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    Axpona 24’ Mike Lavigne pics

    I'm working on him...
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    ARC announces price increase effective Mid-March '24

    Thank you Rex! I'm pretty happy with it. I don't get all the bashing on this thread. Probably jealousy.
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    ARC announces price increase effective Mid-March '24

    But he does demo with ARC quite often.
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    ARC announces price increase effective Mid-March '24

    This was fixed some time ago. They had a firmware update which made the meters MUCH more responsive and fun to watch.
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    New Dedicated Listening Room

    Wow! Congrats Rex! Looking forward to visiting you.
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    Thinking about starting a YouTube channel on high end audio.

    The guys who are doing a pretty good job at reviewing on YT are doing lower end stuff. The guys doing higher end stuff are not doing real "reviews", they are just playing with gear and telling us their random thoughts. Nothing wrong with that, but I'd like to see something a little more...
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    My Personal Experience With Detailed Speaker Setup - I'm Finally There

    Congratulations! This is the leading cause, in my opinion, of cable deniers on Facebook and other social media. If you don't have your setup right, or close to right, along with some level of room and power treatment and decent gear, then of course you can't "hear a cable". Once dialed in...
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    Audio Research join the forum as a sponsor!

    Welcome Dave! Good to see you here, and happy new year to you and your family! And your ARC family as well!
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    Best amplification for Wilson Audio Sascha DAW

    Nope, that was a while ago, and I've owned both, they are definitely not similar. McIntosh has a "darker" sound to my ears, and ARC has a "lusher" sound with a bigger sound stage. In fact, I once had a C2300/D100/MC452 combo driving Sasha 2's. I tried a Ref75 and Ref5SE at the time, and...
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    Best amplification for Wilson Audio Sascha DAW

    Given your requirements and price range, you should at least consider audio research. It will give you the warm, smooth, realistic vocals and huge soundstage in spades. The only downside is the heat. I'd recommend a Ref6SE and Ref160 stereo, which fits your price range.
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    Preamp shootout...Predictions on which will be the best?

    I nearly always prefer a preamp from the same brand/line as the power amp. They are generally voiced together to enforce a certain house sound, and you either love it or not. Mixing and matching can work but it will be a lot of stress and effort, IMHO. Plus you can't always have them all at...
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    Is Your Loudspeaker Perfect For You?

    You got your amps? I need to come hear them!
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    Introducing My System

    Your system looks incredible! Congrats on putting together such a sweet rig.
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    Esoteric to Bricasti?

    I can't comment on the bricasti, but your Esoteric is a great unit, and it does support DSD. I think you should figure that issue out and keep it.
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    VAC Statement system inbound!

    Dear Lord I am jealous. That is an amazing upgrade, just stunning in every way. Congrats!
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    Is Your Loudspeaker Perfect For You?

    This is a really great question and super complicated. At first glance it seems reasonably easy to answer. If you are happy with your system then maybe you will say yes. But, are you sure another speaker might not be much better for you? or your room? Or your electronics? Are you sure you...
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    Does Everything Make a Difference?

    I have no idea about some of these tweaks, like stones and such. I am skeptical, but I have been wrong before, and learned the hard way that everything does seem to matter. However I definitely agree with what Eliot said. If you don't have your system set up and room dialed in really, really...
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    Audio Ultra

    Ed is a good friend of mine. You are spot on about him, his business, and his system. He is a genuine and fun guy and all audiophiles in the PNW should line up a visit!
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    Audiophile Hearing Aids

    Well I just got some BTE Oticon hearing aids. I can say for sure that detail is improved, and my fatigue and tinnitus are also improved/reduced. It's only amplifying above 1k, and everything below that is "passed through" the ear canal insert (it has holes in it for that). The only negative...
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    Audiophile Hearing Aids

    Ear candling seems crazy to me. What is the point? There are much easier and safe ways to remove ear wax. That doesn't even fix hearing loss or Tinnitus anyway. Unless you have a bad buildup problem, there's just not much to do or worry about that.
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    How to catalog a record collection

    Rex, this is exactly what discogs does. You catalog your collection and it will also tell you what it's worth and you can buy/sell from there if you like. It's a big pain to initially add your whole collection but after it's done, you can easily add to it as you buy new records.
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    Audiophile Hearing Aids

    I am curious if anyone had tinnitus and improved it with a hearing aid. Please tell us your experience as it relates to tinnitus. I am going to an audiologist soon. I know I have some hearing loss, but it's the tinnitus which REALLY bothers me personally. Mine is off the charts bad.
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    Ron’s New System

    JR is great. He's coming to visit me soon, and I am very much looking forward to that! Good luck with the new gear and setup Ron!
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    The equilateral triangle listening position. Is it really the ideal?

    You should definitely try moving them another foot apart. No harm in trying.
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    The equilateral triangle listening position. Is it really the ideal?

    I agree with this. They seem too close together.
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    Jon's Reference System

    Wow, must be incredible! Congrats on a wonderful setup! I love Tidals.
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    Marc's system

    Thanks Rex, I was really glad to have you over recently!
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    Marc's system

    Thanks Scott, but unfortunately I don't have the "V", I have the original. Still a great speaker!
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    $80K budget for Speakers

    It appears that you are just beginning this crazy hobby. At this price point, you really need to visit some members and dealers and find out what sound really gets you excited. A million great suggestions here, but you need to know what is right for you. Also, as others have mentioned...
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    $80K budget for Speakers

    Tidal Contriva G3 would be something I think you gotta hear.

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