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    Sablon Evo interconnects

    That mirrored my experience as well. The set screws, fit and finish were nice. The clamping mechanism is decent, probably better than comparable XLR connectors like ETI -- I just wish it wasn't inherently single-use from needing to be crimped. The back opening is a fine size for terminating...
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    Vishay Z-Foil vs Audio Note Non-Magnetic Resistors

    It's good that you found a combination that suits your listening tastes. I didn't realize these mods were happening in a Topping TP-60. In general, I wouldn't recommend spending Audio Note prices on a $200 amp. I actually have that same amp as a backup/crossover burn-in option. It does have...
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    Vishay Z-Foil vs Audio Note Non-Magnetic Resistors

    Have you given the AN resistors 200-300 hours to settle before making comparisons? I've used AN Tantalum, Niobium, & Niobium silver, but not enough to be able to narrow down specific characteristics. I can just say they've always improved on the generic metal foils they've replaced. I...
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    Plixir Statement LPS : I bought this flagship grade LPS just now.

    Jay's power supply shoot out really is indispensable, and I agree with what @MusicTraveler wrote about the Elite BDC above. One important thing to note about Jay's shootout is that all the power supplies were tested with the brands' supplied cables. Anyone who's tested multiple dc cables on...
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    What Solid State Drives (SSD) are WBF members using in their digital network transports?

    In the past, Antipodes has recommended the Samsung PM893 enterprise drives. I use one for music storage in my diy server and prefer it all-around compared to the EVO & QVO lines.
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    DC cables? Your recommendations?

    I wasn't aware, thanks for sharing
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    DC cables? Your recommendations?

    I also like Mundorf SGW for DC cables -- I'd been using one to from Plixir Elite BDC > JCat USB XE for the past couple months as a test. I finally put together one for the Hypsos this week. The top cable is the popular Gotham GAC-4/1 JSSG, the 2x Mundorf SGW 115 on bottom. The Mundorf cable...
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    Not this again. He spammed every audio forum with his "nano-flo" product, including this one a few months ago.
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    Best XLR connectors money can buy?

    For those who've tried, how do ETI Kryo & Brio fall into the mix? I have a set of Kryo that I like better than Neutrik silver/gold, and a bit better than AECO. Haven't had a chance to compare them to the likes of Furutech's top offerings, Xhadow, Bocchino, etc
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    USB cable recommended?

    @Calvinj I think part of other members' frustrations is the devolution of this thread from what was originally users sharing experiences to a near-constant sales pitch. I've been a lurker here more than anything, but the first part of this thread was immensely helpful when I was trying to...

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