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    DSPeaker Anti-Mode X4

    If you have a sloping ceiling that may be an issue. I read somewhere that if that's the case you are best having the speakers at the lower end. If you think the ceiling is an issue try temporarily jamming some absorbers (a folder duvet say) with a 'T' shaped piece of wood. Coffee tables and...
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    Optimum dispersion in speakers

    Regarding early side wall reflections, I've read (in Toole) that these reflections, if very similar in frequencies to the direct sound and arriving within a short time (say 10ms) add to the direct sound. That is they only make it louder due to the so called Haas effect and the sum is perceived...
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    The Reverberant Field: Why it matters, where the goal posts are

    Thanks for mentioning these. I'd not heard of them. What they are trying to achieve is the same as Ambiophonics: That is, stopping the interaural crosstalk . This is where the left ear hears not only the sound from the left speaker but also that from the right...
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    Would having the ability to finance your next pair of High End speakers be a factor in your buying decision?

    I'm retired too and own my residence and don't have any family. I can do what I like! For this reason, and as my current set up is some fifteen years old and in the case of the speakers (VMPS RM30M) may be difficult to get good repairs if needed, I'm considering how I would finance replacement...
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    TEAC P/70 and D/70

    I bought these in 2004 and they are still going strong although the CD tray shows signs of misbehaving. I'd like to ask please: 1. Does anyone on here have, or used to have, these machines? 2. If so do you think they are still up to a good standard or have they been moved aside by modern...
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    This climate problem is bigger than cars and much harder to solve

    I wonder if it's possible to change the processing technology itself - find new ways of making steel etc.?
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    A Room Problem

    Without using any room treatment, and probably not ideal positioning, there seem to be only two options regarding getting bass right - using carefully placed subs (perhaps four of them) and/or DSP/EQ. However it may be that the open room may reduce the problems. Wiser council may follow! Also...
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    * Did you watch a film last night (on Blu or DVD), and what was it? *

    And then there's this extraordinary film: It's filmed almost entirely in a restaurant kitchen in London and shows the pressure the many cooks etc.. are under.
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    * Did you watch a film last night (on Blu or DVD), and what was it? *

    A couple of very good older films I've seen recently: Room at the Top - a fellow from a poor English northern town post war tries to make it good in a bigger northern town: ... f_=nv_sr_1 The Best Years of Our Lives - three American WW2 war veterans...
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    * Did you watch a film last night (on Blu or DVD), and what was it? *

    Don't know if this has been mentioned as search facility fails. A Norwegian revenge killing film 'In Order of Disappearance': ... f_=nv_sr_1 A Hollywood version made by the same director is called 'Cold Pursuit'. Not for the squeamish as the killings...
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    New idea for Bass mode treatment

    I had a 15dB null around 70Hz after using copious amounts of bass traps and careful positioning of chair and speakers. I also checked all the gear to make sure I'd done nothing silly. I considered using tuned traps to deal with it but first I had to find where to put them. I measured with a...
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    Can You Believe This-The Government Wants Us To Go EV but In So Doing They Will impose a gas surcharge

    Is there a state electricity tax? EV owners will pay more of this if there is.
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    DAC And Headphone Amp And Headphones These may be a bit out of date.
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    What Does "Speakers Are Designed To Sound Coherent, Relaxed, Detailed, And Dynamic" Mean?

    Let's look at the opposites. The speakers are designed to sound incoherent, stressed, blurred and slovenly!!!! Basically it means nothing but sales talk.
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    DAC And Headphone Amp And Headphones

    I've had it over six years and I love them. Before that I had the HD650, but the HD800 sounds better and is much more comfortable. It sounds more open and the bass more natural. I found the bass on the HD650 a bit forced and treble a bit weak. As for comfort, the ear pieces are bigger and...
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    5 year speaker plan

    Do you have any room treatment - bass traps and the like? If not I recommend spending the next five years learning and implementing such things.
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    DAC And Headphone Amp And Headphones

    I use a T&A DAC 8 with a Headamp GS-X Mk2 with Sennheiser HD800. I like it but I can't say I've compared it with a lot of other gear. I've not used the T&A DAC headphone jack.
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    When Jupiter was young, a massive planet likely slammed into it

    If you can get a chance to see the BBC production 'The Planets', episode three is about Jupiter. It talks of the young planet moving out of its orbit towards the sun, hoovering up lots of early debris and so preventing the full development of Mars (ten times smaller then Earth or Venus). The...
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    What are the most important things in audio reproduction?

    Are you one of these people that have a television with an image of a fireplace with a roaring fire? :)
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    What are the most important things in audio reproduction?

    1. I would have thought room, speakers (type, active, or passive/active crossovers) room treatment (which can be dependant on speakers as well as room), positioning, ambient noise reduction, and DSP/EQ are all mixed in the first set of decisions. I don't see how they can be separated. Also...
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    What's Everyone Reading

    Currently I'm reading Ernest Gann's biography, 'A Hostage to Fortune' which is very readable. He led a very energetic and action packed life and once you get used to his writing, is an enjoyable read. On a side note I got this book second hand. Inside the cover there is written 'Christmas 1978...
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    * Did you watch a film last night (on Blu or DVD), and what was it? *

    Don't Know! I saw a film called 'Something In The Air': It's not really that good but at one point our hero is slowly looking through his album collection - Kevin Ayers, Gong lots of 'cool' albums from the period - 1968) - before...
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    New sound room woes

    Actually I just found a couple of videos!
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    New sound room woes

    Very Interesting. In the picture in your post 23, what is the material covering your absorbers? I've seen some of Denis Foley's videos and I'm glad you've found success with his ideas. It's the first I've heard of using activated carbon for sound absorption but it makes sense as it's porous...
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    The ***Official*** Progressive Rock Thread

    I expect readers are familiar with this:
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    The ***Official*** Progressive Rock Thread

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this interesting thread. I'll throw in a few more names I don't think I've seen mentioned: High Lamas - The Track Goes By Fuchsia - Shoes and Ships Levellers - Elation Wally - To the Urban Man
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    The ***Official*** Progressive Rock Thread

    I note Barclay James Harvest hasn't been mentioned. In their early days they toured with an orchestra which of course proved crippling expensive. The orchestra leader, Robert Godfrey, went off to form The Enid. BJH's symptomatic song is Mockingbird: Probably their best album though is...
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    Is this sign of getting old?

    I thought growing old was signalled by liking classical and jazz? I've resisted jazz but like a bit of classical, along with pop. In the UK the real signs of getting old come first at 50. You get a letter from Saga, a seller of products for the over 50s. Then at 60 you are invited to send our...
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    PS Audio power Plant

    Before the PS10 I had a Shunyata Hydra Power Conditioner. I got amp hum through that too, only worse. It would be intermittent - some days nothing, other days it would come and go. There was nothing obvious like a fridge coming on so all I could guess (from a bit of research) is that the design...
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    PS Audio power Plant

    I have had the P10 for about four years after a trial of a few other options - conditioners, balanced mains and regenerators. I wrote a little report on it: 'The PS Audio P10 costs £4,400! It is passively cooled, does not (in my system) run hot, and has nine UK sockets on the back split into...

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