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  1. hi5harry

    6550 used in ARC power supplies

    My Anniversary 40 liked the old GE6550A’s but LOVED the old Tung-Sol 6550’s, both black or grey.
  2. hi5harry

    One speaker/system or multiples?

    A while back I found a set of speakers I’ve always had a huge interest in. VOCE 3s speakers were designed by a San Francisco opera tenor who lives in our town and a really nice guy! I have no place for another speaker, so I just put them in the living room, just to listen. WOW! as you see...
  3. hi5harry

    Five favorite tweaks

    Seeing how it's tweaks, read up on the Q45T solution. I heard from a buddy with a great ear and a fantastic system saying he was blown away by just trying it in a couple places. I did the same 2 days ago and was very impressed. I think speaker cables are a perfect place to start because it could...
  4. hi5harry

    Goebel Cables

    I decided to give the Shunyata Omega usb a try. Thanks
  5. hi5harry

    Goebel Cables

    I'm looking for a Gobel usb if anyone has decided to sell theirs. Thanks in advance.
  6. hi5harry

    Furutech FI-48 NCF Silver Connectors

    The Furutech rhodium wall plugs were way too much and the gold wall plugs were slow and very sweet, but the ncf rhodium wall sockets were a perfect in between for my system. I built some power cords with IEGO 8095’s on one end and Furutech ncf 50’s on the other. I thought those to be very nice...
  7. hi5harry

    Furutech FI-48 NCF Silver Connectors

    I should mention almost all of my gear is custom built and has 43 tubes glowing, so you may get different results. When the Furutech ncf 50’s came out they were the perfect match to wake up an all tube system. The visceral impact they presented to the music was perfect and I was able to tube...
  8. hi5harry

    Looking For The Perfect Listening Chair

    I think it all depends on what functions I get when I power them with 12 volts. They have so many functions to raise,lower, move up and back, seat heaters, etc. I was planning on building an exotic wood base, but now I don’t want them too high.
  9. image.jpg


    Cave system
  10. 139A454D-C79A-434E-86C4-F200C018E502.jpeg


    Evolution MM3's augmented with Acapella Ion super tweeters and JBL 18" horn subs, modified Thor 3000 phono, Audio Research Anniversary 40, Lampizator big 7 mark 2, Custom built tube amps with HK Citation transformers, Tara Zero ic's, SGC i9, Optical Rendu, JC2 power supply, After Dark Dev clock,
  11. 3184FDDB-D7DB-459B-B80A-CA53731C4146.jpeg


    Cave system
  12. hi5harry

    Looking For The Perfect Listening Chair

    I found the greatest seats for my cave and I thought I should pass it on. I bought the front seats out of a Bentley! So comfy. No chair behind your ears and these put my ears at 38 inches, which is mid tweeter. They have all the electronics so I’m going to try to hook up a 12 volt battery and...
  13. hi5harry

    Lampizator Big7 MK2 Upgrade

    The new jl Audio usb modules were a VERY nice upgrade in my big mk2. It’s almost like this dac should have a new name. I’m very happy with mine!
  14. hi5harry

    Introducing ZenWave Audio Clear Bass Cables!

    I'm buying a pair also. My custom built JBL 18" subs are really nice, BUT, they are a little muddy and don't keep up with my Evolution MM3's. Can't wait to try them.
  15. hi5harry

    LampizatOr Golden Atlantic + TRP

    Hi Lampi owners. I was wondering if anyone has hooked up an Entreq grounding station to their Lampi? I just did, but I have found the Entreq takes a day or so to make any changes. Thanks in advance.
  16. hi5harry

    A Superior / Musical Bass: Does it exist? If so, is it free? How do we recognize it? How do we achieve it?

    I recently had a sort of epiphany as far as what sounds like real bass. I built up a pair of JBL 18" transmission line subs for another project. I brought them into my main system just to tune them. What I heard was a very familiar bottom end. If you are like me, you probably grew up listening...
  17. hi5harry

    Lampizator Big7 MK2 Upgrade

    If that isn't enough, mine is on it's way to Poland to get the new usb module. It's supposed to be a very nice upgrade.
  18. hi5harry

    What features of Roon are worth the price? Compensate for Roon’s poorer sound quality?

    I agree with Caesar and still have a cd transport for playing all my silver discs. I don't stream too much because of a very slow internet. My Sonic Transport i9 has 10tb of my music, some from burned cd's, some from recorded vinyl at higher resolutions, and for that I use Roon. I'm so thankful...
  19. hi5harry

    Full Loom of Tara

    Analyzer's comments are spot on. I have had most Tara cables and now have all Tara Zero gold interconnects, the gx phono cable, and both Zero and Cobalt power cords. Just fantastic! Tara .8 is really nice and , if you can ever find them, they made a Tara 0.5 interconnect that is as close to...
  20. hi5harry

    What features of Roon are worth the price? Compensate for Roon’s poorer sound quality?

    I know we all have our opinion, but I just LOVE Roon. I have from their first launch. I think their sound quality is fantastic. Now we have companies like Small Green Computer, Uptone, Sonore, Qobuz,Tidal, and a bunch more making the whole digital experience just incredible. I am also learning...
  21. hi5harry

    Optical Fibre Cable for Finisar FTLF1324

    I'm a novice trying to figure this fiber optic info out. I have a SGC i9 with an optical out that connects to my Optical Rendu thru the supplied short optical cable. It would be really nice to have a 4 or 5 meter cable. Is the Finisar cable better than the stock one I have? I don't want to get...
  22. hi5harry

    What Vintage Piece of Electronic Gear Did You Wish You Never Sold

    I was lucky enough to own a pair of Von Schweikert VR8's. If I was forced to review them, there were plenty of things that made them sound dated, BUT, every time I listened to them it was total enjoyment. Hard to beat that feeling.
  23. hi5harry

    Five favorite tweaks

    Hi Scott. I don't want to de rail a great thread and sure don't consider myself an expert. I will PM you and give you my and some friends thoughts. Thanks
  24. hi5harry

    Five favorite tweaks

    I would say the Shun Mook's calm things down in such a musical way that they tend to make a system sound more like live music. The Dalby's also take a giant step toward live music in my system, yet they are so visceral and still allow the music to retain that wonderful attack and decay! I have...
  25. hi5harry

    Five favorite tweaks

    1- Dalby feet 2- Shun Mook Giant feet 3-Furutech NCF iec's on equipment 4-Audio Magic fuses 5- tube rolling all gear to your ears
  26. hi5harry

    ARC ref10 tube rolling?

    I am using the grey plate, 3 hole TungSol 6550's. I understand the black plate, 3 hole are quite a bit better, but I am using NOS tubes I have had for many years. I don't have a great source for any NOS tubes other than trusted friends. Even the GE 6550's would be a nice find. They seem to last...
  27. hi5harry

    ARC ref10 tube rolling?

    In my Anni 40 I found a slight improvement with the DR 6h30's and a slight improvement with the GE 6550's, but a very worthwhile improvement with the old TungSol 6550's.

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