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  1. drrsutliff

    Recent Concerts You've Enjoyed

    Enjoyed the Cleveland Orchestra at Steinmetz Hall, Orlando past weekend. The program was conducted by Karina Canellakis THE PROGRAM: CHOPIN — Piano Concerto No. 2 and Seong-Jin Cho started the performance and provided an inspired performance. After a small break the entire orchestra soared...
  2. drrsutliff

    Capital Audiofest 2023

    Thanks Ron! Really enjoying the sampling.
  3. drrsutliff

    Capital Audiofest 2023

    Always a fun show. I will visit relatives in the area and enjoy the show. The vinyl vendors usually present a nice selection and acquire some of my audio funds each year. Already reserved my room.
  4. drrsutliff

    Help me fix my ethernet.. Switch vs filter? Deadline Monday

    I have been running a 20 meter hardwired connection from my Wolf Server in the audio room to a managed switch in my home office. Last week I added a simple Unifi switch (my home network is a managed Unifi system) before my server and an ENO Streaming system filter between the new switch and the...
  5. drrsutliff

    The new audiophile vinyl series The Original Source from Deutsche Grammophon (AAA)

    There was an unexpected knock on the door… No prior notice was received.
  6. drrsutliff

    The new audiophile vinyl series The Original Source from Deutsche Grammophon (AAA)

    1st batch arrived today at my home in Florida.
  7. drrsutliff

    My photos from Axpona 2023

    Nicely done Lee. Thank you.
  8. drrsutliff

    The new audiophile vinyl series The Original Source from Deutsche Grammophon (AAA)

    Ordered all four. I like my digital but listening to quality analogue makes up most my time doing critical listening. This is an excellent opportunity to expand my DGs classical collection.
  9. drrsutliff

    Gryphon Diablo DAC module - worth switching to outboard DAC?

    I did try a few different DACs against the Diablo 300 DAC. Different flavors with a DAVE and Qyre QX5/20. Both were airier but lost some of the depth I enjoy with the Diablo DAC module. I did find it very responsive to the server. Currently using a Wolf Alpha 3SX with the Wolf reclocker...
  10. drrsutliff

    Grypon Diablo 300 vs Hegel 590?

    There is a “monitor” button on the front of the Diablo 300 that should allow you to listen to the tape input.
  11. drrsutliff

    Gryphon Diablo 300 - 5.5 years of ownership

    My Diablo 300 has both the DAC and phono modules. I have tried the phono and found it to be a very good performing unit with limited adjustability. It does not perform on the level of my DSA Phono 2, though there is no reason it should... I am also not sure the 2k range will be enough to...
  12. drrsutliff

    What's Spinning Tonight?

    Stan Getz - Captain Marvel
  13. drrsutliff

    Meet Trent Suggs owner of ARC

    Here is the link to the Trent Suggs interview
  14. drrsutliff

    A new Youtube channel starts next week

    Enjoyed the interview with Josh Clark. I had a little additional interest since Rockports sit in my room currently and I appreciate how Josh has bought into Andy’s vision and work style to keep this quality company unique. Look forward to more industry insights and perspectives in the future...
  15. drrsutliff

    Feickert Blackbird vs Clearaudio Ovation vs Origin Live Sovreign

    Congratulations. Look forward to your impressions when it is received. Currently enjoying a OL Sovereign MK3-2 with dual arm board option. Mounted is an Enterprise MK4 with Miyajima Madake and a Illustrious MK3c with the Ortofon Windfeld Ti.
  16. drrsutliff

    Gryphon Diablo 300 - 5.5 years of ownership

    Yes you are correct. The RCA with the pass through option on my Diablo 300 is input 3. The only XLR inputs are 1 and 2 so the upgrade will allow input 2 have the option to bypass the internal preamp section. I currently do not have the need for this option so this upgrade is not critical in...
  17. drrsutliff

    USB cable recommended?

    Ozzzy you should read over the Sablon 2020 USB thread here on What’s Best. This cable replaced my WW Platinum 7, and Audience FrontRow USB. The price was competative and Mark’s communication and support have been outstanding. Do a long break in on the WW as Devg indicated and if you decide to...
  18. drrsutliff

    VR-4 Gen III HSE vs VR-5 Anniversary

    Congratulations on the VR5s!
  19. drrsutliff

    Smooth musical cabling suggestion

    I only have the need for one interconnect in my system between my Dynamic Sound Associates Phono 2 and the Diablo. I compared the Gryphon VIP to my previous Audience AU24SX balanced cables and decided to keep the VIP. Using the Diablo’s DAC module prevents the need for any interconnects on the...
  20. drrsutliff

    Smooth musical cabling suggestion

    I experienced a similar situation. Current system is a Gryphon Diablo 300 to Spendor D9 speakers was a little fatiguing on top. The system before the Diablo was VAC Renaissance 5 pre/Ayer VX5/20 amp/Ayer QX5/20 DAC. All replaced by the Diablo 300 w/DAC (many Audience AU24SX interconnects and...
  21. drrsutliff

    Wolf Audio - What do you think?

    Hello RobertL. I have not used HQPlayer on my Wolf I cannot answer your question directly. I would suggest calling Joe at Wolf as he is also the owner of House of Stereo in Jacksonville FL and they are also dealer for T +A. I have seen the store’s Wolf Servers used to send DSD512 and I...
  22. drrsutliff

    What Cartridge(s) Is Everyone Using

    Miyajima Madake Ortofon Windfeld Ti
  23. drrsutliff

    Matching Pre-amps and Amps: Same Brand or Not?

    Many years of mix and match provided the sound I desired in my system at that time. VAC preamp into an Ayre poweramp. Not only a brand mix but also the tube/SS mix. Recently went with a simplification of the system and replaced them both with the Gryphon Diablo 300. Lost both the “mixes” but...
  24. drrsutliff

    Sablon USB cable - 2020 model

    I received my Sablon 2020 USB from Mark last Friday. My current system’s digital side is a Wolf Audio Alpha 3SX feeding the Gryphon DAC module in my Diablo 300. Previous to the Sablon 2020 I was employing the very nice Audience FrontRow USB. Initially I perceived a more “complete or...
  25. drrsutliff

    Analog Magik

    Thank you for your thoughts. I am starting to gain some insight into the process. After a couple of complete rechecks my VTF is now 2.58gr which i find works well. Each tour through the steps has led to changes and improvements. My azimuth is now 20.8 and 20.7 which is a lot lower than...
  26. drrsutliff

    Analog Magik

    Thanks to everyone who has commented and provided insight.
  27. drrsutliff

    Analog Magik

    I spent a few hours this morning getting used to the program. I had originally used the SmarTractor to do the setup so I just started on the program to investigate and learn. Azimuth was in need of a change compared to the Fozgometer setup which from my reading I had expected, but what perplexed...
  28. drrsutliff

    Analog Magik

    Thank you. I am looking forward to using it to optimize my setup. Currently have a SMARTractor, SMARTstylus, Wallyskater, and Fozgometer as my primary setup tools. Hoping AM helps guide those final adjustments I continue to question and tweak. Rick
  29. drrsutliff

    Analog Magik

    Thank you for the reply. It does not ship with a wall wart but I have noted some “optional” ones being sold for use with it. Just thought I would reach out for confirmation that it was not a preferred method to power the ART phono plus.
  30. drrsutliff

    Analog Magik

    My wife's Christmas present to me this year was the purchase of AnalogMagik. In support of the product I ordered the recommended ART phono plus sound card. The sound card has arrived and the AnalogMagik is "out for delivery" today. (there goes the weekend...) My question is do you use the...

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