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  1. 1rsw

    RIP Jason Molina

    So sad. One of the brilliant songwriters of our time. He was Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co. and the cornerstone of the Secretly Canadian label. Way too many don't know of him or his brilliance. Gone now at 39. Many thanks for the gifts you left behind, Jason.
  2. 1rsw

    Tuning Fuses?!

    I've learned over the years to be open minded when it comes to this hobby. I've read countless accounts of guys finding some real sonic benefit by replacing stock fuses with some of the hifi offerings out there from HiFi Tuning, Furutech etc. What the heck, I'm game! So have any of you Spectral...
  3. 1rsw

    Spectral/MIT Cables-Thoughts, Experience, Which do you use?

    Hello All, First off, I've finally gone and done it. I sold my 360's and bought a 260 which should arrive in the next 2 weeks. I'm excited but also a bit nervous. My sick audiophillia always thinks about what will be lost rather than what will be gained but I am able to smother that voice for...
  4. 1rsw

    Do you leave your amps on?

    I finally did get a pair of DMA 360's. These are series 1 and I still plan to move to the series 2 as soon as I can find a used pair. That is proving to be a task requiring patience! I have been leaving them on and noticed the top rear and heat sinks are pretty darn hot and that led me to...
  5. 1rsw

    Deciding between 260, 360 s2, 250 or 360 a brother out!

    Hello all. I am finally ready to move to the amp I have wanted for some time and now the choice is proving to be trickier than I expected! There is not too much out there on these amps and no dealer close by so I need to rely on some input and gut feeling for this. My speakers are Wilslon...
  6. 1rsw

    DMA 180-1 + Oracle V2.2

    Hello and what a great find, thanks to Ack for the tip on Agon. I have a DMA series 1 that has been sitting since I had it rebuilt last year. There are many reasons for this but mainly has to do with logistics as my big Krell FPB 600c is mounted under my floor (180lbs). Although I do love the...

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