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  1. Elberoth

    My Pinkfaun 2.16 ultra experience

    I had a chance to put my hands on one yesterday. First impression - super heavy. The card has been milled from a single block of aluminum, around 5cm (2") thick. It is my understanding that the card is offered as an upgrade for Pink Faun Ultra servers only - at least for the time beeing. One...
  2. Elberoth

    Milan Karan of Karan Acoustics passes away

    Milan Karan - the owner of Karan Acoustics and main designer - has passed away at the age of just 59. From Too Loud (a publication from Croatia): In memoriam: Milan Karan (1965 – 11.04. 2024) Milan Karan, owner of the company Karan Acoustics and chief constructor, but above all a man with a...
  3. Elberoth

    Karan Acoustics Amps

    From Too Loud (a publication from Croata): Milan Karan, owner of the company Karan Acoustics and chief constructor, but above all a man with a big heart and spirit, has left us. When I read the message of Božidar Savi from Rotary Audi, in which he wrote that he lost a great friend this morning...
  4. Elberoth

    PS for SPDF output card of PINK FAUN

    On my Pink Faun Ultra OCXO USB have I have tried several commercially available PSUs, including iFi iPower X, SBooster and Farad3. Farad3 wins hands down. Interestingly, MojoAudio molex inline regulator, followed by a bank of UltraCapacitors from Ian Canada was as good as Farad3 and could be...
  5. Elberoth

    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    I have a posted a Taiko Audio Extreme Server 4 TB w/Extreme USB Output for sale in the classifieds if anyone is interested:
  6. Elberoth

    Warsaw AVS show 2022

    The show had 164 rooms this year. Sorry too busy for the last 2 months to post anything.
  7. Elberoth

    MSB Discrete to Premier

    Anyone compared Discrete dual PSUs vs Premier Power Base ?
  8. Elberoth

    JCAT USB XE or Pink Faun Ultra OCXO?

    I have both Jcat XE and Pink Faun Ultra OCXO USB cards. In my system Pink Faun Ultra OCXO USB card is a step up from Jcat XE (as it should be, given the price delta). Both cards can be further improved by using Jcat Optimo Nano, LT3045 based inline voltage regulator, which does some incredible...
  9. Elberoth

    JCAT - music server upgrades, power supplies, cables

    I just got the Jcat Optimo Nano and it is every bit as good as I expected it to be (knowing that it is build upon state-of-the-art LT3045 voltage regulators). Depending on the card you are using, the difference can be from jaw-droppingly-good to slight, but still worthwile. If you were...
  10. Elberoth

    Jcat Femto vs Jcat XE Xtreme Edition USB cards: Twice the Performance at Twice the Price?

    I have both cards at home now. I have just finished 3 days of testing. If you were running the Jcat Femto USB card without a quality external PSU, switching to JCAT USB XE will be a true game changer. Much better resolution, more transparency, deeper soundstage, much more palpability and more...
  11. Elberoth

    Pacific dac: Lampizator's new top of the line dac

    Are you talking about the current one (JL sounds) or the old one (Amanero) ? Amanero had a million of firmware versions (which was one of the reasons they switched over to JL sounds).
  12. Elberoth

    Do Power Cords make a difference on the NHB-18NS Preamp?

    I have to try it on the 18NS/458 that I have at home.
  13. Elberoth

    Do Power Cords make a difference on the NHB-18NS Preamp?

    A waste of money IMO. Sending the unit to CH for an upgrade would be a much more cost effective solution IMO (unless you have the latest spec).
  14. Elberoth

    Comparing MSB Reference to Select DAC

    Who told you DA2 V2 is any different to DV2? (apart from the VC) I have discussed this topic at lenght with the distributor, who in turn have discussed this with EMM. FYI - I had DV2 at home for 6 months. I also had the Select II dAC. For me there was no contest - MSB was vastly superior...
  15. Elberoth

    Roon End-point for Soulution 760 DAC

    If you olny want to send money vs get great sound, then by all means skip the SOtM. I have 3 friends running SOTM-200 Ultra with their dCS Rossini DACs, as it sounds better than the in-built Ethernet card.
  16. Elberoth

    Roon End-point for Soulution 760 DAC

    No idea. I have no experience with Esoteric. With with SOTM beeing so small, it is easy to borrow one from a dealer to try in your system. Make sure you get it with a power supply, preferably sth better than sotm's own SMS-500 (Farad 3, SBooster etc)
  17. Elberoth

    Roon End-point for Soulution 760 DAC

    If you already have the Roon Rock server, I would try the SOtM SMS-200 Ultra Neo with PSU. Me and many of my friends had great success with this endpoint.
  18. Elberoth

    Symposium Acoustics

    Anyone tried to polish the cups in the Rollerblocks ? Mine became a bit hazy.
  19. Elberoth

    Super3 - a supercapacitor LPS, by Farad Power Supplies

    I don't think you will hear that much of a difference in this appclication. I would rather try optical isolation (optical Ethernet) or a better switch, or a better PSU for the switch first.
  20. Elberoth

    Aqua LinQ Core Module

    Has the Aqua vs Roon saga finally ended ? Is the LinQ Roon ready ?
  21. Elberoth

    Cut off for Transparent Audio Hi-Z and Low-Z speaker cables ?

    Does anybody know what is the cut off for Transparent Audio Hi-Z and Low-Z speaker cables ? A friend of mine has the Reference G5 speaker cables that have been custom calibrated by Transparent Audio as Hi-Z for his McIntosh Mc 1.25kW monoblocks. He wants to repurpose them on his McIntosh...
  22. Elberoth

    I'm a bit sick about this.....Marja and Henk

    I first met them some 15 years ago when they visited Audio Video Show in Warsaw. They have been returning every year since. They were a lovely couple, with absolute integrity and a passion for music. They will be greatly missed.
  23. Elberoth

    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    So KR242 and RK242 are two different tubes ?
  24. Elberoth

    Goldmund Technology

    Myles Astor just changed his amps from top of the line Conrad Johnson to Goldmund. So I guess they must be rather good. See his review on Positive Feedback.
  25. Elberoth

    Lampizator Valve / Tube Rolling Review Thread

    That is a great question ... I cannot answer. I went with the 242 tubes from the start and haven't tried anything else. But maybe I should borrow some tubes from ?ukasz ... that may be actually a good idea ! ?ukasz lives just 20 min away from me. He even visited me just 2 days ago to have a...
  26. Elberoth

    Munich 2021

    AFAIK they have a backup date in early december. I hope everything will go to plan. The shows in Europe are starting to reopen now. The audio biz needs this show.
  27. Elberoth

    Trinity DAC

    I have talked with Dietmar many times. The case has always been the most expensive part of the DAC and a source of endless headaches. I'm happy he intoduced a cheaper line in a more basic cases. The electronics inside those boxes is top flight and measures extremely well to boot - I'm sure...
  28. Elberoth

    A New Wave of Class D Integrated Amplifiers

    Not in my experience. I have both the latest PuriFi and NCore based Nord amps. My MSB Class-A monos, not to mention tube Graff 20OTL, sound noticably meatier and lifelike, with more meat on the bones.

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