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    Sorane Transcription Tonearm Experience

    Hi All - I have a Dobbins 301 showing up soon and am considering the Sorane Transcription arm to use with my Miyajima Zero cart. Has anyone tried that pair and have feedback? Thanks, Ben
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    What turntables do you use? Pictures would be nice as well :-)

    Look great. Mind sharing who did the plinth for you?
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    Grand Prix Monaco Oil Question

    Thank you. I got a very good price from a very good friend.
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    Grand Prix Monaco Oil Question

    Hi everyone - does anyone happen to know what grade/type oil the table requires? Just pulled my 1.5 out of its crate where it has been stored and need to buy oil to set it up (and no the manual doesn't specify a grade/type). Thanks in advance to anyone that can help. Best, Ben
  5. Silver Circle Audio Tchaik6 Power Conditioner

    Silver Circle Audio Tchaik6 Power Conditioner

    Selling my fantastic TCHAIK6 an absolutely fantastic product. TCHAIK6 features: Five (5) Wave Stabilizer modules; 2 on the input (hot and neutral), 2 on the output, and 1 on the ground. The Wave Stabilizers were developed by Rick Schultz of Magnetic Innovations. Eden Sound TerraStones footers...

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