XL, HTC 10? Having the best camera is my number one priority but overall user experience is still important. I am currently using Samsung S4 and having looked at S7 and LG G5, I am leaning towards...
  9. Dimfer

    had anybody in the forum used pc's built by this company? I am looking to buy a music server, to play PCM files and some DSD and still debating if I will go with music servers like the Wyred 4 Sound MS-2 or Aurender X100 and the likes.. then somebody suggested a fanless pc based server as...
  10. Dimfer

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao

    after years of negotiation, it's formally announced that it's going to happen. who do you think will win & why
  11. Dimfer

    Just Venting

    just venting here, but if you have a suggestion - pls feel free to butt in My 2 sisters (one from Phoenix one from the Phils) came over to visit our 86 yr old mother (who is staying with me here in Canada). They both wanted to see Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia so I volunteered to...
  12. Dimfer

    Here's What You Can Do With Your Ford

    Enjoy :cool:
  13. Dimfer

    Hearing Test

    assuming your speaker/headphone can cover the frequency range, are these youtube tests good enough if you just want to have an idea? now I know my tinnitus is ringing at 8khz :D I am 49 and barely made it to 10khz (using my Ultrasone headphone)
  14. Dimfer

    Red 2

    anybody seen this movie? we saw it earlier today, enjoyed it!
  15. Dimfer

    IPC Acoustic Energizers

    any one tried the IPC Acoustic Energizers? Clement Perry said they are more potent than the Shakti ;)
  16. Dimfer

    DIMF'S Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine

    one of my audio related projects :p
  17. Dimfer

    How do you deal with freeloading family member?

    I just thought I'd ask at this level of the society ;)
  18. Dimfer

    Hope this guy keep on improving

  19. Dimfer

    Ross Wagner Review MP64

    I had a bad experience talking about Mark Porzilli & Memory Player in another forum when I was just getting into this audiophile thing a few years ago, and hope that people here at WBF are nicer ;).. no, I am positive people here are nicer. I am happily living with the product for almost 5...
  20. Dimfer

    Classical Music Shopping List

    I got an invitation from a guy who claim to be a serious classical music fan, he is giving me a chance to pick whatever I like from what he calls a 99.5% dead mint compilation of 1,500 classical albums, for a dollar each. I hope I don't end up buying the entire lot :p , but what albums should...
  21. Dimfer

    HDMI Question

    one of the HDMI inputs of my LG home theater in a box is not working anymore forcing me to route my PS3 and digital cable box to a Phillips HDMI switcher. with the hdmi switcher, the digital cable box work, but the PS3 doesn't giving me this display on lower left side of the screen Not...
  22. Dimfer

    Stereophile Show Report - Manila

    Stereophile I hope our other friends from Manila could tell us more the guy with the glasses in the first picture is a good friend of Jack :D
  23. Dimfer

    European Trip

    any recommendation/suggestion for a first time European trip? my wife want to visit Italy.. I want to visit Germany (drive Autobahn maybe?) and France are guided/structured tours a good idea? what's the best time of the year? Possibly me, wife and 2 daughters (25 been to...
  24. Dimfer

    Big Boo to Expedia and How Should We Deal With It?

    We have booked at least 10 trips with Expedia the past couple of years and they were ok, good rates and everything went smoothly, until recently. My wife asked me to book a flight for her cousins who are migrating from the Phils. to Canada. She told me to get the cheapest available rate...
  25. Dimfer

    COMBAT - TV Series

    anybody here a fan of this show? how's the quality of the above collection? is it worth getting? I grew up watching this show. We did not own a tv set yet at that time and had to hussle for a spot in front of the tv of the few tv owners in our community, but watched it regularly.
  26. Dimfer

    Point & shoot

    will be travelling again in 2 weeks and looking for a good all around point and shoot camera. what are the good candidates? is a used Leica DLux 4 for $500 still worth pursuing these days? TIA
  27. Dimfer

    Online Spending

    A longtime friend once complained that "in the old days, you have to go out of the house to spend money, now you can spend everything you have without even leaving your bed". Do you find yourself spending more and more of your hard earned money online as well? I have to admit that I am...
  28. Dimfer

    LED Light Bulbs

    Hi folks, we're thinking of replacing all of our household light bulbs (almost all incandescent) with the new LED bulbs. The main purpose is to be more green minded, but have to admit that I don't particularly enjoy going up a 12' ladder to replace old and busted bulbs in our mostly 14' high...
  29. Dimfer

    Best Investment Car under $100k

    if you have $100k to invest in toy car, which one will give you most resale value 20 yrs from today, assuming you take good care of it and use it sparingly?
  30. Dimfer


    are men who are into different hobbies less prone to having extra marital affair?

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