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    Vitus SM-103 Monos Demo

    Thank you for your post. I have no experience of Skogrand cables but I am pleased that they have proved a good match for your Vitus amps. I have been a long time user of Entreq grounding and their i/c and power cables which have had and continue to have very good synergy with my previous SIA 025...
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    QSA : My take on their expensive products

    First on the power cable and then add to other components
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    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    I would appreciate reading your reactions to the YG Hailey Reference 3 speakers if you can fit that in to your visits
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    Incredible Stillpoints

    Yes either Ultra 5s or 6s are very effective and yes bevelled side downwards on the floor but the reverse on racks for sources in my system.
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    Speaker Recommendation up to 70K

    Hi Emerald I am a long term owner of YG Acoustics speakers and I have heard most or all of the brands in your list, but predominantly at shows like Munich but some in other people.s systems. None have impressed me as much as the YGs. The recently unveiled YG Hailey 3 Reference attracted...
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    I've been reading lots in the magazines about the J. Sikora tables - any actual owners here who care to share their thoughts?

    Yes that's another option. You may also find it helpful to know that I have found that the Stillpoints V2 record clamp is clearly superior to the stock Sikora clamp.Doesn't look as good so the latter is on when TT not in use and I put the Stillpoints one on when playing a record.
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    I've been reading lots in the magazines about the J. Sikora tables - any actual owners here who care to share their thoughts?

    See my earlier post on my view of the turntable and the KV tonearm On my Sikora standard there are three isolation supports in a triangular configuration and the distance between the left hand centre one and the right hand ones is 22.7" so yes your HRS base is too small. Perhaps a...
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    A very cheap but extremely effective tweak for records’ static

    Some time ago another member recommended a rechargeable gas hob lighter available on Amazon for about £13 and I have been using that ever since. Very effective and easy to use. Just use it about a couple of inches or so above the rotating LP and press the button. Clears all the static and...
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    Entreq Tellus grounding

    Thanks Gotland. I have no experience of CAD but have used Entreq extensively for many years. My amplifier (Vitus 030 and the preceding 025) have the negative speaker grounding with Apollo Infinity grounding cables and speaker cables. Distinctly audible improvement with both so I can strongly...
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    I've been reading lots in the magazines about the J. Sikora tables - any actual owners here who care to share their thoughts?

    I have the J Sikora Standard Turntable with the KV 1200 12 inch tonearm. Very happy with it. It replaced my SME 20/3 and SME V tonearm which was very good, but too dark sounding for my tastes. The Sikora is more revealing and agile. Initially, I struggled with the unipivot tonearm but but it...
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    YG Acoustics to debut Reference 3 Series at Munich High End 2023

    Thank you I wasn't able to get to Munich this year so missed the opportunity to hear the Reference 3 range. I had a pair of the Carmel 1s for about three years and agree with you on how good they are.I then moved on to the YG Acoustics Kipod Signature passive which has been a great buy. The...
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    YG Acoustics to debut Reference 3 Series at Munich High End 2023

    The latest issue No 119 has the first review that I have seen of the new YG Reference 3 loudspeakers which is the first full review that I have seen, but more than endorses the initial impressions that I read post Munich. Reviews are reviews, but it does seem that YG have come up with something...
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    QSA : My take on their expensive products

    I have only installed the QSA violets and like you have found they materially improve the sound quality of my system. A subsequent QSA Orange Jitter Plug on the mains outlet which feeds the power block via an Entreq Atlantis power cable has also been very beneficial to all my sources and...
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    (Mods: Please delete this thread, thanks)

    How frustrating and disappointing. I think the advice you have received not to go public is probably right at this stage, but unless you can get a definitive response from the manufacturer as to what they will do to resolve the problem then you may need to advise them that you will go public...
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    There is a report in today's Sunday Times about Tony Christie who many years ago had the big global hit with "Is this the way to Amarillo" who was diagnosed with dementia a couple of years ago.His self prescribed treatment was writing one album, re-recording another - in Nashville -planning a...
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    Is Low Power FM a Rebirth of FM Radio,New DaySequerra

    Thanks Lloyd Yes I am sure FM is going to be around for quite a few years and I get enormous enjoyment from listening to Radio 3. I have the MD109 which I upgraded with a a set of Phillips NOS valves. Not overly expensive and it resulted in a significant improvement in the sound quality. The 109...
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    Joe’s Vitus Reference System

    I I attended the HiFi News Ascot Show this weekend and although it is not an ideal venue I was glad I went. The highlight of the show for me was the new Monitor Audio loudspeaker paired with the latest top of the range Vitus and Entreq gear notably thethe MP 202 preamp,the SM 103 Mk2 amps,full...
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    QSA Jitter Plugs

    Thanks LL21/Willgolf. Good to know others are having similar experiences
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    QSA LANEDRI Series

    I have started a new thread QSA Jitter Plug so as not to divert this thread from posts on cables, but which people may have missed. Very impressive
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    QSA Jitter Plugs

    I have been using some QSA fuses for some time now with great results and last week decided to install one of their jitter plugs, or more accurately, their anti jitter plugs. The range is similar to that of the fuses and I opted for the Orange model which retails for £600 here in the UK and...
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    What's Best? Soulution, CH Precision, Vitus, or Ayre?

    I had a Vitus 025 sia for about five years and about three years ago I upgraded to the 030. My limited experience of CH Precision is of a dry sound which lacks musicality. Some may like that flavour which is also characteristic of the Soulution brand. To my ears there is a rigthtness about the...
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    Entreq Tellus grounding

    Thank you for such a helpful reply and for taking the trouble to include the photos.
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    Entreq Tellus grounding

    Welcome back. Very interesting and ties in with an itch I have been experiencing for some time without coming to a conclusion, but which was renewed by the latest issue of HiFi+ and a review by the sadly departed Chris Thomas of the Waversa Slim Pro Class D inyegrated amp/streamer. They are a...
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    AXPONA 2023

    Thanks Alex I have only seen any very brief comments on them, but favourable. I will be interested to hear a considered appraisal of them
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    Best Sounding FM Tuner?

    Any photos you could share with us?
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    advice sought, turntables $10-20k

    There is a pretty wide range to choose from as evidenced by the responses. One brand that has not been mentioned is J Sikora from Poland and it really is worth checking out before you decide. The Standard Line Reference with the 12" carbon fibre KV1200 tonearm is near the top of your price range...
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    Best Sounding FM Tuner?

    I am in the UK where we are blessed with the BBC and their very high quality FM output I listen extensively to their classical station Radio 3. The programming is excellent along with knowledgeable presenters, A lot recordings and concerts from other European stations and on Saturdays regular...
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    AXPONA 2023

    Pardon me if I have missed a post, but were the new YG Hailey Reference speakers on demo at Munich and if so did anybody who attended hear them. They were unveiled shortly before the Show but I am unclear if they were actually playing at Munich
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    Vitus SIA-025 Mk2 vs Audio Analogue Absolute

    Hi Dinus That sounds very familiar to me. Some years ago when attending the Munich show the Vitus 025 was commended to me. My amplification then was Naim NAP 500 and 552 DR preamp - four boxes with PSUs. My first reaction was very sceptical given its low quoted power output. My speakers were YG...

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